Thursday, July 28, 2011

7.28.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Michele Bachmann


Name: Michele Bachmann
Age: 55
Occupation: Congresswoman (R-MN)
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: praying the gay teens away

I don't care what Obama does in the next 15 months, I'd rather re-elect him over voting for this bitch.

Michele Bachmann has proven to the world that she's nothing more than a bitch who's praying the gay away. How she became a congresswoman is beyond me, but then again, some people are just stupid. Bachmann has one of the strongest anti-gay stances of any politician, and it's having a negative effect on her district.

In the past two years, nine teens who have attended the Anoka-Hennepin school district have committed suicide because of bullying. These teens were gay, or rumored to be gay. State health officials even labeled the district a "suicide contagion area". One of the girls was Samantha Johnson, who was just 13 when she was shot herself to death in the family bathtub. Her mother told Mother Jones Magazine that she wishes that she never moved to the area from North Dakota, and that she cries when the school bus passes her house. Samantha was often teased for the fact that she was a tomboy with short hair, manly clothes and the fact that she was chubby.

Samantha often sought refuge with other students who were teased, some of whom were gay. She, along with several students even begged Fred Moore Middle School to start a gay/straight alliance club, but the district balked. The group finally held their first meeting November 2009 just after Samantha's death.

One reason for the balking was due to Anoka-Hennepin bowing to the religious right. In the mid-90's, the district banned their staff from talking about homosexuality, even in regards to sex education and AIDS. They don't even want their teachers to talk about it being normal. The policies were put in place in part due to several religious groups like the Minnesota Family Council, who are huge supporters of Bachmann's. They've even promoted putting materials in schools that they claim that would prevent people from being gay, similar to the infamous "pray away the gay" programs Michele's husband Marcus has at his clinics.

One member of the MFC, Barb Johnson claimed that the GSA clubs would promote homosexuality; she even told a local newspaper that they would promote sexual activity that would increase the chances of getting AIDS.

Last year, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) launched their "Day of Silence" at schools across the country after Samantha's death and others. But, surprise! The Jebus freaks created the "Day of Truth", where Christian teens encourage LGBT teens to turn their lives around because in their feeble little minds, God hate fags.

15-year-old Justin Aaberg was one of the gay teens who was preached to. According to his mother, another student told him that he was going to hell because he was gay. It sparked depression in him, and hanged himself last summer. After his death, his mother learned that the MFC distributed t-shirts to students promoting the event. Sadly, Aaberg attended Anoka High School, which is ironically Bachmann's alma mater.

Now, the Justice Department and the Department of Education are investigating the district for allegations of anti-gay bullying, and the Southern Law Poverty Center is suing them for a policy that is unconstitutional.

Thankfully, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has introduced legislation that would force schools to protect gay students. Many Democrats (er, Democratic-Farmer-Laborer) have been supportive of anti-bullying legislation while Bachmann has kept her mouth shut.

You see, Bachmann is nothing more than a tool for the religious right. They're all funding her because they want a bigger Jebus freak in office than Reagan or even Bush. Tragically, we know what the end's gonna be: the right gets richer while the middle class ends up in a clusterfuck. Hell, Clinton wasn't the most holier than thou of all the presidents and he left the White House with a surplus that was squandered by Bush II and his cronies. If Michele Bachmann becomes president, God help us.

Pray away the gay? How about pray away the skank?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7.27.11 Bee-otch of the Day: "Huge" Bill Simonson's advertisers


Names: various
Ages: various
Occupation: businesses
Last Seen: mostly in Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: still advertising on The Huge Show

Well, I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that the Grand Rapids Arbitron ratings for Spring have been embargoed due to a radio station owner not subscribing to the book. However, thanks to Free Beer and Hot Wings, the truth is marching on.

On last Friday's show on WGRD 97.9, the trio - also counting Eric Zane - used their text-to-speech "Robot" character that they've ripped off from Stern to rip "Huge" Bill Simonson a new one. "Robot" read the afternoon ratings breakdown between the morbidly obese butt buddy of Citadel GM Matt Hanlon on 107.3 WBBL and the massively-rising Sean, Terp and Killer over at Clear Channel's ESPN 96.1, and the people have spoken: Huge is sinking.

