Thursday, April 7, 2011

4.7.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Glenn Beck


Name: Glenn Beck
Age: 47
Occupation: right-winged whacko
Last Seen: New York City
Bee-otched For: quitting


Will somebody cue up a certain Beck song? Please?

It's official: Glenn Beck's chalkboard will soon be blacker than the people he attacks on his daily talk shows. It was announced yesterday that his daily Fox News Channel program will leave the airwaves in the next few months. Beck claims that he'll still be a part of the FNC family in other capacities, but the show will end before his contract expires this December.

Beck's FNC show is still #1 during its timeslot, but it's losing ground against the likes of Wolf Blitzer on CNN and MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews. Not to mention that many advertisers have pulled out of the show after he made claims that President Obama hated white people. As a matter of fact, claims that over 400 companies have vowed to not advertise during Beck's show.

It had been rumored for weeks that Fox had been pressuring Beck to quit his show, especially since they're forced to make up for their losses on other shows.

The good news is that Beck still has his radio show to fall back on, but even that's fading into the darkness. In just the past few months, he's lost his New York flagship WOR, alongside stations in Philadelphia, all of Connecticut, Madison, and just this past week, Milwaukee.

In the end, Glenn Beck will lose. BIG. You make up shit about our black president and bash him for being black, and you get hit. Even the most-conservative advertisers, such as Walmart, won't do business with him. I'm glad that some of the worst companies out there have a brain because all Glenn does is talk about how bad liberals are. I'm glad that the listeners and viewers have spoken and he's losing big time.

Now, he needs to lose at least ONE of his stations in Grand Rapids.


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