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8.28.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Dinesh D'souza

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Name: Dinesh D'Souza
Age: 51
Occupation: conservative Michael Moore wannabe
Last Seen: either San Diego or New York
Bee-otched For: making a liefest about Obama


Last weekend, moviegoers went and saw shit getting destroyed in The Expendables 2. One of the movie's stars, sadly was once great actor-turned right-winged nutjob Chuck Norris.

Oddly enough, when it boiled down to per-screen average, not even Norris' scraggly beard could wipe out another film made by yet another right-winged kook.

Of all the films in wide release last weekend, the best-performing film was 2016: Obama's America, a film made by Indian-born Dinesh D'Souza that basically explains that if reelected, Obama could turn America into an apocalyptic nation by 2016. In the film, D'Souza - who lives in a gated community outside San Diego and is the president of a wealthy private college, The King's College in New York - talks about his father's past as somebody who escaped India and often compared him to Obama's father, a Kenyan national. He claims that Obama is trying to kill off industry here in America and raise our debt.

Many are comparing 2016 to Michael Moore's films, mainly Fahrenheit 9/11. D'Souza even sounds like Moore in the film. One critic even claimed that the movie fails to allow anybody to change their mind about Obama, especially since D'Souza doesn't use humor or even views from both sides of the aisle.

2016 was produced by Gerald R. Molen, who also produced Schindler's List and was released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, a small independent studio notorious for producing politically far-right pictures such as Atlas Shrugged and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a documentary from Ben Stein that explains his views on creationism. A lot of the company's output is overly Christian; many of their films were produced by TBN and their affiliated companies.

Ya know, it does anger me knowing that there's people out there who will do their damndest to get Obama out of the White House come November, and IMHO, I wouldn't be too surprised if D'Souza got some of the funding of his movie from some right-winged nutjobs like the Koch Brothers. This movie is to the president as Reefer Madness was to cannabis, stating that it kills people even though it does a better job of curing people over the crap popping out of Pfizer.

Remember, folks, Fahrenheit 9/11 broke box office records, and this pile of shit will be out of theatres within the next few weeks. Yeah, Michael Moore failed to let let people know about the dangers of having Bush in the White House and we paid the price when our economy collapsed in 2007. I highly doubt if this country will be destroyed in 2016 if Obama's reelected. If we reelect him, plus give him a Democratic House and Senate, this country will be back to the days Clinton was in the White House. We need to focus on creating jobs and telling the wealthy that they don't need to keep every single penny they've made while their workers are squeaking by.

Dinesh D'Souza is just another wealthy prick who has had his entire life handed to him. I wish these conservative nutjobs would look at people like me who are living by a thread and realize that I have 35 more years to work I don't want to spend them living paycheck to paycheck. This is why we voted Obama in.

Personally, I think if Michael Moore made a new movie today, it would do WAY better than this pile of crap. People need to be reminded why Obama was elected, and we must stay the course. Let's not re-live the 2000's again. Let's bring the 90's back.

D'Souza's politics would bring 1929 back instead.
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