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2011 Bee-otch of the Year

Chuck69.com presents...
Since 1999, Chuck69.com has prided itself on (dis)honoring those who made bad decisions and make people's lives miserable. Normally, we have you, the reader, vote for Bee-otch of the Year.

However, since we now archive our Bee-otches on Blogspot, we can track viewers, pageviews and so forth. We're going to hand the great honor of Bee-otch of the Year to the most-read story from our site.

Without further adieu...

Late last year, a court in New York state ruled that the FCC does not have the authority to slam TV stations with fines for nudity after the agency handed over Notices of Apparent Liability to 45 ABC-TV stations over an old episode of NYPD Blue. In the episode, Charlotte Ross is totally naked, primarily showing her bare butt along with some sideboob and even the part of the pubis that you might be able to show on TV without truly scaring the censors. Since the show aired at 9 p.m. in the Central and Mountain time zones, it was during the FCC's so-called "safe harbor" zone, meaning that it aired during a time children were watching. However, the court ruled that the FCC doesn't have a real rule for nudity, and now, the FCC's indecency laws are under the Supreme Court microscope.

Earlier this year, the second-largest city in Michigan was in an uproar over a Newsweek article that called the city one of the ten "dying cities in America". In a decade, Grand Rapids lost 5% of its population, a ton of jobs and even an increase in crime. So, what does the city do? Simple: a LipDub video that was funded in part by Amway. Yet, the video didn't create jobs, or even stop Rodrick Dantzler's rampage through the city in July.

The now-former media giant was Bee-otched several times in March. The first time was for the revelation by former WMMQ 94.9 Lansing morning man Rich Michaels that the company was screwing him and other jocks over by forcing them into a non-compete so if they get fired, they wouldn't be able to make any money in their own hometown. Another time was for exploiting the death of high school basketball star Wes Leonard by airing his team's first game after his death, prompting high ad revenue and ratings for their WBBL and lastly, for the fact that their financial troubles prompted Cumulus Broadcasting to buy them out. Although Cumulus is nowhere near perfect, at least a lot of good has come out, such as the fact that Michaels - now Rich Minaya - is now handling afternoons on WIOD 610 in Miami and that Matt Hanlon didn't survive the merger.

One of the most-shocking stories that came out of the west Michigan media was the fact that longtime WOOD-TV 8 standby Susanne Geha was shown the door. Nobody knows the true story as to why WOOD-TV canned the legendary news diva after a combined over 30 years at the station (minus 1978-1983 when she was at WXYZ-TV Detroit), but some speculate that age and money played huge roles. Thankfully, Geha has somewhat landed on her feet, speaking at functions and occasionally appearing on crosstown WZZM-13. WOOD, however, is still #1 in the ratings, even with unlikable personalities like Terri The Whor-er, DeBoer.

The most-evil media company of them all was one sick little bitch in 2011. Not only did they fire hundreds of DJs for cheap satellite-fed programming, but they also played hardball with a small Detroit radio station. The station, 104.7 The Oasis was a small translator station that didn't even cover most of Detroit. However, CC got mad over the fact that the station did interfere with one of their stations in Toledo, Jurassic rock station WIOT. They cried to the FCC and won. Thankfully, the smooth jazz station's owner, Martz Communications, is planning to find another spot for The Oasis, which still broadcasts at 107.5 HD-2.

The most-controversial Bee-otch this year was that of 17-year-old Robert Schwander, the son of a sheriff's deputy in Traverse City, MI who killed innocent 16-year-old Carly Lewis. A troubled teen, Schwander was left homeless and lived in a makeshift shack in a gravel pit. Many of you felt that I was being too tough on Robert, now spending a 40-to-70-year jail term for Lewis' murder. But, a spade is a spade.

The Summer of 2011 was the season the music died. The only full-service rock stations in New York and Chicago, WRXP and WKQX "Q101" respectively, both signed off and flipped to all-news because Homel started a company, Merlin Media that bought out both stations. Since then, both stations have sunk in the ratings and, well, Homel got busted for drunk driving.

