Monday, December 19, 2011

12.19.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Parents Television Council

Name: Parents Television Council (and other religious groups)
Age: 16
Occupation: dictator wannabes
Last Seen: Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA
Bee-otched For: thinking that Howard Stern doesn't have "talent"


It's official: Howard Stern is going to change the face of television... Again.

Last Thursday, it was announced that the King of All Media will be replacing the outgoing Piers Morgan as a judge on the NBC show America's Got Talent. He'll be sitting alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel as they judge people on, well, talent.

AGT is traditionally a family-friendly show on the same lines as American Idol and other shows in the same vein on TV. Howard's a huge fan of the show, and always wanted to be a judge. Some do wonder if going from crass shock jock to judge would ever work.

Of course, the Parents Television Council isn't too happy. When news broke out about Stern being on the show, president Tim Winter called NBC's move to sign him on as a sign of despiration for the failing network. After all, this is the same network that gave us the failed The Playboy Club.

In response, Stern said on Piers' failing CNN show that the PTC thinks that he's trying to turn Americans into sex-crazed zombies. Also, he told Morgan that he'll keep his schtick clean and will take his post seriously.

So far, no affiliates have announced that they were yanking AGT over Stern; after all, Salt Lake's KSL-TV - owned by the Mormon Church - did not air The Playboy Clubover the fact that in their eyes, the magazine that modeled the show is pornographic and destroys families.

Look. George Carlin gave us The Seven Dirty Words and yet he was the star of a PBS kids show, Shining Time Station. Richard Pryor was one of the dirtiest comics ever, but he did a kids movie in 1982, The Toy. True, AGT's not really a kids show, so why should the PTC complain?

The answer's plain and simple: they're nothing more than attention whores, plain and simple. Look at the controversy surrounding All-American Muslim. Many are mad at Lowe's for pulling their spots on that show, and feel that it's over biased hatred caused by the right-winged religious hate groups that pressure companies in hopes of supporting their views. The PTC claims to be non-partisan only because Joe Lieberman was once on their advisory board of mainly right-winged weirdos, failed entertainers and employees of the PAX Network.

Oh, and speaking of the PAX Network, what happened to that? Simple: it disappeared due to poor ratings. What's left of that is now the ion Network and even that's useless. Heck, they now air UFC fights! Point is, nobody truely cares about "family-friendly" programming, and the ratings proved it. The PTC claims to have 12,000 members, which is less than 1% of the population. In the end, the PTC is nothing more than a fringe group, like the KKK who don't want freedom, period.

In the end, the viewers (and sadly, the advertisers) will prevail.


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