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2013: BRING IT!

2013: BRING IT!
If 2012 had its ups and downs, so will 2013

2013 will be a kick-ass year.

In 2013, there will be no gun-related murders in America. Also, all of this country's one percenters will have to pay their entire income in taxes while those making less than $75,000 per year will all become millionaires. Everything will be free, everybody will get a new car in their garage and Justin Bieber will be given the death penalty.

But in a normal world, that will never, ever happen, I'm afraid.

Last year at this time, people were wondering what would happen in 2012. Would it be a good year or a bad year? It's safe to say that just about every other year, it's had its ups and downs.

2012's biggest disappointment was undoubtedly the tragic amount of shootings that took place in this great country, and the fact that they were the brainchildren of those with mental problems. To too many, some wonder why we're the most-violent nation on Earth. Why is it easier for somebody to get a Bushmaster than to get help for their problems? Then again, it's proof that some people are stupid, like Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association who would rather start wars between good and evil than to just get semi-automatic guns off the streets altogether. Bear in mind that back in 1776, our Founding Fathers only had muskets that took forever to re-load. 

But that wasn't the only disappointment 2012 had. We had to deal with elected officials who would rather push Americans over the Fiscal Cliff over making the playing field fair for everybody. We had to deal with heads of big companies like Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A who used the company's image to bash gays and "Papa John" Schnatter who tried to screw over his employees and customers and blamed everything on Obamacare. We also had the threat of SOPA/PIPA that would have made the internet a worse place and Rush Limbaugh making AM talk radio an even worse hellhole by calling an intelligent college student a slut over her beliefs. 

And yes, there's that war in Afghanistan that's now the longest war in history. Yeah, we're out in a few more years, but at what cost? Gas prices are still sky-high, and I doubt we'll ever see prices under $2 per gallon ever again. We can conserve, but that's it.

In 2012, we lost a lot of influential folks. Love music? Well, if you love rock, you lost MC5 bassist Michael Davis, The Monkees' Davy Jones, Ronnie Montrose, Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack, amplifier wiz Jim Marshall, Men at Work's Greg Ham, The Band's Levon Helm, Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Fleetwood Mac's Bob Welch, Deep Purple's Jon Lord, No Use For A Name's Tony Sly, "San Francisco" singer Scott McKenzie, songwriter Hal David, Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, *catches breath because yes, this is quite the run-on sentence* and Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly. The world of Saturday morning dance shows lost both Dick Clark and Don Cornelius, and Etta James, Whitney Houston, Johnny Otis, Jimmy Castor, Chuck Brown, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb, Joe South, R.B. Greaves, Major Harris, Mickey Baker and Fontella Bass came with him to create the ultimate Soul Train line. 

Country fans were lucky; they only lost Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Kitty Wells and not much else. Jazz lost Dave Brubeck and the sitar lost its superstar, Ravi Shankar.

But 2012 also took away two Sweathogs: Robert Hedgyes and Ron Parillo. The world of sports said goodbye to Sarah Burke, Gary Carter, Art Modell, Junior Seau, Alex Karras, Steve Sabol, and Hector Camacho. The man who gave us The Price is Right and Password, Bob Stewart, also died. The world of acting also lost Ian Abercrombie, writer Zalman King, Jonathan Frid, Dick Beals, Richard Dawson, Eduard Khil, Ann Rutherford, Ernest Borgnine, producer Richard Zanuck, Celeste Holm, comic (and former sidekick to future senator Al Franken) Tom Davis, Sherman Helmsley, Gore Vidal, director Tony Scott, Phyllis Diller, William Windom, Muppeteer Jerry Nelson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Gary Collins, Lucille Bliss, Larry Hagman, Jack Klugman, Andy Griffith, Sylvia Kristal and Charles Durning. 

And last but not least, we lost a ton more: Berenstain Bears creator Jan Berenstain, songwriter Robert B. Sherman, comic book legend John Severin, boxing writer Bert Sugar, wrestlers Chief Jay Strongbow and Brag Armstrong, car moguls Ferdinland Porsche and Carroll Shelby, artists Leroy Neiman and Thomas Kinkade, journalist Mike Wallace, author Maurice Sendak, Vidal Sassoon, mobster Henry Hill, writer Nora Ephron, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, composer Marvin Hamlisch, Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown, singer Andy Williams, Detroit Red Wings announcer Budd Lynch and senators Arlen Spector, George McGovern and Daniel Inouye. I think I missed a few, but oh, well. 

