Thursday, April 14, 2011

4.14.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Michael Grey


Name: Michael Grey
Age: ??
Occupation: radio hack
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: having the door prepared to slam on his ass


It's official: Michael Grey is trading in Fred Meijer for Warren Buffet and Amway for Mutual of Omaha.

That's right! After nearly two decades of perfecting ruining two radio stations here in Grand Rapids, he's moving to Omaha next month to co-host an afternoon sports show on struggling KXSP-AM ESPN 590. His co-host will be Pete McIntyre, currently the sports anchor for the Stern clone Todd and Tyler Radio Empire morning show, heard on several rock stations in the Nebraska region.

In a major way, this is a step down for Grey since Grand Rapids is a larger market than Omaha, 67 vs. 72. Plus, KXSP is getting clobbered in the ratings in the sports department by Fox Sports-affiliated KOZN 1620 The Zone, which has a 3.1 vs. KXSP's puny .7.

But if the people in Omaha had the same mindset as those in Grand Rapids, they'd realize that Grey is nothing more than a homer. Bear in mind that he got shitcanned from WGRD because his morning show had horrid ratings (S&M, anybody?), plus the fact that his music selections at 'GRD really made the station a chick station. But thankfully, he was shown the door. However, good 'ol Matty Boy Hanlon gave him a chance despite the fact that he brought no audience with him to KLQ.

And tragically, the ratings showed it.

I remember hearing about the one year Grey hosted the Heavyweight Rock Challenge at the Intersection not long after he came to KLQ. He walked out on stage like the little princess he is and the hard rock and metal-loving crowd was booing him to tears. Suddenly, amidst the jeering and chants of "GO BACK TO GRD!", a few cheers immerged from the back. It was for ousted KLQ jock Bill Walters, standing at the bar, wearing the "Ron and Don Suck!" shirt I made for him. To prevent any ruckus, Intersection management politely showed him the door. However, being the whiny little bitch he is, Grey went to Hanlon immediately, cried on his lap, and Walters was fired from KLQ sister Z93 in Saginaw.

And meanwhile, guess what happened almost the second Grey left GRD? THEIR RATINGS SKYROCKETED! It's further proof that Grand Rapids loves their rock and loathes shitty chick pop.

Somehow, Grey was the sole KLQ jock to survive the transition to WBBL's move to the FM band. But still, nobody loves poor 'ol Mikey. GRD's Free Beer and Hot Wingsis frequently one of the market's top morning shows while Grey's morning program with Brett Bakita is nothing more than a joke. As a matter of fact, Grey reportedly was on the verge of tears on his show when a caller told him that FB&HW was beating him in the ratings.

But now, he's leaving town, and Grand Rapids won't miss him. After all, the other sports station in town, ESPN 96.1 has a 2.8 while WBBL is wafting with a 2.0. The Bubble's only saving grace is their coverage of Detroit sports while 96.1 has actual talent.

So in the end, Michael Grey's starting all over on a new slate. All I can say about him is this.

And yes, there's a reason why I chose that video: it has an image he can jerk off to.


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