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Well, folks, we're doing it again. For the 11th year in a row, it's time to vote for the 2010 Bee-otch of the Year. 
(Almost) everyday in 2010, we chose a loser deserving of being the biggest prick in the world at the moment and give that person or whatever the infamous Bee-otch of the Day. At the end of the week, the worst of the worst got the Bee-otch of the Week, and one of that pool of Bee-otches of the Week is chosen to be Bee-otch of the Month.
This year, there were eight people or organizations that were given the undistinctive honor of Bee-otch of the Month. BP and Tony Hayward were awarded four times for the infamous oil spill that tarnished both their reputations.
But, as usual, it's up to you to choose who shall be Bee-otch of the Year.
For the past six years, the Bee-otch of the Year has been former president George W. Bush, who's still nominated since he was the Bee-otch of the Month in February. But as his aegis wears off in the White House, it's time to wonder if it's time to give it up to a new leader of losers.
Without further adieu, it's time to look at these peckerheads to see who shall be Bee-otch of the Year for 2010.   

George W. Bush (Bee-otch of the Month for February)President Barack Obama's only been the Commander in Chief for not even two years and many keep claiming that it's his own fault for not cleaning up ex-president Bush's mess. However, since the former president led us into a massive recession and two wars, it'll take some time to pick up the pieces. Even worse, he's ending 2010 on a personal high note with his best-selling memoir Decision Points while the American people - hopped up on Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh - keep blaming Obama for everything.
BP (May through August)Despite their green image with its flower logo and current initial meaning of "Beyond Petroleum", BP had probably its worst year ever thanks to the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico last June. A wellhead blew out on the Deepwater Horizon, causing 53,000 barrels of oil to blast out of the well daily. 13 people died in the disaster. Even worse, it left the shrimping and fishing industry in the Gulf - still ravaged from Hurricane Katrina - to a standstill. Former BP chairman Tony Hayward - technically the Bee-otch of the Month for July, but we're grouping him with the rest of BP for this one - made the most-laughable comment of 2010 by stating "I want my life back" just before he headed back to his homeland of England to race his yacht called "Bob". He has since stepped down as BP CEO. As for the well, it was capped on September, but it didn't cap the past the led to the disaster, which might have been prevented if BP installed safety valves on the rig.
Citadel Broadcasting (December)The good news is that they're out of bankruptcy and with new owners, but Citadel's making the same 'ol mistakes. Just 10 days before Christmas, they fired long-time Lansing radio personality Rich Michaels, who had been the morning man of Classic Rocker WMMQ 94.9. Despite good ratings, GM Matt Hanlon told the media that it was time to go in a new direction. Rumor has it that sister Classic Rocker WLAV Grand Rapids' morning man Kevin Matthews will syndicate his show to 'MMQ but only time will tell. Most of Citadel's stations in Grand Rapids are getting the crap kicked out of them by simularly-formatted counterparts. Expect the same to 'MMQ.
Terry Jones (September)On the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil, Florida preacher Terry Jones decided that the best way to fight back is with fire. So, he organized "Burn a Koran Day", a day devoted to setting fire to the word of the Muslim faith on 9/11. However, his proposed burning only sparked outrage from many, including from Muslims and even Christians alike. Both leaders from the left and right, including President Obama and Sarah Palin attacked Jones; Obama said that Jones' burning would put this country at risk at home and abroad. Because of the outrage, Jones canceled the burning, but is promising to reschedule it.
Mexico (April)This has been a huge year in news regarding this country's relations with Mexico. Earlier this year, the state of Arizona passed this country's toughest immigration laws to date. Basically put, if a cop thinks that you look like an illegal, he can pull you over and ask you to find your papers. Now, I think the law's kinda too Big Brother-y, but let's face it. Mexico needs to do a better job of keeping its people. Here in Michigan, I don't see many Canadians roaming the streets and looking for work. Yet, there's Mexicans left and right. Apparently, Canadians love their freedom while the Mexicans don't. Makes you go "hmmmm..."
The Republicans (March and November)2010 has been a decent year for the Republicans, especially since they still own our radio and TV stations and use them to pollute our minds with BS. Case in point: the health care legislation, or as they love to call it "Obamacare". While the bill was being voted on in the House, many members of the Tea Party and other Repukes decided to call black congressmen the n-word and people like gay congressman Barney Frank homophobic slurs. But that's not all. Thanks to huge donations from big corporations and lots of TV ads, the Republicans took back the House in November, and the new house leader will be the crybaby known as John Boehner. Even their bullying has caused President Obama to extend Bush's tax cuts, causing many to feel that the president is being forced to be their stoolpidgeon.
Pat Robertson (January)On January 12, a massive earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale ravaged the country of Haiti, killing 230,000, injuring 300,000 and leaving over a million people homeless. On his 700 Club TV show, host Pat Robertson claimed that God was punishing the poor country because its founders signed a pact with the Devil, liberating itselves from the French slave owners who owned them. However, the country is mostly Christian, a fact that makes Robertson's statement one based on hatred and sensationalism. Robertson has been known for making idiotic statements on his show for years, mostly to get some cash out of poor and old people.
Rick Snyder (October)Snyder is the ex-chairman of Gateway Computer who is now the governor-elect of this great state of Michigan. But, there's a good reason why he got elected: $$$. Here in Grand Rapids, Snyder's first political ad aired during the Super Bowl, proving that he who spends most shall win. His opponent, Democrat Virg Bernero didn't have the budget Snyder had. Snyder avoided debates with Bernero and even made a statement during an interview that he was interested in selling off the Mackinac Bridge, which would mean short-term cash for the financially-strapped Michigan. Yet, it would mean less jobs and higher toll rates for those traveling to and from the Upper Peninsula (you know, that other part of Michigan?). Bear in mind that Snyder was just another typical CEO, shipping jobs off to China while his company struggled, and eventually sold out to the Taiwanese as a penny stock. 


