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8.10.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Tom Eckerle

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Name: Tom Eckerle
Age: 75
Occupation: road commissioner
Last Seen: Suttons Bay, MI
Bee-otched For: being a quitter


The people have spoken and hell officially froze over in Leelanau County, Michigan, over by Traverse City.

Last week, we reported on Tom Eckerle, the Leelanau County Road Commissioner who got himself into deep shit. He came to a meeting without a mask and when he was asked, he blamed the coronavirus on "those niggers from Detroit".

Eckerle's comment was not supposed to be heard by most ears, but it got out anyway. As a matter of fact, international websites reported on his outburst. 

The rest of the Road Commission and other fellow Republicans such as state rep and former radio personality Jack O'Malley called for Eckerle's resignation. Many in the area even started petitions for his removal. For a while, Eckerle said that he planned to serve out the rest of his six-year term, which began two years ago. 

But now, Eckerle is a goner.

Today, he submitted his handwritten resignation letter to the Commission. The letter stated that as of 8 a.m. on Tuesday that he will resign his "set" on the Leelanau County Road "Com." He ended with "Thank you and God Bless".

Meanwhile, local authorities are investigating why somebody defaced that Road Commission's sign by slapping on a piece of paper saying "RACISM", covering the word "Road". The vandal also covered the road sign in front of the commission's building, which states that it's on Eckerle Road. Apparently, one probable reason for Eckerle being on the Commission as-is was because he has some history in the area. 

As I've written about last week, sadly, northern Michigan has its problems with racism. With its population 90-95% white - depending on your whereabouts - you're going to have to deal with racism. It doesn't matter if you're in a shithole like Manceltucky, Kalkaskatucky or Rapid Citytucky or if you're in a nicer town like Harbor Springs or even Traverse City. Even here in Grand Rapids, I hear the n-word occasionally. I was at the Meijer at 28th and Kalamazoo not long ago and overheard a phone conversation from a young woman who referred to it as the "nigger Meijer". Sadly, that location is long-known for being a hotspot for beggars, even though some of them are white. In my case, some have begged me for bus money. 

I understand. African Americans aren't perfect. Then again, neither are the white trash who populate northern Michigan. I'm glad Darren Gibson from Southpaws even touched on Eckerle's problems by stating that if you want to go up north, you know you're close if the banjos get louder. As I've said, sometimes, I feel ashamed to come from up there. It's one reason why I blog.

Earlier today, one of my Facebook friends - whom I went to school with - announced that he unfriended someone whom we both went to school with. On his Facebook account, he has a picture of a street that's supposed to say "Black Lives Matter", but says "Get a Fucking Job" instead. Well played. Several of my up north FB "friends" are like that, too, including some family members. 

The point is, is that this is why Drumpf needs his ass kicked out of the White House in November by any means necessary. Let's tell these yokels that they're in the minority and that it's time to make America TRULY great again.

As for Eckerle, maybe he'll just sit on his "sit" and watch his Rome burn.


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