Thursday, September 30, 2010

9.30.10 Bee-otch of the Day: Rich Iott

Name: Rich Iott
Age: 59
Occupation: former CEO, Seaway Food Town Supermarkets
Last Seen: Toledo, OH
Bee-otched For: being another prick who puts money in front of people


In the 1950s, a small grocer named Wally Iott and his wife adopted a son named Rich.
It was the worst investment he ever made.

In Ohio's 9th congressional district, Rep. Marcy Kaptur is defending her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives against Republican businessman Rich Iott. Iott was the former CEO of Seaway Food Town - or just simply Food Town - the supermarket chain founded by his adoptive father in 1948.

Over the years, Food Town grew from a small corner grocery to a chain of nearly 50 stores and even a discount drug store chain, The Pharm. In 1996, Rich took over the CEO position of the chain and in 2000, he sold Food Town and The Pharm to that great little company known as Spartan Stores.

Yes, the same Spartan Stores that's based here in Grand Rapids that used be a co-op owned by its locations, but got greedy, went public and started buying up many of its stores. They bought up Glen's, Prevo's and Ashcraft's in northern Michigan, Great Day, Family Fare, D&W and Felpausch in west Michigan and VG's in Flint. I once lived near a Prevo's and almost immediately, the quality of the store went downhill. I remembered CONSTANTLY returning milk because it was sour, getting sour cream that was chunky and watery and yes, those nasty blinders at the checkout, showing their loyalness to the religious reich. Not to mention the other complaints I've heard, such as their rotting produce and yes, their horrificly high prices.

Spartan streamlined their operations, ending the Prevo's, Great Day and Ashcraft's nameplates. But, thanks to their piss-poor management, Food Town ended up being their biggest embarrassment.

Just three years into Food Town ownership, Spartan shut down their 39 stores as shoppers abandoned them for Kroger and Meijer. In all, 5,000 workers were left jobless. Iott, on the other hand, is one wealthy asshole.
According to a website owned by Kaptur, Iott traded Food Town for 500,000 shares of Spartan stock for $5.68 per share. Today, it's worth more than $15 per share, or $7.5 million.

No doubt, Wally Iott - who died in 2006 at age 90 - is spinning in his grave.

Thankfully, Food Town still exists, kind of. Not long after Spartan shut down their stores, a man named Sam Jabro bought a handful of former locations and even the name. However, he only has three locales: one in Toledo and two just over the border in Michigan. It's also worth mentioning that several Spartan Stores did drop the chain recently, including Greenville-based Jorgensen's and the Village Markets in Antrim County, which had been with the warrior-turned-toothpaste swirl-logoed company for 60 years. Both chains are now with Affiliated Foods, which supply the Shurfine brands throughout the midwest.

Ya know, I love people who sell out to other companies, knowing that their jobs will be lost sooner or later. Rich Iott should have not left the orphanage. Instead, he turned into a fatherless prick who thinks that the world belongs to him. All I can say is good luck trying to win that rep seat, Rich, 'cuz Marcy Kaptur's been there for nearly 30 years and that area's a Democratic stranglehold.

If all else fails, Rich, there's the unemployment line, where you can share it with all your former employees.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9.29.10 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 52
Occupation: Republican candidate for Michigan governor
Last Seen: Ann Arbor, MI
Bee-otched For: trying to prove that he can win by just having an (R) after his name


The truth is getting out there, but somehow, people are shrugging their shoulders and wanting to re-live the past.

With the state gubernatorial election just a little over a month away, we've noticed one thing: the lack of political ads from the tough turd known as Rick Snyder. Instead, we see a lot of ads from Virg Bernero's camp, blasting Snyder for being an outsourcer and anti-abortion.

True, there are a few anti-Bernero ads, but they're all produced by the Republican Governors Association. One blasted Bernero for being a 'career politican' and another blasting him for using taxpayer dollars on personal items, such as a fishtank.

Of course, Michigan's gubernatorial election this year is quite exciting since current Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) is being term-limited out of office and her lieutenant, John Cherry is not running. Many complain that Michigan has the worst economy of any state due to Granholm. However, with Michigan being reliant on the manufacturing sector that's being outsourced to other countries, plus 30 years of dealing with Reagan, John Engler and the two Bushes, no wonder why Michigan's in the shitter.