The satellite radio giant had an iffy year in 2011. Of course, Howard Stern's suing them over back pay, but at the same time, they're spending millions to bring back Studio 54. They replaced the much-loved BBC Radio 1 channel with the Studio 54 channel, angering listeners. Even worse, they took off Radio 1 the same week riots erupted in England. So, instead of getting updates on the riots, we got to hear some pile of shit from the late great Sylvester only nine people care about.

Many of you readers were angered over this woman doing something so sick: stealing the dog of three teens with disabilities. Rincher was an aide to a family of 16-year-old triplets - two sons with MS and a daughter with scoliosis - in Long Island who noticed that their new Havanese puppy was stolen. Richer denied any wrong-doing, but when one of the kids saw that she was "dogsitting" on her Facebook status, the cops were called, and the dog was rescued.

Some good news and bad news: the good news was that Matt Hanlon, the idiot responsible for screwing over Howard Stern and hard rock fans in Grand Rapids, was fired. When Cumulus and Citadel merged, Hanlon wasn't included in the package. Sadly, however, Townsquare, the owners of WGRD, WFGR and a few others, hired him and is now an ad man for the company. Pray that he doesn't weasel his way back into management.

The once-popular Grand Rapids Mexican eatery got thrown into a sea of controversy when its manager ordered a family with a service dog to move him to the lobby because it was shedding hair. The German Shepard, named Spruce services a Gulf War vet who suffers seizures and is trained to bark repeatedly if he collapsed. The manager was interviewed and stood by her decision to bar the dog from entering the restaurant. But, it was an overall bad decision: Don Julio's closed only weeks after the incident.

Sandy is the music teacher in Traverse City, MI who made headlines when she took out the word "gay" from "Deck the Halls" and replaced it with "bright" as in "don we now our bright apparel". True, it would stop a young kid from laughing, but it would also teach them that censorship is good.


So, who am be de Bee-otch of the Year? Tune in Friday, 1/6/11 to find out!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chuck69.com's Heroes of the Year: the Occupy Movement

-------------------THE 2011 HEROES OF THE YEAR! 

Names: various
Ages: various
Occupations: various
Last Seen: everywhere
Awarded For: participating in the Occupy movement
If you read my Facebook or Twitter posts, I said that my final Bee-otch of the Day was going to be personal.

But, since I'm in a (somewhat) good mood, I'll hold it off for now. ;)

Next Tuesday, we're going to start honoring (dishonoring?) the losers who are all nominated for Bee-otch of the Year. But today, we're going to honor the people who made the most-positive difference in the world in 2011.

And that, in my honorable opine, is none other than those who played a role in the Occupy movement.

The midterm elections last year proved brutal with the House getting taken over by Republicans and many states getting Republican governors, such as this one. In just one year's time, the Republicans are back to their old tricks, giving belly rubs to their rich buddies, exactly like they did in 2008. Big banks like Chase and Citibank got some of the biggest asskissings in history, and we, the taxpayers paid for it.

Oddly enough, the Occupy movement was the idea of Canadians. But, a small group of Americans took the idea and made it their own. From that small gathering, hundreds joined, and now, there's Occupy protestors walking all over the earth, simply asking for the 1% to help out the 99%.

In the beginning, the media was shockingly silent on the whole idea, and the Facebook and Twitters of the world ended up buzzing about it, and soon enough, the NBCs, CBSs, ABCs, Foxes, CNNs and other news outlets of the world just had to make it the top story. Although sadly, they made the protestors look extremely violent and aggressive at times, most of the protestors were peaceful humans marching for peace.

Tragically, corporate America has sank their claws into the movement. Remember when a ton of protestors were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge? Part of it was due to a heavily-funded police force thanks in part to JPMorganChase. Obviously, that company wants to turn the movement into something that's invisible. But, it didn't work.