So, out of the eight choices, who will be Bee-otch of the Year? Only YOU can decide. Post your choice now and we'll reveal the Bee-otch of the Year on Friday, December 31st at 4 a.m.! 
Who do you choose as Bee-otch of the Year?
George W. Bush
Citadel Broadcasting
Terry Jones
The Republican Party
Pat Robertson
Rick Snyder

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

12.16.10 Bee-otch of the Day: Citadel Broadcasting

Name: Citadel Broadcasting
Age: 26
Occupation: radio giant
Last Seen: Las Vegas
Bee-otched For: throwing one of their own under the rug just before Christmas 

Reason #67,746 why I don't work in radio: one of the most-common phrases during the holidays is "YOU'RE FIRED!"
The axe has fallen on long-time Lansing radio personality Rich Michaels, who was the morning man of Citadel Classic Rocker WMMQ 94.9 in Lansing. Despite good ratings, Michaels and Citadel parted ways Wednesday, just ten days before Christmas.

Michaels told Lansing CBS station WLNS "I think everybody's going through this. I'm not special. I actually wish I could talk to people now in a way because I'm in it. It's ten days to Christmas and I don't have a job. Something better will happen."
Good 'ol Matt Hanlon, who runs Citadel's Michigan stations told WLNS that the two parted ways because - yep, you guessed it - the station's "moving in a new direction". He did, however, say that his partner, Deb Hart will remain with the station.
Ya know, the more I hear about Hanlon, the more I hate him even worse. This is the same prick that decided to move Howard Stern over to 1340 here in Grand Rapids from KLQ, eventually killing that station. Although it's assuring to know that he *did* kill off one of his little butt buddy Huge's affiliates - Muskegon's 97.5 The Champ - this past week, still, pissing on one of his most-popular personalities and not giving a straight explanation proves how self-centered he is.
I hope as he gets to unwrap all those expensive Christmas gifts under his tree this year, he'll think of all the hard-working people he's screwed over. Now, he can add Rich Michaels to his shitlist. No wonder why Citadel went bankrupt. Then again, it's assuring to know that Stern's now working for a company that's nowhere near bankruptcy. 
Karma. It'll come to Hanlon one way or another. Remember, shortly after he started fucking with Stern and KLQ and lying to their listeners, he had a daughter born with a serious disease. Not a nice thing to say, but then again, there's no way of sugarcoating it. 

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12.15.10 Bee-otch of the Day: WSRT Traverse City (for adding Dennis Miller)

Name: WSRT/106.7 You FM
Age: 38
Occupation: talk station
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: feeding us more shit  


The worst mistake in the short life of 106.7 You FM's life is about to end.
As we all know by now, Dr. Laura Schlessinger's terrestrial radio career's coming to an end as she heads over to Sirius/XM so she can scream the n-word all she wants. Thankfully, You FM will never have to post her ugly mug anymore in the liberal-leaning Northern Express anymore.

I was hoping that You FM would get a show not currently heard up north, like Thom Hartmann or Randi Rhodes. Maybe they could have ganked Ed Schultz from WJML, where he's buried at 8 p.m. for one measly hour.

But they had to get Dennis Miller instead.

