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CHR tops in northern Michigan, GR and Detroit
With Nielsen once again thumbing their noses to northern Michigan, we've decided to create a list of northern Michigan radio stations and how popular they are on Facebook.
Since this is the second year of making this dandy little list, we made another list of how many more likes each station achieved in 2014.
So, here we go....
this year's rank/last year's rank/number of Facebook likes/call letters/(station name, dial position, format, etc)
1-1) 37,670 WKHQ (106 KHQ - CHR)
2-2) 12180 WJZQ (Z93 - CHR)
3-3) 8180 WLXT (Lite 96.3 - AC)
4-5) 6939 WTCM-FM (103.5/93.5 - Country)
5-4) 6680 WMKC (102.9 Big Country Hits)
6-6) 5615 WZTC (104.5 Bob FM - Variety Hits)
7-8) 3914 WKLT (97.5/98.9 The Rock Station)
8-9) 3654 WCDY (107.9 CDY - Adult CHR)
9-17) 3212 WLXV (Mix 96 - Hot AC)
10-10) 2530 WGFM (Rock 105)
11-11) 1634 WTCM-AM (NewsTalk 580) (Ron Jolly's Facebook page)
12-13) 1282 WUPS (98.5 - Classic Hits)
13-19) 897 WQON (Q100 - AOR)
14-14) 823 WDEE (Sunny 97.3 - Classic Hits)
15-16) 801 WSRT (ESPN 106.7/105.5)
16-15) 724 WCCW-FM (Classic Hits 107.5)
17-18) 707 WGFN (Classic Rock The Bear 98.1/107.1/97.7)
18-20) 576 WTWS (92.1 The Twister - Country)
19-21) 530 WMJZ (Eagle 101.5 - Classic Hits)
20-22) 431 WYPV (94.5 Patriot Voice - Tea Bagger Talk)
21-7) 211 WLDR (101.9 The Bay - AC) (station flipped from Country this year and this Facebook page is new)
22-23) 188 WMKT (1270 - Talk)
23-24) 188 WMBN (1340 - CBS Sports)
24-26) 163 WQEZ (EZ 95-5 - Soft AC)
25-25) 150 WJML (1110/1210 - Talk)
26-12) 97 WFCX (94.3/92.5 The Fox - Classic Hits) (this page was recently relaunched with a new website)
27-27) 87 WCCW-AM (1310 The Score - CBS/Fox Sports)

7903 WKHQ
2743 WLXV
1849 WLXT
1614 WJZQ
1590 WCDY
1462 WTCM-FM
951 WKLT
785 WGFM
594 WMKC
594 WZTC
483 WQON
308 WUPS
302 WSRT
247 WGFN
211 WLDR
182 WMJZ
171 WTWS
132 WDEE
116 WYPV
My Thoughts....
*Sometimes, I have to wonder if radio stations will rig Facebook likes to make themselves look good for potential advertisers. Case in point: Mix 96. The station gained 2743 likes to go from #17 to #9 in the year-end list.
*Once again, CHR/Top 40 is the hottest format in northern Michigan. KHQ and Z93 ruled the north overall, and all stations in the top five in increased likes are either CHR or AC-based formats.
*Despite being the home of all the major Detroit sports teams in northern Michigan, WCCW-AM is a joke. They only gained 3 likes in 2014 and I wouldn't be too surprised if ESPN is kicking their ass in the ratings. If I were the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers, I'd move them over to ESPN. Already, sister WKLT does carry a few select Lion games.
*DOES ANYBODY LISTEN TO WJML? As of this writing, their website is blocked off due to malware problems. The only reason why WYPV is kicking their ass is due to the fact that they're on FM.
*As for WYPV, they've grown fast enough that they're no longer one of the top five lowest-rated stations up north, but for an FM station, their ratings are pitiful.
*The fact that WLDR's new Facebook page gained over 200 likes in only a few months while EZ 95-5's Facebook page is at 163 after two years is laughable. Del Reynolds is a jerk for killing off Real Rock 105/95-5 for this horrid excuse of an AC station. But then again, it's also laughable that WLDR kept the Sunny Country format for years while WTCM made them their bitch. It's proof that locally-owned, locally-programmed and locally-jocked will always win in the long run.
*I think changes are needed for WCCW-FM. For starters, I can't believe that they haven't replaced Michael O'Shea, who was reportedly canned from the station last year for sexually harassing an underage intern. The station lacks energy and their jocks sounds like they belong on an easy listening station. It's sad, because previously, the station was satellite-fed using the ABC "OldiesRadio" format overnights and weekends (remember that?).
*If WMBN (and WKAD 93.7 Cadillac) promoted the fact that they're now the northern Michigan home for Free Beer and Hot Wings, their ratings could soar.
*Last, but not least, the fact that Q100 (and Sports sister Y101 since the two stations share a Facebook page) zoomed up so quickly in the past year shows that people do like their "anything goes" approach to rock. Not too shabby for a station that's long-rumored to upgrade to 100,000 watts. The Bear, on the other hand....