But cheer up! 2012 had its pluses!

True, NBC might have made Olympic fans angry over their terrible coverage, at least we got to watch the Furious Five become the queens of gymnastics. We also saw a jerk, Jerry Sandusky begin to rot in jail for what he did over the years to all those children while his boss, Joe Paterno died a coward over dying a hero. 

But probably the best news of 2012 was the fact that for the second time, we all said "YES WE CAN!" to Barack Obama as he was re-elected for a second term in the White House. We proved that we're learning from our mistakes in 2010 and that whatever the Tea Party created just doesn't work for the average American. 

Oh, and December 21st came and went. Thanks, Mayans!

Even personally, I had a few bad and good things happen to me; my apartment got flooded thanks to a neglectful neighbor and my pay went down while my hours went up thanks to restructuring at my job, plus the fact that I didn't even receive a holiday bonus from my boss. However, the good news is that he's retiring and on a personal note, I've actually been on a few dates and job interviews this past year.

Oh, sadly, I lost a great aunt - who was the last relative from my maternal Grandparents' generation and a family friend who worked with my father for many years. Where I lived in northern Michigan, we lost beloved TV newsman Scott Michael Trager, whose death shocked and stunned many.

I could go on and on, but like the old Chappelle's Show sketch, I better "Wrap It Up!"

My prediction on 2013 looks like this: it'll be just like 2012, plain and simple. There will be improvement on a few things and sadly, bad things will happen. Tragedies will occur, people will die and prices will go up. But if we can work together, 2013 won't end up like the 2000's. 

That's why I say to 2013 to BRING IT. Bring your challenges because we're more-prepared now. We worked through the mistakes of the 2000s and what happened after the 2010 elections to know much better now. We won't back down, and if something happens, we'll soldier forward to prevent it from happening again. Like all other years before this one, we have just two choices: swim or sink. If we swim together, the world will be a better place. If not, we'll sink like a mob hit tied to a sack of bricks in the Hudson River.

So, who's with me?

Bee-otch of the Year 2012

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Since 1999, we here at have given the Bee-otch of the Year to a lot of idiots who, well, do stupid shit. We've given the honor (?) in years past to celebrities, world leaders and yes, George W. Bush for six years straight.

Now, who's going to be the 2012 Bee-otch of the Year? The nominees are....

JANUARY: Francesco Schettino 
Of course, he was the idiot captain who decided to abandon his ship while hundreds of people were stranded on board while it was sinking. A dozen people died on board and he is now in prison for being one of the biggest pussies of 2012.

FEBRUARY: Omelette

He's the northern Michigan Howard Stern wannabe who made headlines for ripping off Stern's Wack Pack - ya know, the crew of people who are, um, special - by inducting a truly special member into the troupe: Tony Ciccone, the homeless brother of pop music legend Madonna. He had Tony and a bunch of Wack Pa- er, Misfits as they're called go to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, and while Madonna was performing inside Lucas Oil Stadium, poor Tony was outside doing stupid stunts for Omelette's station, WKLT's ratings.

MARCH: Rush Limbaugh

El Rushbo shot himself in the foot big time when he called a female law student a "slut" when he testified for making religious institutions pay for birth control under the Affordable Health Care Act. The loveable pill-popper lost a lot of advertisers and even a couple of affiliates. Even some radio companies claimed that his rants caused them to lose a ton of money in the first quarter of the year. Waaaaaaaaah!

APRIL: Matt Hanlon

For many years, he was considered to be one of the most-controversial radio bosses in Grand Rapids. Matt Hanlon fired popular DJs, changed the formats of popular stations to ones that weren't popular and even angered many Howard Stern fans when he moved his show from 50KW WKLQ to puny 1KW WBBL - then on 1340 AM - in 2002 (wow, ten years already? Fuck...). But now, Hanlon's a has-been because earlier this year, he got drunk, got behind the wheel and almost killed an Indian couple. He did get off on lesser charges, but that's only because he had a good lawyer. Thankfully, he's still out of a job, and it might stay that way for a loooooong time...

MAY: Dominic Dieter

Dominic was part of the WMMS morning show in Cleveland who was fired for threatening to have sex with a lesbian teenage girl to "screw her straight". A caller to the show, Rover's Morning Glory complained about his daughter being gay when Dieter made that comment. Very low for a show that was once syndicated to former Stern affiliates, but canned doe to low ratings.


