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2.3.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Rush Limbaugh

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Name: Rush Limbaugh
Age: 69
Occupation: big fat idiot
Last Seen: West Palm Beach, FL
Bee-otched For: being a cancer on our society                                                                 


Ya know, it's not nice to wish cancer or disease on certain people.

My Grandfather was a smoker for decades until he quit in the early 80s because he wanted to set a good example for his grandkids. Nonetheless, he still died around 20 years later from lung cancer.

When Grand Rapids rock radio stalwart Aris Hampers announced that 50-odd years of smoking caused him to lose his voice due to throat cancer, I was proud that he came out to tell people about the dangers of smoking.

My Mother smoked since she was a young girl. Thanks to her boyfriend, she switched over to flavored vaping. Of course, I had mixed reactions when the government started to crack down on it. But thankfully, the company she gets her vapes from started giving her a new brand of the product that's government approved and thankfully, she likes it. On the other hand, my poor Father - who will be 68 in May - has been smoking Marlboro Reds since he was 11.

When the news broke today that Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer and will be off the air for treatment, people most-definitely had mixed reactions to the right-winged asshole's announcement. True, some people who call themselves leftists have all said some horseshit like "oh, I never wish cancer on my worst enemy" and "even though I don't agree with him, I hope he recovers" and blah, blah, blah. But yes, there's a lot of folks who can't wait to dance on his grave.

And yes, I'm one of them.

It reminded me years ago when he announced that he was going deaf. On a popular message board devoted to broadcasting, I responded to Rush's announcement with something to the tune of "THERE'S A GOD!" and sadly, all the fucking boomers called me the antichrist for making that statement. Well, karma hit them all on the ass not long afterward. Why? Because the reason why Rush went deaf in the first place was due to his addiction to OxyContin and the fact that he had his maid doctor-shop for him. Years ago, Tubbo Limpdick proclaimed that anyone caught with an illegal substance should go to jail. Well, he wasn't supposed to have all that Oxy, right? He ended up settling with the state of Florida and his employer, Clear Channel/iHeartMedia and spent a month at a country club, aka "rehab".

The sad thing is that iHM just let go over 1,000 DJs and programmers in part due to them re-signing Blimpy to another multi-year contract. Funny, because most of his stations no longer have ratings unless they are in red cities like (ugh) Grand Rapids. Most of his Dittoheads are old and dying off. Now that he'll probably be dead by the end of the year and his only survivor will be his gold digger wife, I wonder if this death null and voids the contract.

Sorry, but not sorry. Rush Limbaugh is a vile human being. He's always looked down on the poor, he calls intelligent women sluts and most importantly of all, HE'S A HYPOCRITE! The fact that Reagan booted out the Fairness Doctrine to make way for Rush and his minions like Hannity, Michael Weiner and Mark Levin is purely sickening. Thanks to Rush and the corporations that have ruined terrestrial radio, there's very few leftists in the medium like Thom Hartmann, and most of them are no longer on traditional radio. Here in Michigan, Hartmann is only on two stations: poorly run WPRR 1680 here in Grand Rapids and flea-powered community station WNUC 96.7 in Detroit.

If Rush dies, AM radio will die with him. He is conservative talk radio's biggest rock star, and let's face it: most of them are seniors and so are their fans. True, it's fun listening to faraway signals at night sometimes. But, cool 50,000-watt signals won't keep stations on the air. It's programming that counts.

After Rush passes, I hope stations can and will institute more live and local shows. AM radio CAN STILL SURVIVE IF IT HAS A LOCAL VOICE! Not only that, it needs younger and more-opinionated talent! The Dittoheads are old and dying and in a few months, their feckless leader will be silenced for good.

Yes, cancer sucks. But when we're dealing with a big, fat, prostitute-fucking, pill-popping sack of shit like Rush, well, the quicker the better.


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