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12.6.17 Bee-otches of the Day: Orin Harris and Holly Jane Kusserow-Smidt

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Names: Orin Harris and Holly Jane Kusserow-Smidt
Ages: 76, 63
Occupations: former broadcaster and teacher
Last Seen: Forest City, IA
Bee-otched For: being a bunch of racist assholes

You know, I love radio stations that STILL have a local staff.

Many stations - including here in Grand Rapids - rely on voicetracking and cyberjocking to save a few bucks on having locals behind the mic. iHeartMedia stations here in Beer City, USA - especially WSNX - are probably the biggest culprits.

However, sometimes, live and local jocks can be downright assholes.

Take Orin Harris and Holly Jane Kusserow-Smidt, who formerly worked at KIOW/Mix 107.3 in Forest City, IA. Harris broadcasted basketball games while Kusserow-Smidt - an elementary school teacher during the day - board-opped during the games.

A week ago Tuesday, the two were working a game between Forest City and nearby Eagle Grove. During a commercial break, the two discussed three players on the opposing Eagle Grove team who happened to be Hispanic. They made racist comments about the high school players and Harris even said "go back to where you came from!"

Although the comments did not go over the air at KIOW, a full-service radio station that covers northern Iowa that plays mostly adult contemporary, the comments were heard on Facebook Live. Needless to say, the two's comments did not go over well with the locals. As a result, the two were fired from KIOW and Kusserow-Smidt was put on paid leave. In a statement, Harris apologized for the comments, and since he was going to retire next year, he's upset that it had to end that way.

Well, duh! What a bunch of fucked up, backwoods assholes. People should be judged by TALENT, not their skin color. It was right for KIOW to can the two and I hope whomever replaces them does a better job. If that kind of racism speaks about the people of that small town in Iowa, remind me to stay the hell away from there.

Maybe those two hicks should go back to where they came from.


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