Amongst males 18-34, Sean, Terp and Killer are 2nd place while Huge is tied for 8th place. STK are also 2nd for males 18-49 while Huge is 6th and STK is 3rd for the money demo of males 25-54 while Huge is 6th.

After the ratings readouts, Robot asked Brann's Steakhouse owner Tommy Brann why he's still advertising on Huge's low-rated piece of shit. And ya know what? I'm wondering that myself. Same goes with Meijer, Miller Lite, Metro Health, Beene Garter, Auto Value Auto Parts Stores, Soaring Eagle Casinos and Celebration Cinemas. Oh! Both Amway and Fox Motors are HUGE sponsors of his, and both are co-owned by the DeVos family.

But hey, I don't see either Dan Pfeiffer Lincoln or Little Caesars on the list. Maybe they've grown a brain!

I love the fact that Hanlon killed WKLQ to bring WBBL to the FM. After all, he thought he was saving his investment in Huge, especially after he got the word that Clear Channel was going to kill Radio X 9-6-1 for ESPN. Sports talk on a 50KW FM stick will kill one that's 1KW AM *snap* like that. Yeah, WBBL might have all the Detroit teams plus the Whitecaps, but guess what? Clear Channel made the right move by getting an alternative to that fat loser. The shocking thing is that 96.1 virtually has no advertising budget for STK, yet you still hear Huge doing promos inside Meijer and on the big screen at Celebration Cinema.

End result? Huge is STK's bitch. BIG TIME.

I think I'll do my part and avoid shopping at ANY place that financially supports Huge. I find it funny that Meijer will promote the shit out of this fat twat, yet they avoid anything with Howard Stern's name on it. Hell, I've never seen Baba Booey's book being sold there, and it was a New York Times bestseller. I also find it sad that Celebration Cinema virtually owns the Grand Rapids theatre market, and the closest non-Loeks O&O to me is the AMC Star over on Alpine (which, ironically was founded by Jack Loeks' son, Bernie). Thanks to the internet, I'll do the right thing and download any first-run flick off of my P2P thingy for free. It'll be $9 the Loeks won't be using to fund that fat fuck.

Tragically, even though STK is the lesser of two evils, they still work for Satan, Clear Channel. It's one reason why I've never listened to their show, the other being that I'm at work when they're on. Yeah, like I'll support a company that uses Janet Jackson's tit as an excuse to dump Stern (and at last check, still owes him millions) and insults the intelligence of the average radio listener with Rush Limbaugh and Lonesome Rhodes Glenn Beck. But, in all fairness, I wish them the best.

And judging by their ratings, they don't need me.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7.26.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Glenn Beck


Name: Glenn Beck
Age: 47
Occupation: long-lost descendent of Lonesome Rhodes
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: comparing victims of the Norway shooting to Hitler

Once again, if you *actually* agree with what Beck says, chances are that your IQ is well below room temperature.

On his show Monday, Lonesome Rhodes Beck - and yes, I watch Keith Olbermann daily - made an idiotic statement on his show, which he does daily. But this time, he's taken the cake.

In a statement, Beck compared the 68 dead Norwegian teens to the Hitler youth of the 1930's. During the Holocaust, the Nazis ran youth camps for children, which taught them their way of life. The Norwegian teens all attended a camp run by the Labour Party, and yes, in Beck's mind, liberals and Nazis are all the same.

Yeah, well, guess who gunned down those teens? A right-winged fundamentalist Christian. Guess who's also a right-winged fundamentalist Christian? Glenn Beck! (yeah, I know that he's Mormon.) Guess who else? HITLER!

Let's bear in mind that the man responsible for the rampage, Anders Breivik was a huge fan of far-right literature. It wouldn't surprise me if Beck was a personal favorite of his. Brievik was also anti-semetic, just like Adolf.

The tragedy is that Beck showed no support for anybody who was affected by this rampage. I know that they had different political leanings than that of his, but they were still human, young and willing to appreciate how politics worked. But, no. Liberal to Beck = evil, even though The John Birch Society had camps back in the day. Lonesome seemed to side more with the killer than the teens.

