Tuesday, January 7, 2020

1.7.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 72
Occupation: self-centered prick
Last Seen: Washington, D.C.
Bee-otched For: even STILL not having his priorities straight


Tonight, I was going to continue to write the article that I began writing earlier today. It was 7 p.m. and getting ready to watch Wheel Of Fortune to see how Pat Sajak's daughter Maggie did doing Vanna White's job. Just as the show began, my local WOF affiliate's network, CBS chimed in with a Special Report.

The Iranians attacked one of our bases in Iraq. It's official: the shit's really hitting the fan, and boy, is it going to stink.

The tragic truth is that we now have a president who attacked Hillary Clinton for supporting the war in Iraq. He suckered the asshole hillbillies and boomers into thinking that he was the more-right-thinking candidate. When Drumpf entered the White House, we had no problems with Iran. But now, we have hell to pay.

Over 4,500 soldiers died in Afghanistan and Iraq in a rich man's war over oil. Now, it looks like Iran is next. While our soldiers die over there, Drumpf will be at Mar-a-Lago, enjoying his precious golf games that We the People are paying for.

Tonight during the newscast of WOOD-TV here in Grand Rapids, political reporter (and Repuke) Rick Albin reported that establishment candidate Joe Biden is in the lead for the Democratic nominee for president at 29% vs. Bernie Sanders' 20%. Sorry, but that's biased, considering the long lines Bernie has standing outside the arenas he plays at. This is what happens when media companies get bigger because of conservative politics and a lax FCC. Telling the truth is passe. It's all about telling YOU who to vote for in November and even the primaries. Hell, Albin claimed that it's a toss-up in Iowa, whose Caucus is around the corner.

Let's remember WHY Drumpf got elected president. The people wanted Bernie, but the DNC and the media all cried for Hillary. In the end, Drumpf won and we all lost. The MAGAts won and sadly, we're all losing in the end. If Drumpf begs Congress to throw us into another war, I hope they tell him to STFU and let this shit ride out. I knew we were in for more trouble when Drumpf got elected, and boy, we're right.

Time to go to the hardware to buy more shovels because we need a bigger hole to not allow us to get out of.                                                                                     


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