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2.25.19 Bee-otch of the Day: Robert Kraft

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Name: Robert Kraft
Age: 77
Occupation: New England Patriots owner
Last Seen: unknown
Bee-otched For: rubbing and tugging his way into jail

This was a huge weekend for awards.

The Academy Awards were handed out yesterday, with the brilliant "Green Book" winning Best Picture. "Bohemian Rhapsody" was the big winner in terms of wins with four statues.

Let's not forget that the Oscars weren't the only ceremony this weekend. On Saturday, the Razzies were handed out, with "Holmes and Watson" winning top honors. "Fahrenheit 11/9" also took home a few trophies, but not because the film was bad. It's because its main star, Drumpf is, well, Drumpf.

But now, there's another award to hand out, and it's the Bee-otch of the Day. And it goes to a man who won a much-more-prestigious trophy a few weeks ago: his sixth Super Bowl as owner of the New England Patriots.

Robert Kraft was charged for having sexual relations with prostitutes at massage parlors in Florida. He was caught when the parlors were raided as part of a sex trafficking ring last week.

As of tonight, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. If  prosecuted, Kraft could spend a year in prison.

Of course, there's a part of me that says that he's probably hoping that they serve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in jail. But apparently, Kraft is NOT related to Kraft Foods. As a matter of fact, he made his billions from owning paper mills.

You know, the news of Kraft's bust makes me happy. I'm sick of the Patriots and their cheating. Plus, it's sick that he's good pals with Drumpf. Yet, he claims to be a Democrat.

If Kraft is convicted and the NFL doesn't ban him, it will show how hypocritical they are. It's OK for an owner to get his dick rubbed by an Asian hooker while Colin Kaepernick and others can't kneel during the National Anthem. The truth is that Kraft might be worth billions, but the reality is that he's not above the law.

Let's hope that this will not be a happy ending for Kraft.


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