One of my followers said it right: the FCC needs to cancel the licenses of stations that air his show. It's hate speech, plain and simple. Thankfully, many markets have canned his show, including New York, Philadelphia, Madison and the whole state of Connecticut, but there's a few hundred left to go.  

But, hey, at least he's off Fox News Channel.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

7.25.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Anders Breivik


Name: Anders Breivik
Age: 32
Occupation: businessman
Last Seen: in a Norway jail
Bee-otched For: being another right-winged religious wacko

Not every right-winged wacko listens to Rush Limbaugh and watches Fox News Channel.

Some are, just, well, even weirder.

Last Friday, the country of Norway by two terrorist attacks, one outside the governmental center and another on an island youth camp. So far, 93 people have died, most of them were campers.

The first attack was a bombing at Oslo's governmental center outside of the office of prime minister Jens Stoltenberg when a bomb was placed inside a Volkswagen. Seven people died and many more were injured. Windows were blown out of the PM's office and some buildings were damaged. Just two hours later, another massacre happened at a youth camp owned by Norway's Labor Party on Utoya Island. A man dressed like a guard opened fire at the teens, killing 86. Some of the killed were friends of Stoltenberg.

The perpetrator was 32 year old Anders Behring Breivik, a businessman who is well-known for his far-right-winged views, but spiritually and politically. Breivik's parents divorced when he was just a baby, and his own father - who now lives in Paris - hasn't spoken to him since he was 16. On the internet, he published a book called 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence on the same day of the attacks. Oddly enough, much of the book was cut and pasted from Unibomber Ted Kaczynski's manifesto. While interrogated, Breivik claimed to be a member of a group called the Knights Templar, a group that claims to be a an "anti-terrorist" group fighting whom they view as "Muslims", which he revealed in his manifesto as black people.

According to his Facebook page, Breivik revealed to be an admirer of Winston Churchill and right-winged politician Geert Wilders. He also is a revered conservative Christian, but also a fan of violent video games and the TV show Dexter, which is about a serial killer.

Ultimately, he was targeting Stoltenberg and his friends mainly due to the fact that he's an outspoken atheist.

Ya know, I love the fact that the media, not just here in America, but worldwide is leaning so far to the right that it's causing people, even in other countries to act stupid. Remember the abortion doctor who was assassinated in his own church? The man who killed him was an outspoken fan of The 700 Club. Many of America's far-right ideals have escaped this great nation and are causing people to hate everybody but themselves. I've read a few of Breivik's biographies and it doesn't mention any relationships with women. Just what I thought: give a man a woman and his stress reduces, especially if the relationship is sexual. Give a man a gun, though, and he'll shoot everything in sight.

I hope this prick gets life in jail or even the death penalty. Who knows? If I'm not mistaken, Norway doesn't have strong murder laws. I could be right, I could be wrong.

Just another holier-than-thou Christian doing God's work... 

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

7.21.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Rupert Murdoch


Name: Rupert Murdoch
Age: 80
Occupation: media twat
Last Seen: England
Bee-otched For: outfoxing Fox

Poor Uncle Rupert. His media empire's going down the tubes.

Kinda like the man whom he named his media empire after.

We all know Rupert Murdoch as the man whose company, News Corporation owns 20th Century Fox, along with the Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News Channel, Fox this and Fox that. But, ever wondered how that company ended up with that strange name that Jim Morrison once dug?

The company was partially named for William Fox, who was born in 1879 in Hungary as Vilmos Fried. At nine months, he and his family moved to America where his name was Americanized to William Fox. He owned a textile business until 1904, which he sold to purchase his first nickelodeon movie theatre. Fox loved movies so much that he started making them himself in the early 1910's. In 1915, he created Fox Film Corporation, which was based in Fort Lee, NJ but had studios in Edendale, Los Angeles.

Fox started becoming a player in the film business, especially after they signed a young actress named Theda Bara to a lucrative contract in 1915 that lasted until 1919. In 1917, the company made what would be Bara's most popular film, Cleopatra. Her outfits in the film were quite revealing, especially for 1917.

