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9.28.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 74
Occupation: hopefully-soon-to-be-jailbird
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: being morally bankrupt


When a new pope is selected by the Vatican, we all know what happens. Per tradition, white smoke comes out of a smokestack.

Well, at 5 p.m. Saturday at the White House, an imaginary dancing inflatable air man - like the ones you see at used car lots - seemed to perpetuate in our minds. 

The Orange Cheeto walked out to the White House lawn with his nominee for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat in the Supreme Court, 48-year-old Amy Coney Barrett and her family. Granted, Drumpf should be lauded for choosing a woman to replace RBG. But sadly, ACB is a true KAREN. 

Barrett is a native of New Orleans but lives in South Bend, IN where she got her JD from Notre Dame. She currently serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, whose service area is Indiana, plus Wisconsin and Illinois. 

It's known that Barrett is extremely far to the right in her beliefs, especially since she is Catholic. Many fear that Drumpf appointed Barrett because she has seven children of her own. Two of them were Haitian refugees and one has Down Syndrome. She could use the fact that she adopted to try to eliminate Roe V. Wade. In her mind, she thinks that if a woman doesn't want a child, she could simply give it up for adoption. Of course, that means nine months of misery, having to care for a child she doesn't want growing in her tummy.

Folks, I've had to deal with a plethora of people who shouldn't have been born. Some of these people ended up adopted. One person I grew up with harassed me all throughout school and never really grew up. Guess what happened to him? He died in prison from taking the wrong medication for schizophrenia. Growing up in northern Michigan, I dealt with a many kids who were white trash, living in unsightly junkyards in the boonies. After my parents' divorce, my father hung out with several woman who had multiple children with multiple fathers. One of them was known for making bad decisions; as a matter of fact, she made headlines in northern Michigan not long ago for burning down her boyfriend's house and might end up spending the rest of her life in prison.

The truth is that if Barrett and Drumpf get their way, kiss legal abortion in America goodbye. Since he's pals with evil dictators, Drumpf has put America on the fast track to being an evil empire. But then again, since we've had just 16 years of Democratic leadership in 40 years, well, there you go. The fact that the senate in 2016 wouldn't allow Obama to replace Antonin Scalia with Merrick Garland shows that Repukelicans are bullies. They want to reduce the middle class from being prosperous to being unable to function. If Amy Cunty Barrett is put on the high court, she could be on there for decades. The Dems' next hopes would be to replace Samuel Alito (70) and Clarence Thomas (72). 

The scariest thought is if indeed Drumpf is reelected. Stephen Breyer - a Clinton appointee - is 82. If Cunty is appointed and Breyer dies or retires, the only two sane minds on the high court would be Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. And I would be praying that nothing bad would happen to them.

My heart goes out to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's family. She was a true champion for woman's rights and leftists everywhere. If Cunty gets elected into the high court, RBG will definitely be spinning in her grave. Cunty is EVERYTHING RBG was against and getting her in would be an insult to her legacy.

If elected before Drumpf leaves office in January, the fact that the Supreme Court would have a 6-3 majority would help his plans on eliminating Obamacare. Just what we need during the pandemic: people losing EVERYTHING because we have a billionaire as president.

To add more to this shit comes word that Drumpf ain't paying his taxes. The New York Times reported Sunday night that they've found two decades of his returns and he ain't paying them. Part of the problem, of course is that his business empire ain't doing so well. There's many write-offs and other things that Drumpf refused to report on. One year, Drumpf himself only paid $750 in taxes. According to the Times, Drumpf may actually owe the IRS over $100 million. 

And when asked about it, Drumpf gave out his totally original response, "totally fake news".

Under Drumpf and his fucking over of the middle class, I have paid a HELL OF A LOT MORE in taxes than years before. I live from paycheck to paycheck while this orange fake has never had a day in his life where he had to worry about whether or not he can eat. A decade ago, I was so broke that I had to resort to donating plasma. Because the job market grew under Obama, I started getting raises. Today, I haven't had a raise in two years. 

Seriously, I have no love for tax dodgers. To me, a person who cheats on their taxes doesn't care about those who have helped them be rich in the first place. Maybe it's one reason why Drumpf pardoned white collar criminals while people who went to prison for taking one toke off a joint 50 years ago are still imprisoned. I hope once Biden is elected, we will do an investigation on Drumpf and he will rot in prison for tax evasion. 

All I will say is this: On Friday, I got my absentee ballot. On Saturday before Drumpf introduced Cunty to the world, I proudly filled out my ballot straight ticket Democrat, got in my car and drove to the clerk's office where they have a drop box for absentee ballots. BOOM. DONE. I've used my voice to shitcan Chester Cheetah, and now, it's your turn.

On January 20, 2021, it will be fun seeing Drumpf learn the true meaning behind the classic phrase, "it ain't easy being cheesy".


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