Sadly, in the end, big corporations are still getting their cheese and even worse, President Obama has been strangely silent on the issue. But then again, this is Winter and well, who wants to sleep in a tent when it's only 30 degrees outside? But, when Spring comes around, America better watch out. The movement will be back, stronger than ever. The people running for president better beef things up or else revolution will rear its ugly head.

To anybody who played a role in the movement, thank you. You stand up for the one thing ALL Americans need and that's freedom. The antics of the wealthy have sunk us all to a new low financially and even spiritually. Yes, the Glenn Becks of the world have called you and other savages for your beliefs, but then again, they've never been poor in their lives.

When the snow melts, the voices will rise again.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12.21.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 53
Occupation: failed CEO
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: the probable sounds of silence
Interestingly enough, I have a step-grandfather who loves right-winged talk radio. His favorite type of music? He doesn't care.

That's right! Somebody who doesn't care about any type of music, period, and he blames all the world's ills on the liberals.

Sounds like Rick Snyder to me.

Earlier this year, I wrote about a school district in northern Michigan - Forest Area, which basically consists of Fife Lake and South Boardman - who eliminated their music program due to the severe cuts to schools created by newly-elected governor pRick Snyder.

Now, another school district might have to cut part of their music program: my ala mater.

That's right! Elk Rapids High School might have to cut their popular Zero Hour Jazz Lab due to Snyder's cuts. David McKeon, the school's music teacher told local NBC affiliate WPBN that all their funding was cut last May and is working diligently to keep the now-struggling program afloat.

Their lifeline? A CD.

The disc - sold at the High School - features performances by the 20-piece group, which meets at 6:50 a.m. every morning. The Lab itself is a full-credit class and has been an ERHS tradition for years.

I was a student of Mr. McKeon's throughout my Middle and High School years. I fondly remember when the High Schoolers ran across the street with their instruments to the Middle School since their band room was used for both schools (the Middle School was the old High School). In 1996, while I was a Freshman, the new - and spacious - band room in the High School was finally erected, ending the days of running through the blizzard just to play for our grades.

Seeing the band program getting downgraded in 15 years because of Snyder's cost-cutting antics is not just a slap in the face to Elk Rapids - pop. 1,600 - but also McKeon, who has helped his bands win awards. Nothing like Snyder willing to do anything to please his rich buddies while the teens in Elk Rapids might end up with one less creative outlet.

I'll be fair. Since Snyder became governor last January, yeah, he's done some failed union busting (almost firing the union caretakers at the Grand Rapids Vets Home, which was overruled by a judge), taken over a mostly-black city for the sake of its mostly-white twin town (Benton Harbor) and has risen taxes for the poor and giving it to his wealthy buddies. However, Snyder has signed a few good bills, one for helping out poor people with their heating bills and another that prevents school bullying.

Is a D- too conservative for Snyder? I think not.

As an ERS student, I remembered some of the problems they faced throughout my tenure as a student. Some of the reasons were due to budget problems and IMO, the fact that there's a ton of retirees in the area who didn't want to pay taxes. Elk Rapids is a conservative town politically and yes, financially at times.

I know, the High School got a major remodeling in the late 90's, and since I graduated, the schools have gotten major, MAJOR facelifts. I almost fainted looking at the new football stadium for the first time. But that's progress. Sadly, some of that's going to waste thanks to Snyder's antics.

In the end, he'll be one and done. He'll cry that Michigan's coming back, but that's only because Bush is out of office. Ever notice that when Clinton was president, Michigan was a kick-ass state? Really. During the Bush years, that faded to a memory. After all, one state had to get all the problems while Mississippi started building Toyotas at $8 per hour. To hell with unions, let's go right to work and while were at it, force the middle class into being the working poor. Gotta love that Bush! Ya gotta love a man whose stupidity forced us into Iraq and cost us over $800 billion.