2012 was a challenging year for the Peacock as its ratings were still low and the fact that their beloved Today show had its worst ratings in years. So, they canned Ann Curry, but personally, that's not the problem. I claimed that the show's problem was the fact that one of their reporters is none other than Dubya's daughter, Jenna. Hired because of your last name? Heard that excuse before...

JULY: Chick-fil-A

The southern fast food giant suffered tremendous consequences because of its anti-gay stances that it's had for years. Even company president Dan Cathy said in an interview that he's guilty because the company stands for traditional values and not those that he thinks destroys them, like the LGBT community. Nice, but when you put politics and faith over customers, well, I'll be eating more chickin... at KFC.

AUGUST: Dinesh D'Souza

This Indian immigrant made headlines last Summer with his controversial movie 2016: Obama's America where he claims that the President is channeling his late father to create an America that was similar to his Africa. True, he made this film based on so-called Christian values, but he did have a fling with Laura Ingraham....

SEPTEMBER: the students of Ogemaw Heights High School, West Branch, MI

These little bastards angered their community when they nominated an unpopular 16-year-old girl named Whitney Kropp to the Homecoming Court, but it was nothing more than a hoax. Thankfully, many in and around West Branch stood up against the bullies and gave this beautiful young girl everything she needed for that special night - a meal, a new hairdo, manicures, you name it - giving the bullies a bit of red in their faces.

OCTOBER: Willard Romney's supporters

Awwww... Did Obama's first four years make you cry? Sorry, but it sucks to be you. Obama won fair and square because he's not rich like Mitt, plus he's not hiding cash in the Cayman Islands. Sorry, but honesty prevails over evil.


The nation's biggest seller of junk further shot itself in the foot this past holiday season when they decided to open their stores early for Black Friday after Thanksgiving this past year. However, the bullet got further into the bone when it was discovered that a lot of its Faded Glory clothes were made at a factory in Bangladesh that didn't have the greatest in safety standards and caught fire, trapping and killing over 110. It's further proof that even with each member of the Walton family being worth over $20 billion apiece, they put profits over the welfare of people.

DECEMBER: Clear Channel

Last, but not least, we nominate Clear Channel for laying off a crapload of jocks for the holiday season. Amongst the lost included former WGRD jock Dahmer (from 106.7 The D in Detroit) and Rich Michaels from WIOD in Miami, who ironically was fired by Matt Hanlon around Christmastime two years ago.


Well, all five of you have been patient, and here it is: the biggest loser of 2012 is....

Ten years ago when Bart Brandmiller stepped down from running Citadel's Grand Rapids cluster, the company made the terrible decision to hire somebody who didn't know radio too well, and that was Matt Hanlon.

Hanlon made mistakes at Citadel; LOTS of them. He promoted douchebag sports talker "Huge" Bill Simonson, he ruined and eventually destroyed WKLQ by firing jocks and demoting Howard Stern to his crappy AM station, he hired personalities that didn't mesh well with anything and so on, and so on. In the end, Citadel went bankrupt, almost all of his stations ended up also-rans and when Citadel was swallowed up by Cumulus, Hanlon was left without a job.

However, he did find refuge at crosstown rivals Townsquare (owners of WGRD, WFGR, WLHT and a few others), but thanks to his little accident, he lost that, too.

I think fans of radio in Grand Rapids can all agree; Hanlon should never, ever work at a radio station ever again. He's a man of too many bad decisions and his loss in the radio biz is everybody's gain.

Thanks everybody for a great 2012. We'll be back in 2013!


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

12.20.12 Hero of the Day: Suzy Cole

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Name: Suzy Cole
Age: 33
Occupation: works for Beats by Dr. Dre; former DJ, WKLQ/WGRD Grand Rapids and WRIF Detroit
Last Seen: Los Angeles
Awarded For: making my world a little brighter


For the final original Bee-otch/Hero of the Day article for 2012, I decided to make it kinda personal.

In the world of radio, there's change, and lots of it. Sadly, most of it seems to be bad thanks to the fact that most radio stations these days are owned by corporate jackasses who put the bottom line ahead of what matters most: their customers, their listeners and their employees.

But in the world of sadness, there's joy.

A few months ago, Suzy Cole made the announcement that after many years at Detroit heritage rock station WRIF, where she served as assistant programming director and music director, she was moving to Los Angeles where she found a position with speaker maker Beats by Dr. Dre. Not too shabby for a girl whose career started here in Grand Rapids many years ago at WKLQ.

