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5.3.18 Bee-otch of the Day: selfish people


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Name: selfish people
Age: various
Occupation: various
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: being a cancer to us all


A few weeks ago, I wrote about a bitch that lived with me. Of course, things didn't go well because she treated me like I was her paycheck.

It seems that as of late, I've been dealing with people I sure as hell don't want to deal with ever again. They seem to get rewarded, even if they fuck up. When I was a kid, if I fucked up, my parents would take my TV and video games away from me. However, there's some parents who are reluctant to give their kids discipline and it will hurt them in the long run.

You see, I have an aunt who is dying of brain cancer, and at the same time, my grandmother is on her death bed, too. Both my aunt's children were at her place for Thanksgiving and they argued for three hours on who should take care of her. My female cousin - who lived in the state of Wyoming at the time - ended up taking care of her, albeit reluctantly. However, she had the time since she doesn't work thanks to her having a husband who makes very good money in construction. On the other hand, my male cousin didn't want anything to do with her, especially since his wife was pregnant at the time.

Eventually, my aunt went back to Michigan because my female cousin's husband was concerned about my cousin's back. So for a while, my other aunt was taking care of her. However, she ended up in assistant living because she had a seizure while staying with her sister, my other aunt. It was a win-win for our family since she was staying at the same place my grandma was.

Of course, things were hunky-dory... Until my male cousin had an argument with her doctor.

You see, my male cousin is beyond devoutly Catholic and thinks that all can be cured with splashes of holy water. He fired her doctor and took her to his apartment without any of her clothes and meds. He put her on a mattress on his living room floor and the next morning, she was having another seizure. Thankfully, she was rushed to the hospital and they took his custodial rights away from him and gave it to his father's sister. I saw my aunt last weekend and she was very weak and bruised. My father was there and kept telling her, "you don't deserve this". He was right. As we exited her room, I saw my Dad do something he hadn't done since my parents divorced 25 years ago: he started to cry. In my life, this was only the second time I've seen my father in tears.

Sadly, I hate to say this, but my aunt did this to herself. You see, my male cousin had ADHD growing up and he was treated with love and kindness, even when he was fucking up. My aunt made damn good money working as an RN and it's sad that even through all the abuse she's been getting from her own children, they'll be the ones getting her pension when she dies. My parents, on the other hand, are a different story. My Dad's retired and he's counting on his inheritance from my grandma, great aunt and his wife's father to make it for the rest of his life. I highly doubt that when he dies, I'll see anything. My Mom is even worse off since her asshole ex-husband took everything from her and from the sounds of things, she'll be working for the rest of her life.

It sickens me that I'm anything but selfish and what's my reward? Not much. I've had the same job for almost 16 years and in 10 of those years, I didn't get one fucking raise. NOT. A. ONE. On top of that, my bills went through the roof while my asshole Hollander boss was going on multiple vacations and buying $50,000 trucks. It was only after that fake cocksucker retired that my fortunes reversed and I started getting my life squared away. Of course, that was until I met this bitch and my reward for being with her was being stuck at the Muskegon Meijer at my bedtime while she was illegally using my car to pick up her drug dealer from bowling.

What makes me most sad of all is that now with my aunt and cousins gone, I no longer have any real family left here in Grand Rapids and not many real friends, either. With my aunt and grandma's death arriving soon, I do wonder what my holidays are going to look like. My Dad tells me that I should spend them with friends, but with so many assholes in this world, should I even bother? Do I need to risk losing more money and respect for people who don't work or just looking for a handout? Sadly, that's how my life is looking. Maybe I oughta start beating up women. Hell, Chris Brown gets more pussy than I do. One of the things that bitch who used me told me was that the reason why I'm still single at 36 is because I'm too nice. Maybe she's right. Guys who are total assholes tend to get more dates, which I think is wrong. I look at my male cousin, who damn near killed his mom and yet, he's happily married to a Chaldean woman just had his first child. Me? I'm fifth generation and at this point, I highly doubt if there will be a sixth.

But then again, I do believe in karma. Wait and see.



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