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4.9.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Betsy Devos


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Name: Betsy Devos
Age: 60
Occupation: spoiled rich bitch
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: spitting at our teachers and students


Many years ago in my 20s, some douchebag called me an "$8 per hour loser".

But guess what? I make more money than a lot of schoolteachers.

In the past few weeks, there have been protests in several states such as West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and Kentucky. Many teachers haven't had raises in years and some have even admitted that their pay is so low that they've had to accept donations from food banks and other charities. Another teacher even posted her pay stub online, where she admitted that her take home pay was $320 per week.

Yep, $320 per week. Just imagine, this woman probably went through four years of college and lots of debt and bills to get to where she is and she probably gets paid the equivalent of eight to nine bucks per hour. I only have a vocational degree and my take home pay is WAAAAAAAY more than her pay.

But guess who happened to open up her fucking yapper in regard to striking teachers? Why, it's Drumpf's education secretary Betsy Devos! She said that teachers need to keep their disagreements in another place and just simply educate their children. "Serve the students", she was quoted saying.

Yes, this is Betsy Devos we're talking about, folks. A cunt who has never had to eat from a soup kitchen and has never had to work a single day in her life because of her wealthy parents, plus help from her husband's wealthy parents, too. The reason why she gets to say shit like "serve the students" is because she and her husband gave a shitload of money to Drumpf's campaign.

Bitchy Devos NEVER attended a public school, folks. She never had to face overcrowded classrooms, outdated textbooks or underpaid teachers. I say that if your teacher isn't doing a good job teaching, it's because they're not getting paid well enough.

You see, my great-grandmother was a teacher, my grandmother was a teacher and so was my aunt. Today, nobody in my family teaches anymore and maybe it's for good reason. The pay sucks, the schools are falling apart and no two kids are alike. If schools got more funding and less bullshit from the right, everything would be a lot better.

But for now, our kids will have to read from crumbling textbooks that refer to the Obama years as "trouble ahead".



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