In around 2002, Cole went to WGRD and shortly after that, headed to WRIF where she also programmed Riff 2, their internet-only active rock station.

One reason why I think Suzy's a hero was that four years ago, she gave me some of the best advice ever given to me by any successful radio person. It was October 18, 2008 and several bands played the Intersection with Electric Six leading the bill (and I didn't know this until recently that Electric Six is actually bigger in England than they are here in Michigan). Also playing that night was Local H (of "Bound For the Floor" fame), or should I say 1/2 of Local H since the band only consisted of lead singer Scott Lucas and a new drummer at the time. As a matter of fact, Lucas was selling his own merchandise instead of having people sell it for them.

Anyway, Suzy invited any of her Grand Rapids peeps via MySpace to come over to the Intersection if they wanted to see her. So, I did. I spotted her in front of the merchandise stands and introduced myself. She was very nice and kind, and we entered a small conversation about a nasty post I saw about her on an internet message board. The poster claimed that Suzy was fired from KLQ for being drunk and stupid at The Intersection. Well, Suzy set the record straight: she was kicked out of the OLD Intersection (whose stage is now part of Mulligan's in Eastown) because she was just a minor and washed the Xs off of her hands. I told her that the same asshole who made that post about her was spewing shit and lies about me also because he was a loser with no real job or life. Basically put, Suzy told me that these people need to get a fucking life and to just shut the fuck up.

Later on after the concert, Suzy invited me and a few other folks over to the front bar for a few shots of Jameson with one of the guys from Electric Six who was a personal friend of hers. Scott Lucas was also there and had a little conversation with him, too, asking him why he didn't do "Bound For the Floor" and told me that he wanted to "mix it up" each show. Even the big poobah of Grand Rapids rock radio himself, Aris Hampers was there and chatted with him as well, even though I wasn't the nicest towards him in years past over his hatred towards Howard Stern.

Thanks to Suzy and her invitation, it was the best night out I had in a long time. I was a part of that message board for years and somehow, the idiots turned their backs against me for no good reason. But as time passed, I learned more and more of the truth. Turned out that one of the posters was the former PD of The Bear in northern Michigan who "optimized" their format and turned that station into a trainwreck. Needless to say, he ended up having a vendetta against me and the other posters followed. Now, that dumbass is working at some small hick station in Indiana.

It's been five years since I posted on that board, and I kinda do miss it, but I've moved on. The fat fuck who made up lies about me and Suzy claimed that I suffered from "arrested development". So? Most people my age did thanks to the asshole Republicans who worried more about Janet Jackson's tit over creating jobs and now in this day in age, stopping gun nuts.

Guess what? A lot has changed in five years. I'm now in the process of dating a woman (and I didn't get her from my long-defunct "Date King Chuck" page) and my asshole boss - who hasn't given ANYBODY a raise in years - just announced that he's retiring. Finally, thanks to that, plus the hard work of President Obama, arrested development is no longer a term that applies to me. I'm moving up, Suzy's moving up, but these no-life jerks are stuck working in small market radio eating ramen noodles.
Thanks, but I take advice from winners, not cuckold jerks who work for listener-supported oldies stations that segue The Beatles into Mrs. Miller. Sitting in front of a computer 80 hours a week hurling insults at individuals doesn't make you cool, especially now that bullying is now considered an epidemic. Thankfully, that fat bastard paid the price when his wife left him a few years ago.

So there you have it. There's still a lot of good people who work or worked in radio. It's sad that Suzy's angelic voice has disappeared from the airwaves, but it's for the best. I wish her the best of luck in the City of Angels, because she is one.

Oh, and to her replacement at WRIF, "Stoner" Andy Green, it's "Facebook", not "Faceyspace". ;)


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12.19.12 Hero of the Day: Harry Clark

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Name: Harry Clark
Age: was 64
Occupation: owner, Cherry Bowl Drive-in, Honor, MI
Last Seen: in the big drive-in in the sky
Awarded For: keeping the spirit of the 1950's alive
The town of Honor should be honored.

This small town of just over 300 in Benzie County, MI seems to be the town time forgot, especially when it comes to its downtown. Loaded with abandoned businesses and storefronts, many feel that Honor has seen better days.