Now, it's a battle between Bernero - the current mayor of Lansing - and Snyder, who used to be the chairman and CEO of Gateway Computers. As Chairman/CEO, Snyder cut out thousands of jobs and ended up selling Gateway to Taiwan-based Acer as a penny stock.

Because he hasn't done any ads post-primaries, all people really know of Snyder is what I've told you: an outsourcer who is anti-woman. But since he's ahead in the polls 51% to Bernero's 38%, he thinks he's got nothing to worry about.

Let's not mention the fact that he's only agreed to one debate with Bernero, which will air October 10th on PBS stations here in Michigan. He originally refused to do ANY debates, but that was until Bernero crashed one of his town hall meetings and an impromptu debate errupted.

You see folks, people need to think. A job creator like Bernero vs. an outsourcer like Snyder. I know, Obama hasn't done much as president except improve health care and created jobs through the stimulus, but the thing is, change is like sex: it should be done slowly. However, because we're in a fast food society where things must be done quickly, Obama's the bad guy, so let's vote Democrat  this time around.

If Rick Snyder's elected governor, you can kiss Michigan good-bye. We'll see more outsourcing and innovative ideas being thrown out the window. Bernero has expressed interest in building more environmentially-friendly plants in Michigan, which would create jobs. Snyder would probably do the same... For Taiwan.

Just vote Virg Bernero this time around. Period.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

9.27.10 Bee-otch of the Day: Christine O'Donnell


Name: Christine O'Donnell
Age: 41
Occupation: Republican candidate for Delaware senator
Last Seen: Wilmington, DE
Bee-otched For: putting her hand on politics


I think that judging by the photo above, it was the moment Ms. O'Donnell was losing her virginity.

While we were AWOL all last week, citizens in the state of Delaware voted in a teabagger to win the state's Republican candidacy for senator. She's running against Democrat Chris Coons, who is currently the County Executive of New Castle County.

The election for senator in Delaware is because Ted  - the current junior senator - was appointed after Joe Biden was elected as Vice President. In the Republican primary, O'Donnell defeated Mike Castle, a former governor of Delaware and current US House member. Many felt that Castle would be a great candidate against Coons....

....But then came the Tea Party.

With strong backing from the far-right organization, O'Donnell defeated the proven Castle 53.1% to Castle's 46.9%. Many in the Tea Party claimed that Castle was too moderate while the unmarried and kid-less O'Donnell stands for wholesome family values.

In her early 20's, O'Donnell worked for anti-porn lobbyists Enough is Enough and the anti-abortion group Concerned Women for America, serving as spokesperson. In 1996, O'Donnell founded Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth (SALT), a group that promotes chastity amongst unmarried couples. It was O'Donnell who appeared in an MTV Sex in the 90's special talking about her stance against masturbation, claiming that it promotes lust, which is preached against in the Bible.

O'Donnell also appeared on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher 22 times throughout its run; however, Maher recently brought up a clip of O'Donnell telling the audience that she once dabbled in witchcraft and even dated a Satanist.

However, it looks like the Good Lord's unable to help her with her finances. In 2008, she defaulted on a loan to her Wilmington home, which ended up being sold at a sheriff's auction to her then-boyfriend. She's also had problems with the IRS and due to her financial problems she ended up living in a townhouse that was paid for with campaign funds. The Federal Election Commission has cited her for misusing funds that were supposed to be earmarked for her campaign.

Now, she's running to take Joe Biden's seat. But the truth hurts. Right now, many polls in the state show Coons in front of O'Donnell; CNN has him with 55% and her with 29% of the vote.
I think if there's anything that will kill the Republicans this election, it'll be Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers. IMHO, the Republicans have a choice of being more moderate in line with the rest of America or being the far-right scumbag who would rather fight to shut down the neighborhood strip club over creating jobs. Already, the Repukes have plans to kill President Obama's stimulus package that's creating jobs and fixing the nation's roads.

Folks, Christine O'Donnell is nothing more than a Jebus freak fuck-up that makes me happier to support the local strip club over the church. Sorry, but this country needs to continue its recovery efforts over worrying. Let's elect leaders who are proven and will help get the job done, but people who'll only benefit the wealthy.
As for 'ol Christine, maybe she'll need to get in touch with Jesus. All she needs to do is find that damned g-spot first.


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