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12.13.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Roy Moore

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Name: Roy Moore
Age: 70
Occupation: former judge
Last Seen: Alabama
Bee-otched For: failing

Hard to believe it, but there's smart people in Alabama after all.

Yesterday's nail-biting election had Democrat Doug Jones beating the controversial former judge with a slim margin, 49.9% to Moore's 48.4%. It was almost a split decision, but the truth was that a pedophile has no place in the Senate and the people of traditionally conservative Alabama have spoken.

Yes, Moore had his supporters, such as talk radio assholes like Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham, game show legend Chuck Woolery, badass wannabe Chuck Norris and yes, Drumpf. There were some churches that supported Moore as well, but in the end, good triumphs evil.

The real loser here is none other than Drumpf himself, since the Repukes will be losing a seat in the Senate. The funny thing, too is the fact that Alabama's one of the friendliest states for Drumpf with a 48% approval rating. However, in all fairness, he also has a 48% disapproval rating to boot.

With a 32% approval rating nationwide, Drumpf's reign of terror might not last too much longer. And if he's not impeached or imprisoned by next year, we'll start seeing the Ds replace the Rs in both the House and Senate. Already, the Rs barely have a majority in the Senate and some of the moderates are starting to act more like the Dems if they want to maintain their seats next year.

So, that's it for Roy Moore, an asshole who hid behind The Ten Commandments and his religion. The truth is, yes, all shall forgive, but his victims won't. Even though he lost by only 20,715 votes, the people of Alabama have spoken and they don't want a sexual offender representing their state.

Goodbye, you fake asshole. And the horse you rode in on.


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