Fox was also a pioneer; in 1927, they came up with the Movietone process, which is where a film's soundtrack is on the film itself. It rivaled with Warner Bros.' Vitaphone, where the soundtrack was on a record. Theatre owners all agreed that Fox's process was much better in terms of stability and sound quality.

Despite his success, Fox was going to lose it all. In 1929, he bought up part of Loew's Incorporated, which owned MGM. Angry, studio chief Louis B. Mayer - a diehard Republican - used his political powers to stop Fox. He persuaded the Justice Department to sue Fox for antitrust violations. Even worse, Fox was badly injured in an auto accident and by the time he recovered in late 1929, he was broke. The Stock Market Crash wiped his finances dry. Because of his failing finances, he was forced out of his own company and struggled to strive off bankruptcy for the next six years.

At his bankruptcy hearing in 1936, Fox bribed the judge and committed perjury. He was sentenced to six months in jail. Fox agreed to stay out of bankruptcy by selling off the remaining interests of his company and exited the film business for good. The year before, Fox merged with a small independent studio called 20th Century Pictures to become 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. 20th Century was run by producers Darryl F. Zanuck and Joseph Schenck, silent actor Raymond Griffith and former Fox head William Goetz who was also the son in law of Louis B. Mayer. Not only that, Mayer also helped fund the new studio.

When Fox was let go from the newly-formed company, he left the business for good. To make matters worse, in 1937, a massive fire erupted at the old Fox Film vault in New Jersey, destroying most of William Fox's work. Most of the company's silents were destroyed in the blaze, including the only known prints of Cleopatra and almost every film Theda Bara starred in. Even a few early Movietone films were lost, some of the very few sound films that were lost, period. Some Fox silents still exist, such as the recently-discovered 1927 John Ford-directed Upstream, another 1927 film, Sunrise - which also was the first to use Movietone - and 1916's Raoul Walsh-directed Regeneration(although there's a few sequences of severe nitrate deterioration).

William Fox died in 1952 at the age of 73. Not a single film producer came to his funeral.

Of course, Rupert Murdoch bought out 20th Century Fox in 1985 and moved to America so he could buy up Metromedia's old TV stations to create the Fox Network. He used the right-winged BS he created in other countries like England to spread it to America. How? By using the Fox name. Today, people associate Fox with Murdoch and his lies rather than the poor young Hungarian boy who worked hard since he was eight years old only to lose it all because of a rich Republican named Louis B. Mayer. At least Fox should be happy to know that MGM - unlike 20th Century Fox - actually went through bankruptcy.

It's too bad that thanks to Murdoch's moronic use of journalism, the lion and the fox might end up one and the same.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7.20.11 Bee-otch of the Day: The City of Grand Rapids


Name: Grand Rapids
Age: 185
Occupation: second-largest city in Michigan
Last Seen: southwest Michigan
Bee-otched For: having one less Big Boy

As Chris Rock once said, "every city has at least two malls: the mall white people go to, and the mall the white people used to go to."

Grand Rapids has the distinction of having five malls: the one white people go to (Rivertown), the one whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics and just about every other ethnicity goes to (Woodland), the one rich snobs go to (Breton Village), the one some people go to (Centerpointe)...

...And yes, the one the white people used to go to, which is Rogers Plaza.

When Rogers Plaza opened in 1960, it was considered Grand Rapids' first modern mall. It had a Kresge's, a two-story Montgomery Ward, a Kroger and right across the street, its anchor, Rogers Department Store.

51 years later, Rogers Plaza is a shadow of its former self. Kresge's and Ward's both closed, Kroger - and their other west Michigan stores - all closed decades ago and even its namesake, Rogers went out of business years ago. Klingman's Furniture even relocated from Centerpointe Mall to the old Rogers store only to shutter a short time later.

At least the plaza still has a supermarket, a Family Fare, which is almost weird since Duthler's is also next door.