That's right! Starting in January, You FM will air Miller's low-rated chatfest from 3-6 p.m. Currently, he's on WTCM NewsTalk 580 from 8-10. But, of course, 'TCM's signal at night goes into the toilet, especially for their southern listeners to protect WKZO Kalamazoo and CKWW Windsor.

As of this writing, WTCM hasn't announced Miller's replacement, although currently, they cut off Mark Levin's last hour at 8 p.m. for Miller's show, which is live 10a-1p via Westwood One.

Although no Arbitron ratings have been released publically since they've changed format, speculation has it that WSRT is still in the crapper. As a matter of fact, they might be the lowest-rated FM station in the whole state. It's a far cry from their glory days 15 years ago when they were Top 40-formatted WKPK/106.7 The Peak. However, the North Dakotan company that owns the station, Northern Broadcast, decided to start screwing things up by gradually changing the station to AC and even replacing local jocks with syndicated personalities.

Today, WSRT has no local personalities during the week, although they do have a few Chamber of Commerce-y shows on the weekends. Mornings are now handled by America's Morning News, which is produced by the Unification cult. The station does have one liberal host, Stephanie Miller. The rest of the day is filled with mostly-right-leaning programs hosted by Dave Ramsey, Michael Smerconish, Lou Dobbs, Jerry Doyle and Doug McIntyre.

The idiots who own WSRT just don't get it. Their only saving grace is WKLT; that's because there's enough white trash in northern Michigan who'll listen to it. Plus, The Fox is a joke since it's now WCCW without the familiar personalities that have made that station what it is. Yeah, I know, the Gokey family has been trying to sell Northern Radio for years, but having one good station and two mediocre ones just ain't cuttin' it.

Ya know, northern Michigan has three other talk stations and they all lean to the right. I mean, WTCM has Rush and Hannity, WJML has Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Neal Boortz and WMKT has John Gibson and Todd Schnitt. WSRT has Stephanie Miller and that's a start. Get rid of everybody else and replace them with Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes and every other progressive host and I think it'll have ratings. There's a decent liberal population up north, and I think they need to have a station all their own.

C'mon! Who listens to Dennis Miller, anyway? He used to be a card-carrying liberal, but then 9/11 happened and he's now a libertarian. Plus, he hasn't been funny or relevent since his SNL days. Remember his Monday Night Football stint? Brutal.

Hate to say it, but I kinda miss Mary Rogers.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12.14 Bee-otches of the Day: Stern's naysayers

Name: various
Age: various
Occupation: various
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: criticizing Howard's new contract with Sirius 


Ladies and gents, I present to you five more years of the King of All Media.
Last Thursday, Howard Stern announced that he'll be staying with Sirius/XM for another five years. His new contract with the satcaster is believed to be around $400 million, $100 million less than his current contract, which expires at the end of the year.

I would imagine that many in the radio biz are laughing at the new deal, especially those in terrestrial radio, plus his naysayers. $100 million less translates to them as Stern's been a failure on satellite. Yeah, like a man who brought 20 million listeners to a company that should have been dead by now failed them. Truth is, Howard has broke even for the company. So, why only $400 million this time around? The answer is quite simple.

Several years ago, Howard's agent, Don Buchwald advised him to sell most - if not all - of his Sirius stock. On the original contract, Stern and Buchwald were given millions of dollars worth of shares in the company. However, Sirius was still young at the time and still a fledgling company, True, he brought an audience to the company, Howard and Don obviously knew that their stock would lose lots of value.

And they were right.

When Sirius and XM merged, the company's stock went from $20 per share - give or take - to less than a dime. Thanks to multiple factors, such as the merger taking months to complete to a slowdown in subscriptions thanks to the recession, many laughed at Stern and Sirius.

But, it was Stern who had the last laugh.

Thanks to media giant Liberty Media investing millions into the company and new cars starting to fly off the lots again, Sirius XM's stock's rising again. Yesterday, it closed at $1.38. It's still low, and it's probably one reason why Stern's contract was $100 million less; there was no true stock option this time around. Let's not forget too that here in Grand Rapids, the two companies that run 2/3 of all the radio stations in town filed for bankruptcy.

Bear in mind, too that Howard's 56 years old, and at contract's end, he'll be 61. Honestly, I think he'll start working less starting in the beginning of his new contract. It's not clear on how many days per week he'll be working, or even how long his show will be per day. Who knows? Maybe his show will only be on 6-9 a.m. daily. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Laugh all you want, Howard will retire on top.


