Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10.18.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Randy Michaels

Name: Benjamin Homel, aka Randy Michaels
Age: 60's
Occupation: president, Merlin Media and Radioactive, LLC; once ran Clear Channel
Last Seen: Middletown, OH
Bee-otched For: drinking and driving

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

The man who helped to run down Clear Channel and Tribune might see some jail time in the future.

Benjamin Homel, better known to many in the radio business as Randy Michaels was arrested last Friday for drunk driving. His car was discovered by police between construction cones under an overpass, stuck in water and mud according to media reports. Police noticed that Michaels had the strong stench of alcohol on him, and transported him to jail after performing three field sobriety tests on the broadcaster.

Under the advice of his attorney, Homel refused a breathalyzer test. He has been charged with an OVI - operating a vehicle while impaired, which is Ohio's version of DUI - and driving on a closed street. He was bonded out of jail by his long-time pal, right-winged WLW gabber-slash-Jerry Springer lite Bill Cunningham. His bond was a whopping $615.

Michaels will appear in court this Friday.

Ya know, I never really liked Michaels. This is the prick who screwed over many media companies and most recently, cost New York and Chicago their only decent rock stations. I love karma. When people do bad things, they deserve to fuck up and get bit hard in the ass. Isn't there an FCC rule that convicted felons can't own radio stations? If so, Benny Boy may lose his shares in Merlin Media and Radioactive, LLC, which owns several stations in tiny markets, including a Top 40 station in Marquette.

So, there you go. Ben Homel fucked up and he might lose it all. If I were a fan of Q101, WRXP, WGN or any other station he destroyed, I'd be rejoicing.

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