Thankfully, the troops are home. However, they'll have one less band to see if not enough people buy their CDs.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12.20.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Kim Jong-il

Name: Kim Jong-il
Age: deceased; was 69
Occupation: dictator
Last Seen: in Hell
Bee-otched For: being another dead guy we all hated

Yes, it must be so ronry getting poked by pitchforks, living in a sea of fire and having Satan's cock up your ass at all times.

It was made official on Sunday night by the North Korean government that long-time dictator Kim Jong-il passed away from a heart attack at the age of 69. Jong-il ran the country for 17 years, preceeding his father, Kim Il-Sung. The elder Kim was made eternal president of the communist nation, which was founded shortly after the end of World War II.

Under his rule, Kim Jong-il virtually enslaved his own people and was looked on as one of the worst leaders of any nation on earth. He threatened to attack any nation he wanted, and the U.S. was one of his targets. He would fire test missles, hoping for an invasion of America.

Thankfully, the attacks never happened. However, since his family's ruled North Korea since 1948, it might be under his and his father's aegis for a while. Already, his 27-year-old son Kim Jong-un has been named as a noted successor.

If 2011 were to be known for something, it would be the deaths of some of the world's worst leaders with Jong-il dying with Osama bin Laden and Mummar Kahdaffi. Sadly, however, the job's not done. There's still lots of evil people out there that we need to fight against.

And one of those people is:


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Monday, December 19, 2011

12.19.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Parents Television Council

Name: Parents Television Council (and other religious groups)
Age: 16
Occupation: dictator wannabes
Last Seen: Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA
Bee-otched For: thinking that Howard Stern doesn't have "talent"


It's official: Howard Stern is going to change the face of television... Again.

Last Thursday, it was announced that the King of All Media will be replacing the outgoing Piers Morgan as a judge on the NBC show America's Got Talent. He'll be sitting alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel as they judge people on, well, talent.

AGT is traditionally a family-friendly show on the same lines as American Idol and other shows in the same vein on TV. Howard's a huge fan of the show, and always wanted to be a judge. Some do wonder if going from crass shock jock to judge would ever work.

Of course, the Parents Television Council isn't too happy. When news broke out about Stern being on the show, president Tim Winter called NBC's move to sign him on as a sign of despiration for the failing network. After all, this is the same network that gave us the failed The Playboy Club.

In response, Stern said on Piers' failing CNN show that the PTC thinks that he's trying to turn Americans into sex-crazed zombies. Also, he told Morgan that he'll keep his schtick clean and will take his post seriously.

So far, no affiliates have announced that they were yanking AGT over Stern; after all, Salt Lake's KSL-TV - owned by the Mormon Church - did not air The Playboy Clubover the fact that in their eyes, the magazine that modeled the show is pornographic and destroys families.

Look. George Carlin gave us The Seven Dirty Words and yet he was the star of a PBS kids show, Shining Time Station. Richard Pryor was one of the dirtiest comics ever, but he did a kids movie in 1982, The Toy. True, AGT's not really a kids show, so why should the PTC complain?

The answer's plain and simple: they're nothing more than attention whores, plain and simple. Look at the controversy surrounding All-American Muslim. Many are mad at Lowe's for pulling their spots on that show, and feel that it's over biased hatred caused by the right-winged religious hate groups that pressure companies in hopes of supporting their views. The PTC claims to be non-partisan only because Joe Lieberman was once on their advisory board of mainly right-winged weirdos, failed entertainers and employees of the PAX Network.

Oh, and speaking of the PAX Network, what happened to that? Simple: it disappeared due to poor ratings. What's left of that is now the ion Network and even that's useless. Heck, they now air UFC fights! Point is, nobody truely cares about "family-friendly" programming, and the ratings proved it. The PTC claims to have 12,000 members, which is less than 1% of the population. In the end, the PTC is nothing more than a fringe group, like the KKK who don't want freedom, period.

In the end, the viewers (and sadly, the advertisers) will prevail.


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