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Monday, December 13, 2010

12.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel (for adding WOOD 1300 to FM)

Name: Clear Channel
Age: 36
Occupation: evil radio giant
Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
Bee-otched For: spreading the hate even more


I have a sad feeling that the Calvinists who live in west Michigan are having a severe orgy as of late.
Of course, it all started when WOOD 1300 dropped one of the station's two sole local shows - Mouth 2 Mouth with Michelle McKormick and Scott Winters - so they could give Glenn Beck a stronger signal in the Grand Rapids market. Now, WOOD itself is getting an even stronger signal.

Last week, Clear Channel announced that they will start simulcasting WOOD 1300 on the current WMUS 106.9 out of Muskegon. WMUS itself will move full-time to 107.9 - what used to be AC WSHZ/Star 108 - to make way for WOOD's move.

The move was speculated recently when 105.7 - which had been WOOD-FM since 1962 - switched its call sign to WSRW to match its Star 105.7 branding. Some, like myself felt that its forever-low-rated rocker 101.3 The Fox would be the one getting the boot. Instead, it went to WMUS, whose Grand Rapids ratings have tapered off for quite some time. The station's move to 107.9 is a safe one since that frequency hardly makes it to Grand Rapids metro. 106.9, however, is 50,000 watts and has the same coverage as sister station WSNX 104.5.

One would wonder the legality of such a move, since Grand Rapids and Muskegon are two different radio markets and some of the stations overlap each market, like WSNX. For years, 'SNX has been marketed as a Grand Rapids station, even though it's licensed to Muskegon. Same as 106.9 once the simulcast begins, probably in a few weeks. But, there's also speculation that CC may sell off their 'Muskegon only' sticks, including rock WMRR 101.7 and 107.9. CC also owns 1090 WKBZ, which is the current Muskegon home for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Dave Ramsey, also heard on WOOD. The fate of WKBZ is unknown at this time.

Tragically, the WOOD-FM/AM simulcast is nothing short of trying to pollute peoples' brains in much-wider numbers. Plus, since CC also owns piss-powered WTKG 1230, it means that Glenn Beck will now be heard on FOUR frequencies from my locale (590 WKZO out of Kalamazoo also airs the show from 5-8 p.m. daily). Yet, liberals like Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz are stuck on 1230, whose signal hardly makes it out of Grand Rapids.

Folks, this only proves that terrestrial radio is the medium of the lazy. All you need is a radio and yourself. Yeah, with satellite radio, there's some set-up involved, plus with internet radio, there's a connection needed and some patience and rebuffering. Tragically, many advertisers shun dem commie librul yakkers, which is why Rush gets the 50 KW signal while Thom Hartmann is stuck on a station 50 times less the power and has the final hour of his show taken off in favor of the first live hour of Dave Ramsey, whose show is re-broadcast later on WOOD 1300.

All I can say is, thank you Howard for re-signing with Sirius/XM. 


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

12.9.10 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republicans AND the Democrats

Names: the Republican and Democratic parties
Ages: 154, 218
Occupation: the two main parties of this great nation
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: pushing us further down the hole  

GASP! Me giving President Obama the Bee-otch of the Day?

Well, sorta. I will admit that he's far from perfect, but then again, the Republicans are still worse.

Earlier this week, President Obama came to an agreement with both parties that would extend former president Bush's tax cuts for the next two years. Obama championed tax breaks for the middle class, but like the thugs they are, the Repukes told Obama that the middle class could have their tax breaks as long as the wealthy got 'em too. In his statement to the press Tuesday, Obama claimed that the cuts could be allowed to expire at the end of the year, but it would be severely detrimental to the already-ailing economy.

In the end, the rich got what they wanted, the middle class sorta got what they wanted and the deficit's gonna keep expanding.

Oddly enough, my stepdad - a card-carrying conservative - told me that Clinton was a much better president because at least he was reducing the deficit. However, Obama had to tap into funds we don't even have only because we're a sick nation. Bear in mind that Obama's only getting a lovetap on the wrist because it was Bush who REALLY screwed this country over by sucking us into 9/11, two wars and blowing trillions of dollars in bailout money so billionaires ready to lose their asses could still enjoy their wealthy lifestyle while Americans sink deeper and deeper.

Even worse, I cringe at the fact that Nancy Pelosi - as speaker of the house - never expressed interest in incriminating Bush for war crimes. Sadly, while our young men and women died in two wars still being fought over oil, he gets to make millions from a book and one of his bar slut daughters gets to be an education correspondent for The Today Show .

Folks, I hate to say this, but Obama is stuck. He's stuck because of the Republicans are pressuring him to do things their way. After all, they control the media and after the New Year, the House. Their hope is to see this country to eliminate the middle class and force the unlucky and underprivileged into working more hours for less pay. And sadly, the Democrats are proving that they're cowards by allowing this to happen.
Somewhere, FDR is spinning in his grave. 


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