Of course, part of the problem is the fact that starting some 50 years ago, many downtown businesses moved to a new plaza just a small drive from the once-prosperous business district. Today, the Honor Shopping Plaza now has the town's hardware/lumber, supermarket, a restaurant or two and even a Family Dollar.

One of the ironically-named businesses in Honor was "Hard Times Pizza", which reflects Honor's now-depressed downtown. For decades, it was Weaver's Market, a tiny IGA supermarket whose signs stayed up for years after it closed.

But, Honor has a business many towns - big and small - wished it still had: a drive-in movie theatre. Since 1953, the Cherry Bowl has attracted thousands of visitors throughout the Summer, showing many blockbusters and bringing carloads of families together. It was owned by the same family for decades when in 1997, Harry and Laura Clark escaped the corporate world to buy the popular landmark.
Since buying the Cherry Bowl, Harry and his family have worked steadfastly to keep the venue clean and spotless. Not only does the Cherry Bowl show movies, but it also has everything from a playground to a beach volleyball court to even a putt-putt golf course. Plus, to keep with the family-friendly theme, the Cherry Bowl never shows anything above a PG-13.

Like many small-town theatre owners, Harry was there every night, making announcements over the loudspeakers and even hosting contests. Many who knew him called him a super nice guy and somebody who would go out of his way to help others.

But earlier this year, Clark had a big setback thanks to something that northern Michigan has long been known for, and something that keeps the Cherry Bowl closed for the season: long snowstorms.
One hit northern Michigan late Winter, and Harry and his son Andrew (whose A. Papano's Pizza is ironically in another former IGA, this time in Beulah) were cutting up fallen trees in Harry's yard in Benzonia when a tree fell on him. The paramedics were called, and Andrew drove his father down the driveway in their tractor while EMS was waiting. He was airlifted to Munson Medical Center where he was discovered to be paralyzed.

Harry spent the rest of his life fighting to save it, and there were even rumors that the drive-in would have to close for the year. Thankfully, a man whose movies never played at the Cherry Bowl decided to help him out.

One night earlier this year, Michael Moore passed a collection plate at his State Theatre in Traverse City before a movie, and $3,000 was raised to help with the Clark's bills. Last Summer, sadly, Harry's voice wasn't heard at all, but many felt that his spirit was as his family worked even harder to keep the drive-in running smoothly.

A week ago Saturday, Harry Clark lost his battle with pneumonia. He was 64. A few days later, his children released a post on the theatre's Facebook site saying that "Daddy went to be with Jesus".
As of this time, there's no known plans if the Cherry Bowl will reopen for the Summer of 2013, although on their website, it did say that they will.

True, some might bash the Cherry Bowl for avoiding R-rated movies, but Harry Clark knew his audience. Even during tough times, people want to see good movies, and many of them are families. My father and I went there in 1994 to see Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Coneheads and had lots of fun. It was the only time I went to a drive-in and I know I should go to them more, but because this is Michigan, it's not totally that possible. Plus, here in Grand Rapids, the nearest drive-in is in Muskegon (the Getty), and it's closed for the season, too.

The Clarks have a wonderful asset with their theatre, and I hope it'll stay open for many years to come. I know that there's fewer than something like 100 drive-ins left in America, and the number keeps dwindling thanks to property values, so who knows what will happen. I never met Harry Clark, but he was from many accounts a great man who will be missed. He might be one of the best theatre owners in Michigan history.

So long, Harry. While in Heaven, don't fog up the windows.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12.18.12 Hero of the Day: Anne Hathaway

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Name: Anne Hathaway
Age: 30
Occupation: actress
Last Seen: ??
Awarded For: doing something positive during a week of disaster... by accident
Ladies and gentlemen, last week was a sad week for too many.

Here in Michigan, we were smacked by a vengeful governor who decided to kill the unions with the help of the wealthy. There was a mall shooting in Oregon and of course, 26 souls were lost in a rampage in Connecticut.

But if there was any good news to pass along, it came from Anne Hathaway.

Yes, Anne Hathaway did something that took our minds off of the world's worries last week, albeit by accident. The star of the upcoming Les Miserables was getting out of her vehicle to the premiere of the movie, when, well, she forgot her undies.

I'm very proud to say, the trifecta has been completed.

In Anne's breakthrough performance in Brokeback Mountain, she showed off her boobies. But it was 2010's Love and Other Drugs that was her sexiest role in a few total nude scenes. But, her vajayjay was nowhere to be seen. As a matter of fact, I was quite depressed that I paid $8 to watch camera people and other behind-the-scenes people look at her girly goods while I was ripped off.

