Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2.26.19 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump


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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 72
Occupation: mop
Last Seen: North Korea
Bee-otched For: turning me into a bank

It seems that people look at me like I'm a bank.

They all think that I wear a Native American headdress and am a person they can count on when the going's rough. In two years alone, I've given two people money and services and they never paid me back. Hell, I unfriended somebody who wanted me to loan him $500. I hope it gives him a big "aha" moment.

With apologies to a certain insurance company located in the state of Nebraska that will obviously remain nameless, Mutual of King Chuck is done loaning money to those whose head is shoved way up their ass. But, I do make exceptions.

Last week, my mom made an unfortunate announcement. she was afraid that she wouldn't make rent this month, so she asked me to loan her $100. Thankfully, her taxes are coming back this week, so she's OK. However, she's making $1000 less on her federal returns.

Looking at Drumpf and his North Korea bullshit, I shudder to think on the fact that he's buds with Kim Jong-Il while he thumbs his nose at all of our allies. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen is ready to dish out a lot of the shit regarding Drumpf that I hope will damn him forever.

If there's at least one person in all this who I love to death, it's our state attorney general, Dana Nessel. She, along with other AGs are against Drumpf's wall and is also fighting against clergy who rape young children. Tonight, Congress voted against Drumpf's wall, leaving the Senate to think what's next.

The Drumpf presidency is one (ahem) Wild Kingdom.

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