Thursday, November 3, 2011

11.3.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Sinclair Broadcast Group


Name: Sinclair Broadcast Group
Age: 40
Occupation: broadcast giant
Last Seen: Hunt Valley, MD
Bee-otched For: making Grand Rapids' CBS affiliate unwatchable

As I mentioned not too long ago, I recently dumped cable.

Thankfully, I can get almost all the local channels and their subchannels. I can get my local NBC, Fox, ABC and a few other channels.

However, I can't get my local CBS station, WWMT channel 3. Their signal sucks. But, that doesn't matter, because I'm boycotting them.

It was announced yesterday that the cash-strapped owner of WWMT, Freedom Communications, is selling out to Sinclair Broadcast Group for $385 million. The deal will include eight stations including another Michigan station, Lansing ABC station WLAJ.

Sinclair already owns one other Michigan station, Flint Fox affiliate WSMH. As usual, the buyout awaits FCC and shareholder approval.

Sadly, this is the same Sinclair that ordered all of their stations in 2004 to air a slanderous documentary about then-presidential candidate John Kerry and even ordered all of their ABC stations to pull an episode of Nightline because it showcased those killed in the Iraq war. Not too long ago, Sinclair even had their stations air a horrifically untrue infomercial that tried to tie President Obama to extremist groups.

Without a doubt, Sinclair is a far-right-winged company that will do anything to defame and slander anybody who's on the left. Even more tragically, they own stations in 35 markets, and when the deal with Freedom, alongside Four Points Media is done, they will have 46, covering a sizable chunk of the country..

Oh, and as of 2009, Sinclair had over a billion bucks in debt.

I guess the point is that thanks to the internet, if there's a show on CBS that I want to watch, I can watch it online. Plus, I usually get my news from WOOD-TV 8, especially since WWMT is cockeyed on Kalamazoo. I will not allow myself to support a company that will do anything to screw over people who will bring back the middle class and actually bring stability back to America. I understand that Freedom needed the money, but there's other broadcast companies out there that would have wanted their stations and would have been better owners.

But now, it's one less station to watch. 

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