Then again, the movie was set in 1996, and *ahem*, hair styles were quite different back then.

Thanks to the beauty of the paparazzi, we now know that Anne is nicely trimmed down there. Not bald like Britney or hairy like a 70's Playboy model but purrr-fect for a 30-year-old who just married and doesn't have kids yet (thank God). Yeah, she might be depressed about knowing that everybody knows what her cooch looks like now, but hey, that's the price you pay for not wearing panties!

If the stock of Jergens and Kleenex don't rise within the week, then there's something wrong.


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Monday, December 17, 2012

12.17.12 Heroes of the Day: the heroes of Sandy Hook

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Last Friday, I was walking out of work after working 10 1/2 hours, when I checked my email on my smartphone. One of the messages came from one of the newsletters I subscribe to, and I shook my head. Another school shooting, but this time, it was at an elementary school.

A lone gunman with a history of mental problems opened fire on his own mother, a Kindergarten teacher fired more shots onto young students and teachers alike at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. In all, 26 people were killed, including 20 children aged 6-7 and six adults, all staff at Sandy Hook. 20-year-old Adam Lanza started the day by killing his mother at her home and took her car to the school where he opened more shots on students and staff. When responders arrived at the school, Lanza took his own life.

Lanza had a total of four weapons that he used to kill: a .223 semi-automatic rifle, a 10mm Glock, a 9mm Swiss SIG Sauer and a shotgun that was discovered in Lanza's mother's car.

Newtown was a city that many would never even come close to imagining as a place where such a disaster would even strike. Famous for its rural charm, but yet, only 60 miles from New York City and 45 miles from Hartford. But it happened. Now, the Sandy Hook disaster is the second-worst school disaster in history, only next to the horrific 1927 school bombing in Bath, MI, just five miles outside of Lansing. Redneck farmer Andrew Kehoe was angry over the fact that his taxes rose significantly because of the school's erection, so he planted explosives under the newly-built consolidated school building and even his foreclosed property. When the explosives went off at the school, Kehoe arrived in a truck with more explosives, which exploded on cue, killing him and many more others. In all, 45 people lost their lives that day; 38 of those lost where children.

Since last Friday's tragedy, there were many people who did the right thing to help others, but others who screwed up and said some stupid things. There was Mike Huckabee, who claimed that the disaster could have been prevented if public schools didn't ban God (OK, and why are little boys getting molested in Catholic churches?) and even Westboro Baptist Church, who promised that they will picket victims' funerals.

But, there were many heroes and those who did the right thing in regards to the disaster. Most of the heroes where the teachers and other faculty who tried their hardest to protect their young while Lanza was making his rounds. There was principal Dawn Hochsprung and psychologist Mary Sherlach who left a meeting to find out where the shootings where coming from, only to get shot themselves. There was also teacher Victoria Soto, who shut her kids in a closet while Lanza was firing at her, killing her. Several other teachers and staff were fatally shot trying to guard their students.

Sandy Hook Elementary had a security plan in place since the beginning of the school year. Although Lanza was its breach, this disaster could have been even more disastrous. The school's teachers did the right thing by treating their own kids like their own and protected them.

Since the disaster, many paid tribute to the tragedy. Saturday Night Live had its most-poignant cold opening in its 37-year history by having a New York City children's choir sing "Silent Night" instead of a hilarious sketch. At all NFL stadiums Sunday, a moment of silence was observed in memory of those affected in the massacre. Even Fox News deserved props for airing ALL of Sunday night's ceremony in Newtown that featured a speech from President Obama.

True, we can keep honoring those and remembering what happened in Newtown, but we must remember that we must try to find ways to keep guns away from those who should never be near a gun in the first place. It's sick that somehow, somebody like Adam Lanza got his hands on all those guns only to kill innocent people. What's also frightening is that since the days of Columbine, our government has done more to fight the war against Janet Jackson's right tit on TV and Howard Stern instead of fighting the war against guns.

Folks, this is why I vote Democrat. The Republicans all feel that the Second Amendment is more important than the First, and that EVERYBODY - sane or not - should own a gun. To prove how cowardly the GOP is, Betsy Fischer Martin, the executive producer of Meet the Press tweeted that she invited all of the pro-gun senators to appear on last Sunday's show, and none of them agreed to show up.