True, Rogers Plaza *does* have some stores, like Officemax, Big Lots, MC Sports and AJ Wright, but that's it. I was there a few years ago while my car was being worked on down the street, and I have no reason to return. It was dead and boring. Nothing but lame stores, empty storefronts and a few service-based places like the Secretary of State office and the Post Office. There's even a few places that attract derelicts, like a cash advance outlet and a cut-rate auto insurer called Alf Insurance, perfect for the loser with 10 or more DUIs.

Now, there's one less reason to go to Rogers Plaza: the Big Boy is gone.

After 28 years, the Big Boy at Rogers Plaza shut its doors, citing poor business and the financial decay of the 28th Street corridor in Wyoming. The area is chock-full of abandoned businesses and buildings and an illicit way of life bombarded with drugs and violence.

However, Big Boy's presence is alive and well in the city; they recently opened up a new location on 28th Street across from Woodland.

It's also a reason why the once-innovative Studio 28 - which made headlines in 1988 when it became the first-ever 20-screen megaplex - closed down. Crime is up in that area and people would rather go to Loeks' other theatres in the Grand Rapids area instead of risking life and limb just to see a movie there.

Yeah, I understand. I'm technically talking about Wyoming and not Grand Rapids. But still, it's pathetic that I live in an area that only wants to talk about the good part of town - ie downtown - and film a LipDub video in it while there's crime and corruption everywhere else. Let's not forget where the soon-to-be-demolished GM plant is: yep, Wyoming.

If Grand Rapids and its sister towns like Kentwood and Wyoming can come together to lure business to the area, that's awesome. I'd like to move around. However, nobody's hiring here, and I'm considering moving on.

As for Rogers Plaza, I think if more business came to town, they should remodel it so it doesn't look like shit. Personally, I think they should go the "lifestyle center" route if you ask me. An insurance company that shares its name with a TV alien and the lead singer of Yaz won't make me drive 10 miles to visit.

Yet another reason why I think that Newsweek article's right.     

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7.19.11 Bee-otch of the Day: some idiot from Africa handing out books by Sun Myung Moon at Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids


Name: some African dude
Age: probably in his early 30's
Occupation: unknown
Last Seen: in front of Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: being a Moonie

On Sunday, I decided to beat the heat by heading to my local mall, Woodland in Grand Rapids.

There, I enjoyed a lemonade chiller from Dairy Queen and enjoyed giving my AC a rest at home. Walking out, the only thing I had in my hand was the cup 1/4 full of DQ goodness.

And before I hit the parking lot, I ended up with a big, 6X9 inch, 350-page book in my hands.

While walking out of the Sears entrance of the store, an African man approached me with the book. He basically told me that it was about God and finding Christ in your life. He also pointed to the page featuring his e-mail address and phone number if I wanted to talk to him.

Yeah, like I want to talk to a man who speaks little English and hard to understand. Sadly, Grand Rapids has too many of those as-is. But even worse, the book is none other than a pile of horseshit from that Korean guy who claims that he talked to Jesus at age 16.

Yep! It's As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, the latest book by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Now 91 years old, he's still writing books, throwing mass weddings and yes, still the owner of the far-right-leaning Washington Times. He even mentioned the paper in the book, in which Reagan's Secretary of State Alexander Haig called "a balanced view of history that is neither right or left, and show us the way forward."

Now, I've peacemealed through some sections of this book, and it appears to be a book of peace and love. One part talks about how he predicted that in 1975 an interracial black man would be President of the United States, and he was right. It's too bad that his paper and his church all support Anti-Obama causes like Liberty University and even the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

You know, I don't care if you're religious or not, just keep it to yourself. Moonies and Jehovah's Witnesses are cultists alike and I fucking hate it when they jump in my face and sell their crap in my face. What's even worse is that Moon's book is free or else I would be selling it on Craig's List for $20 (hey, I need the money).

I know, this guy doesn't know any better. He's just another lost soul who was probably dragged into this nonsense by another Moonie and so forth. But, I know the truth. Jesus didn't even come to Sun Myung Moon. He's just telling this story to make a quick buck like his old butt buddies like Pat Robertson and every other idiot on TBN.

Oh, and this guy's email is and his phone number's 616.334.0042.     

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