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9.8.20 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 74
Occupation: cheeto
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: THREE-FER!


For decades, people thought that the Chicago Cubs would never win a World Series. In 2016, their 108-year drought ended.

Chicago's Blackhawks hockey franchise had a similar problem. For decades, the team was plagued with owner "Dollar Bill" Wirtz's piss-poor decisions that angered long-time fans. Wirtz died in 2007 and his son, Rocky took over the team. Knowing that hardcore Blackhawk fans were on bad terms with his father, Rocky worked hard to reverse his dad's edicts. As a result, they won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years in 2010, the second-longest drought in NHL history. 

Yes, the world is loaded with "hell freezes over" moments. Maybe someday, the Detroit Lions will win the Super Bowl. Or, maybe someday, we'll get a president who will allow a single-payer healthcare system to exist here in America. Maybe someday, I might date a supermodel who will like me for who I am. I'm doubtful for everything, but for the sake of mankind, we should never give up.

Well, last weekend, one of my favorite podcasters announced something I thought I would never ever hear again. 

At the end of last weekend's Southpaws, host Darren Gibson announced that as much as he hates Joe Biden, he's voting for him in November. His co-host that week, Katy Steele-Barone agreed and so did his normal co-host, Jack Prince, who is off the show temporarily for family-related issues. 

After how the Democrats treated Bernie Sanders in 2016, Gibson announced that he would not support Hillary Clinton for president. Instead, he supported Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Because of his outburst, Gibson lost his job at WPRR 1680 here in Grand Rapids, the town's left-leaning talk station. Now, Southpaws is syndicated on Pacifica Radio and airs on several of its stations. 

Originally, Gibson had planned on not voting at all this election because Biden is a centralist at best, and so is Kamala Harris. But, the sad, painful truth is the fact that, well, this county is in a lot of pain.

Last week, Drumpf should have talked with the family of Jacob Blake. Instead, he posed in front of burned-out buildings. But, Biden fixed that wrong. He went to a community meeting and spoke with Blake's family. The fact that Drumpf is destroying the Post Office and called our military personnel "suckers" and "losers" would definitely make both my grandfathers - one a mailman and the other being a World War Two vet - want to spin in their graves. Thankfully for Drumpf, they were cremated. The fact that Drumpf is eliminating the Stars and Stripes newspaper is also heart wrenching for our heroes. 

I gotta give Joe Biden a lot of credit that he doesn't want to make the same mistakes Hillary Clinton did. He went to Wisconsin last week and he's coming to Michigan on Wednesday. Clinton avoided much of the Midwest during her campaign while Drumpf was pleading to automakers in 2016 for votes. In 2016, Clinton lost Michigan - a traditionally-blue state - by a mere 10,000 votes. Even though she won the popular vote by nearly three million votes. Drumpf won the Electoral College. 

Look, Biden ain't gonna introduce universal healthcare. He ain't going to make college cheaper and he ain't gonna buy you a house. I know, the last several Democratic presidential nominees were far from perfect. People like Gore and Hillary Clinton were the types that people only voted for because the Republicans were even worse. In Hillary's case, we know her record on healthcare. Just watch Michael Moore's "Sicko" for a shining example.

I know. We've all had to make tough decisions where making a bad decision is the best decision. Look at me many years ago: I had just gotten out of tech school and nobody was hiring. I had to go back to my old job washing dishes. When they cut my hours by handing them over to a much-older person and my mom and her asshole ex-husband were pushing to get my own place, I had no choice but to work at a small convenience store for less pay, but it was more hours and it was closer. But after the store got new owners and they were giving my hours away to a heroin addict loser, I had to get a way out. Until then, I was picky about who to work for. It was almost a year since I graduated and I hated my life. Thankfully, there was a shop here in Grand Rapids that was hiring. At that point, I didn't care. I packed my bags and left the depressing shithole in northern Michigan behind. 

For ten and a half years, I had to deal with virtually no raises, no other job opportunities and shame for being constantly broke. People shamed me for living in a small apartment. But, they only added to the problem by voting for Reagan before I was born. But, had I continued to live up north, I would be confined to working shittier, lower-paying jobs. Plus, I would have probably had to drive 25 miles one way between home and work, blowing my paycheck on gas, plus wear and tear. Of course, Traverse City is long-known for not attracting good, high-paying jobs. Hell, they're planning to demolish the old Schelde's Restaurant and a gas station on Munson Ave. for... a bigger gas station! Wow! That's what Traverse City needs: more $10/hr. jobs in a town where the the average person can't even live in a tiny studio apartment.

Now, we're in the same boat: vote for Drumpf and, well, remember Dubya's second term? It will get worse. If Drumpf is reelected, it will be 1929 all over again. True, Biden ain't perfect. Yes, we can hear about him being borderline senile and groping women. But at the end of the day, he's the lesser of the two evils between him and you-know-who. I hope he'll be a helluva lot more presidential than the Orange Cheeto. If not, there's always the 2024 primaries and by then, AOC will be old enough to run for president. 

At this time, even Darren's cat, Buster can run the country better than Drumpf.


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