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10.12.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 74
Occupation: sick cheeto
Last Seen: Florida
Bee-otched For: still being an ass


It was one of the most-shocking events in sports history. 

On June 25, 2007, WWE's Monday Night Raw began with a still graphic on the screen with a picture of one of their top wrestlers. Under that picture, it read, "Chris Benoit: 1967-2007".

WWE head honcho Vince McMahon was standing in the ring at the empty American Bank Center in Corpus Cristi, TX. He told the audience at home that they didn't know at the what caused Benoit's death, along with the deaths of wife Nancy and seven-year-old son, Daniel. All he said that they had just moved to their new home in Georgia. When I first saw this, I was thinking "carbon monoxide poisoning". 

Boy, was I wrong.

Chris Benoit was truly a one-of-a-kind performer. However, years of getting bashed in the head and steroid abuse caught up with him. He hanged both his wife and son and placed a Bible next to them. Chris then hanged himself. 

The death of Benoit shocked the sports entertainment business to the core. It was one huge reason for the WWE to tone down its content, though it has caused the organization to see decreased ratings. They also eliminated all references to Benoit on future programming. 

Now - with the exception of getting bashed in the head - it's happening to the de facto president of the United States.

Since his COVID-19 diagnosis a week ago last Friday, Drumpf has been taking many drugs, such as a drug using embryonic stem cells (wow, how pro-life of him) and yes, steroids. The fact that he's in the White House spreading the disease makes him just as bad as somebody with AIDS who is still sexually active. But, since the average Drumpf supporter IQ is less than room temperature, well, there you go.

But now, his doctor claims that he has tested negative for the disease and will be campaigning this week in front of audiences with few masks and a gigantic lack of social distancing.

The fact that Drumpf has used piss-poor judgement since his COVID diagnosis only comes to show that he's getting worse and worse before the election. The fact that he's turned down a virtual debate with Joe Biden only shows that he'll lose again the second time. And on Friday, when my state's governor trashed him for helping to create the terrorist culture that could have killed her and her family, he threw a temper tantrum on Twitter and begged her to reopen the state.

Simply put, he's simply like shitty country singer Morgan Wallen who was caught making out with girls at a bar in Nashville and was kicked off last weekend's SNL as a result.

Not only is Drumpf in trouble in regard to his health, he's using Dr. Anthony Fauci's words out of context in a current ad of his. In the commercial, a small snippet of Fauci saying 'I can't imagine that anybody could be doing more' appears. However, Fauci has released a statement, claiming that he's never endorsed a candidate in his years as a scientist and that the GOP should have asked him first.

Today was the first day of the senate's confirmation hearings regarding Amy Cunty Barrett, Drumpf's pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. The cunt claimed that she'll leave her religious ideals out of the bench and will only base her decisions on the Constitution only. We'll have to see about that. 

Drumpf is simply running America like he did his failed casinos in Atlantic City. Same with Dubya and the fact that he bankrupted several oil companies. When he left the White House, America was in ruins. 

I fondly remembered the reason why Dubya won his second term: shortly before the election, his people released a bin Laden video that was weeks old. Dubya got his second term just by inflicting fear. No wonder why Rethugs are hellbent against early voting. 

Drumpf will do ANYTHING to get reelected. I think it's why he wanted to get a COVID vaccine out before the election. I think if people keep wearing their masks and keep social distancing, all will be well. 

What's even more heartbreaking is that Pence will be here in Grand Rapids touring an automobile parts plant just down the street from where I live. Hey Douchebag, wear your fucking mask this time!

It's proof that it will take more than hydroxychloroquine to stop the Rabid Wolverine known as the coronavirus. 


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