Look at what happened in Aurora, or Wisconsin or earlier in the week at that mall in Oregon. People who shouldn't be close to a gun are too close to them. Why? Simple: because for eight years, we had a president who was a gun nut himself, and even under his aegis, we had several shooting disasters such as Virginia Tech and the club shooting that took Dimebag Darrell of Pantera away from us. But when it comes to boobies on TV, nooooooooo! We can't have that!

I hope that for the last four years in office, President Obama can convince ESPECIALLY the GOP that gun violence in America must be stopped. He deserves to be a hero for doing something most of his GOP opponents can't even do, and that's care about the affected in Friday's rampage. His tears spoke volumes during his speech Friday. It's time to do something about guns, once and for all.

Guns kill, boobies don't.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

12.13.12 Bee-otch of the Day: WYPV

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Name: WYPV
Age: a few months
Occupation: right-winged BS talk station
Last Seen: Onaway, MI
Bee-otched For: being a waste of 50,000 watts

Oh, great. Northern Michigan has another radio station geared towards people with low IQs.
After several months of stunting with Christmas music, WYPV 106.3, licensed to Onaway in western Presque Isle County has officially began normal broadcasts. But, the programming on the 50,000-watt station is anything but normal.
WYPV’s call letters stand for “We’re Your Patriot Voice”. Yes, the station is wackjob neo-conservative talk 24/7.
Syndicated talk on WYPV includes Mike Huckabee and Mark Levin. But for a station whose signal touches sparsely-populated regions of northern Michigan – i.e. Cheboygan, Rogers City, Pellston and probably a fair signal in Petoskey – they actually carry some local talkers. The local talk on WYPV is mostly from the co-owned website
According to Patriot Voice’s website, “We the People” Have a new way to bring this country back to its conservative roots. We have put together programs to educate, gather ideas and support, and hold our politicians accountable.With your help, we can restore this Country from it’s current situation.”
LOL! “We can restore this country from “it’s” current situation”? Like the fact that under President Obama, joblessness has fallen? Plus the fact that healthcare is improving for millions of Americans thrown under the bus of the current insurance industry? Please.
WYPV is co-owned by Brian Sommerfeld, who owns a tax service in Petoskey and hosts a daily show on the station. Another host, Greg Marshall’s show is also heard on low-rated WMKT 1270 in Petoskey.
You know, I think it’s sad knowing that northern Michigan has a ton of talk radio stations, and none of them want to air shows for ordinary, everyday people like Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz or Mike Malloy. Instead, the Traverse City area is infested with TWO Rush Limbaugh affiliates owned by two people who hate each other, the aforementioned WMKT which has no ratings and WJML which sold out its liberal audience by selling off their sister, WWKK 750 to… The other guy in Traverse City that owns that *other* Rush affiliate.
Oh, and that station? It’s been around since the late 80’s and hasn’t made a dime, no matter the format.
OK, so the cons have an excuse: 106.7 You FM had liberal hosts and it bombed. Yeah, because it mixed Stephanie Miller and Leslie Marshall with second-tier crap from Dennis Miller and Jim Bohannon. In order for a progressive talker to win, it must have pure talk talent and not be a mixed bag. WTCM is a success because Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin share a brain. So do Hartmann, Schultz and the like, but it’s with the people, not big, rich businesspeople.
Northern Michigan radio: man, do we suck.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 54
Occupation: governor of Michigan
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: becoming the worst governor in the history of the state of Michigan

It's official: if you live in Michigan, your boss is smiling a little bigger today.

Last night, just after 5:30 p.m., Governor Rick Snyder signed the extremely controversial Right-to-Work bill, making Michigan the 24th state in the union to have the law. Basically put, RTW will now force union shops to allow non-union workers and have them exempt from paying union dues.

The new law is set to go into effect in the Spring.

Many feel that RTW will do nothing but destroy unions and they're right. RTW states are the lowest-paying in the nation and also lead the way in workplace injuries. However, some like Snyder feel that since big companies - like the Big Three automakers - are setting up plants in RTW states instead of Michigan - the only state to lose population in the past decade. But the $64 billion question is, should a state deeply rooted in unions deunionize itself all in the name of creating jobs, especially those that barely pay the bills?

Bear in mind that Michigan was the birthplace of the automobile industry and the United Auto Workers, which started during the GM sit-down strike of 1936. For decades, working in an automobile factory was a dream come true with good wages, benefits, a college education for the kids, a two-car garage and a nice house in the suburbs. But starting with the Reaganomics of the 1980's, that dream came to a sad end.