My Predictions for 2015:

*Del Reynolds will take over the new CP for 106.3 WKLA Thompsonville and flip it to a simulcast of Rock 105
*With Kristen Flateau now the GM of Northern Broadcast (WKLT/WFCX/WSRT), no big changes will be made...
*.....But NBI, on the other hand will be sold and Flateau could be replaced and at least one of the stations, probably WFCX will be flipped
*101.9 The Bay will introduce an official website, logo and stream online
*Despite poor ratings and hardly any Facebook likes, WQEZ, WJML, WCCW-AM, WMKT and WYPV will not change
*With alternative being popular, one of the area FM signals will give alt-rock or AAA a try
Last Year's Predictions:
-105.1, 98.1 and 107.1 will return to simulcasting each other as The Bear, but their format will be adjusted to a mainstream rock format. Bob and Tom will be gone and since The Bear and Rock 105 already share most of their jocks as-is, Cartman will remain in mornings, Tim Logan will be on middays, Smitty will be in afternoons and NASCAR Steve will remain in nights with the voicetracked Jay Roberts sent packing. As for 97.7, Reynolds will sell it to a non-profit.
-The currently-silent 99.3 and 92.3 in Benzie County will be sold to non-profits or the Patriot Voice folks.
-Everybody at WKLT, save for Terri Ray and Omelette will be canned. (Current lineup: Omelette - mornings, Terri Ray - middays, The Afternoon Trainwreck with Racin' Jacin and Tom Dipshit afternoons and California Girl - nights)
-Somebody up north will give an all-90's format a try
-1310 will become an 'up north' WTKG, carrying liberal and conservative talk
-WTCM will can Sean Hannity
1-4) 224883 WHTS (105.3 Hot FM - CHR)
2-1) 197636 WBCT (B93 - Country)
3-11) 101237 WBFX (101.3 The Brew - Classic Rock)
4-3) 63142 WSNX (104.5 - CHR)
5-2) 45126 WGRD (97.9 - Active Rock)
6-5) 28156 WLHT (Channel 95-7 - Hot AC)
7-8) 13725 WSRW (Star 105.7 - AC)
8-7) 9853 WJQK (JQ99 - Christian CHR)
9-9) 7327 WLAV (97 LAV - Classic Rock)
10-12) 6878 WOOD (NewsRadio 1300/106.9)
11-10) 6810 WMAX (ESPN 96.1)
12-14) 4461 WBBL (107.3 - Sports)
13-13) 3771 WFGR (98.7 - Classic Hits)
14-N) 3595 WMFN (La Poderosa 640/810 - Spanish) (810 was previously Super Hits 8-1-0)
15-15) 2495 WTRV (100.5 The River - Soft AC)
16-18) 971 WGLM (106.3 - Classic Hits)
17-17) 868 WJRW (1340 - Talk)
18-19) 726 WHTC (1450 Holland - Talk)
19-21) 600 WYGR (GR94.9/1530 - Urban)
20-24) 533 WION (I1430 - Full Serve)
21-22) 513 WLAW (92.5 Nash Icon - Classic Country) (flipped from Country/Rock hybrid "The Outlaw" this year)
22-20) 482 WPNW (1360 The Pledge - Conservative Talk)
23-6) 430 WTNR (94.5 Nash FM - Country) (flipped from Thunder 94.5 this year)
24-23) 382 WFUR (102.9/1570 - Christian)
25-26) 314 WTKG (1230 - Talk)
26-25) 305 WMPA (Country 93.1)
27-27) 232 WGHN (93.1 - AC)
28-28) 125 WNWZ (1410 The Touch - Urban AC)

195173 WHTS
124778 WBCT
96497 WBFX
29328 WSNX
13314 WLHT
9365 WGRD
6696 WSRW
3595 WMFN
2878 WOOD
1966 WJQK
1322 WBBL
1153 WLAV
937 WMAX
513 WLAW
430 WTNR
383 WGLM
295 WTRV
286 WION
243 WFGR
230 WYGR
180 WHTC
145 WTKG
140 WGHN
My Thoughts....
*Something tells me that some stations here in Grand Rapids are whoring for likes. Almost 200,000 more likes for Hot FM in one year? Something tells me that Cumulus and Clear Channel iHeartMedia will do anything to prove that their Facebook pages are the most trendy.
*Like northern Michigan, pop and AC seemed to get more likes this year, with Country B93 being in the mix.
*Poor WNWZ. Personally, if they were on FM, they'd be a little higher. But, GR94.9 is on the FM (despite it being a translator to WYGR 1530) and is locally-run, so there's the difference.
*Ha-ha, ESPN 96.1 has more likes than WBBL. No surprise.
*WGRD kinda crashed and burned. I think the addition of more classic rock and some of their jocks leaving didn't help matters.
*The two stations with the least amount of new likes this year, WFUR and WPNW are both crappy religious stations. Somewhere, Jesus is weeping.
My Predictions:
*Huge will stay on 107.3
*1230 will remain a throwaway talker
*WFUR will remain a geezer station
*98.7 will flip format
*WGRD will add more alternative crossover
*John Balyo will be prison meat for another 69 years
Last Year's Predictions:

-WGRD will get a new PD in 2014, NOPE
-Huge will stay on 107.3, YES
-WTRV will flip to alternative or AAA, NOPE
-WTKG will remain a throwaway talker YES
-WFUR will still attract old people YES
-WFGR will add more jocks but will play less of the 60's and more 90's THE STATION HARDLY PLAYS ANY 60's OR 90's FOR THAT MATTER. AS FOR JOCKS, THEY'RE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS LAST YEAR.
1-1) 142,405 WKQI (Channel 955 - CHR)
2-2) 99,260 CIMX (89X - Alternative)
3-5) 95,091 WRIF (101.1 - Active Rock)
4-3) 94,842 WDZH (98.7 AMP-FM - CHR)
5-4) 88,361 WJLB (97.9 - Urban)
6-7) 56,573 WXYT-FM (97.1 The Ticket - Sports)
7-6) 43,383 WYCD (99.5 - Country)
8-8) 40,353 WCSX (94.7 - Classic Rock)
9-9) 33,609 WDTW (106.7 The D - Classic Rock)
10-11) 30,067 WNIC (100.3 - AC)
11-10) 27,374 WMXD (Mix 92.3 - Urban AC)
12-15) 25,344 WPZR (Praise 102.7 - Gospel)
13-19) 24,868 WGPR (Hot 107.5 - Urban)
14-12) 20,982 WDVD (96.3 - Hot AC)
15-13) 16,545 WJR (760 - News/Talk)
16-14) 14,854 WMUZ (103.5 - Christian)
17-18) 13,345 CKLW (AM800 - Canadian News/Talk)
18-16) 12,343 CHYR (Mix 96.7 - Hot AC)
19-17) 11,035 CIDR (93.9 The River)
20-23) 8,960 WDMK (105.9 Kiss FM - Urban AC)
21-20) 7,728 WOMC (104.3 - Classic Hits)
22-21) 7,185 WWJ (950 - All News)
23-22) 7,000 WMGC (Detroit Sports Talk 105.1)
24-27) 5,322 WDRQ (NASH-FM 93.1 - Country)
25-25) 1,073 CKWW (580 - Classic Hits)
26-24) 1,003 WLQV (FaithTalk 1500)
27-26) 903 WDTK (1400 The Patriot - Conservative Talk)
28-28) 98 WRDT (560 The Word - Christian Talk)

24512 WXYT-FM
21283 WRIF
18268 WGPR
14513 WDTW
14268 WCSX
13752 WJLB
13170 WPZR
12934 WNIC
10876 CIMX
9127 WMXD
8998 WDZH
7981 WYCD
7227 WKQI
5560 WDMK
5044 CKLW
5016 WDRQ
4435 WDVD
3004 CIDR
2710 CHYR
2461 WMGC
2163 WMUZ
1376 WWJ
1137 WOMC
986 WJR
250 CKWW
163 WDTK
141 WLQV
My Thoughts:
*A GREAT SHOWING FROM THE RIFF: The fact that WRIF's Facebook likes dramatically increased from last year shows that people in Detroit still love the Active Rock format. The Riff has done well by adding Dave and Chuck the Freak and keeping a nice balance of new rock and classics that remain true to the station's past.
*Like their Nielsen ratings, WMGC - Detroit Sports 105.1 is in the tank. Not even becoming the flagship to the lowly Pistons helps. Drew Lane should have flat out retired when he and Mike were let go from The Riff.
*Despite having good Nielsen ratings, WOMC's Facebook status is low. Methinks that they might have one of the oldest listening audiences in Detroit.
*The fact that both WDRQ and WTNR Grand Rapids have crappy Facebook and Nielsen numbers prove that the Nash format is a bad idea. WHAT THE HELL ARE THE DICKEYS THINKING?!?! What's even more laughable is that their relaunched WKQX in Chicago is pulling great numbers and their idea is that "rock is dead". This country needs more new rock stations, not fad formats like Nash!
*WRDT only gained 7 likes in one year. They might as well shut off the transmitter.
*Lions, Tigers and Red Wings kicking ass = lots of likes for The Ticket.
My Predictions:

*Nash FM will survive one more year,
*96.3 will flip to a Hip-Hop Gold format, maybe even resurrecting the WHYT call letters
*93.9 The River will flip formats
*Drew Lane will resign from 105.1
*Arthur P. will return to the Detroit airwaves via voicetracking
My Predictions From Last Year:
-WDTK's Facebook likes will explode now that they have Sean Hannity NOPE
-WMGC won't make it into the top 10 by year's end YES
-AMP might overtake 89X's likes by year's end NOPE
-WNIC will re-enter the top 10 YES
-WOMC might add more 90's to increase their likes NOPE

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