Thursday, September 3, 2020

9.3.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 74
Occupation: cheeto
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: TWO-FER!


How about a Two-fer this week?

This time around, it involves a SHOCKING endorsement from somebody whom one would NEVER imagine would NOT be supporting Drumpf!

That's right! There's a former politician who just announced that he's supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden because in his words, "we need to heal the country".

And guess who this person is? FORMER MICHIGAN GOVERNOR RICK SNYDER!

In an op-ed piece for USA Today, Snyder claimed that Drumpf is a "bully" and lacks a moral compass. Snyder told the Associated Press, "Donald Trump has actually been leading the charge on incivility. The divisiveness in our nation has not been worse in our lifetimes." 

Meanwhile, Snyder said that Biden is "a good, decent man; you can tell he’s a person of character that cares. We need to heal our country."

Snyder also raised eyebrows in 2018 when he didn't endorse former state AG Bill Schuette, the Republican candidate for governor. His lieutenant, Brian Calley, lost in the primary election. 

Strangely enough, this is the same asshole who recently cost Michigan taxpayers over $600 million to Flint residents over the fucked-up water crisis he started. "Oooooh! We can save a ton of money by switching from fresh, clean, out-of-town water to a local river that the automakers have been dumping into for a century!" 

Meanwhile, Biden himself went to troubled Kenosha, WI where he spoke at a community meeting at a local church. There, he announced that he met with Jacob Blake's family and talked with Blake himself over the phone. To me, Biden proved the world that he can be a better president than you-know-who. 

So, what is Drumpf's scare tactic now? He's telling voters in South Carolina to vote TWICE! He said to first vote by mail and then vote in person on Election Day, which is a felony in SC. As it is, when you vote by mail, your name is crossed off automatically at the polls.

You know, it's something when the loony tune running the country is hated by his fellow Rethugs, let alone a moron who, like Drumpf, bankrupted companies. If Drumpf is reelected, it will be a helluva lot worse than Dubya's second term, trust me. This country WILL nosedive into a depression while Drumpf's buddies are playing with money they didn't earn. The only good thing about Drumpf winning in November is that in 2024, AOC will be old enough to run for president. As long as the establishment and Nancy "Blow-out" Pelosi doesn't fuck up her chances, she could be the next FDR.

IF we're still alive.


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