Of course, I wasn't born yet when Americans took to the polls and voted in the Gipper in 1980, but I wish I was so I could have voted for Carter. Now, people of my age are screwed over. There's a lot of people around my age who have no choice but to live with mommy and daddy because they can't live on just above minimum wage. Even their parents struggle having them around since they can't afford to pay for themselves.

You see, I'm a not-so-proud member of the working poor myself. Both my grandparents had good-paying union jobs and made enough to support their seven kids. My parents weren't, even though my father worked for the local school system, but as a part-time bus driver. Neither of my parents went to college, so when it came time to my after-school education, I was sent off to a no-name vocational school, kinda like the ones advertised duringMaury or Jerry Springer. A year after I graduated, I finally got in the workforce and a year after I started, I got my first raise.

And that was my only raise.

I've been working at this Mickey Mouse company for 10 years now, and the only thing I have to show for is the fact that I'm not one of those down on my luck, begging for change at Costco. Collective bargaining? HA! Ask for a raise where I work and you're on the boss's shit list. Don't get me wrong, my resume's out there.

Personally, I'd rather pay union dues because I like protection. Where I work, I've had to do things I didn't want to do, but did it anyway. It all pays the same, like it or not.

Look, I didn't vote for Rick Snyder. I knew that when he was saying that he wanted to cut through regulations to create jobs, he meant that he would bring back elements of pre-Great Depression America that forced Americans into low wages and high hours. Already, I work over 50 hours a week and am squeaking by like most of us. With Snyder's new law passed, it could mean the end of unions and more people would see less in their paychecks while the boss goes on vacation #14 this year.

I wish that Jennifer Granholm wasn't term limited out of office. You see, she was this state's governor for Dubya's last six years in office and his policies helped kill this state. When Obama became president, the two helped the auto industry survive and put this state back on track. However, Granholm spent most of her eight years in office cleaning up the mess John Engler made in 12. Now, it's a shame that Granholm is now a media sensation with her boisterous speech at this year's DNC and her show on Current TV, The War Room. But sadly, we're now stuck with a dumbass governor who was responsible for running Gateway Computers into the ground, and is definitely going to do the same for Michigan.

But that's the truth, Michigan. You want shit and you get shit. You think that unions and poor black folks in Detroit are all thugs and you vote for the man who'll get rid of both. His policies are against the worker and the black person, just ask anybody living in Benton Harbor. If you go to somebody's house and complain about how they live, then don't go there, right? Same thing with any other town and city. Don't like it? Don't go there!

The only good news is that we only got two more years of the Nerd, and I hope we can get another Democrat in office in 2016. Not even with 12,000 people protesting his bill in Lansing Tuesday, did it prevent him from reconsidering. He's a company man who stands up for the Devoses and Van Andels and not the working men and women of the world. I hope he's happy that he's now the worst governor in Michigan history and has done an even more wonderful job tearing this state apart.

Like Gateway beget to Acer, maybe Michigan will do the same with China.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12.11.12 Bee-otch of the Day: PSY

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Name: Park Jae-sang
Age: 34
Occupation: Korean rapper
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: hating America North Korean style

It's hard to believe it, but just a few short months ago, PSY became an overnight sensation when the video for his song "Gangnam Style" became the most-viewed video in YouTube history.

Now, he's going to join a club that nobody wants to really join: the One-Hit Wonders Club.

Last week, it was announced that the South Korean rapper had so far pocketed over $8 million from that single alone, which is quite impressive. But eight years ago when he was known only to his natives, he wrote and performed a song that attacked our nation's soldiers.

The song, "Dear American" had the rapper singing the lyrics "kill the Yankees' daughters, mothers, daughters in law and fathers" because of the 2004 murder of a South Korean missionary because they refused to support the Iraqi War. Many of those who support our troops are now calling President Obama to stop a concert from the now-embattled entertainer for making such anti-American remarks.

Now, I don't support Bush's fake wars, either, but to call for the murders of our troops is a little harsh. Yeah, he's apologized alright, but goddamnit, that "Gangam Style" song is annoying! Personally, it's the 2nd-worst song of 2012, right between "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen and this. I hope once that song ends its run, North Korea will bomb his country.... Oops...

Maybe he'll re-record "I'm So Ronery" from Team America. :)

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