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2.12.18 Bee-otch of the Day: WGRD

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Name: WGRD
Age: 70
Occupation: rock station
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: not knowing the time

In all honesty, I shouldn't be giving GRD the Bee-otch of the Day.

Last week, the station announced that they've hired Tommy Carroll as their new programming director. He's coming in from 103.9 The Bear in South Bend, IN, where he was also PD. Carroll will also handle afternoon jock duties for GRD.

In recent weeks, GRD has severely cut back on playing butt rock titles, though some classics still remain on the playlist. It's also worth noting that GRD doesn't play as many currents as they once did, which to me, sucks. Then again, this is Townsquare Media we're talking about here.

It's too bad that Carroll can't come soon enough.

On Sunday morning, I was listening to GRD and they aired one of their sweepers identifying a new song. The sweeper had a male voice saying "cranking out more new rock now" with a robotic female voice identifying the song with the male voice returning to say "97-9 GRD".

The problem is, the song that was ID'd was "Dark Necessities" by Red Hot Chili Peppers, a song that was released two years ago.

Hmmmm. A song that was released in 2016 is new in 2018? Looks like somebody fell asleep at the switch. Then again, the station really started to suck with Johnnie Walker at the helm. Well, he's gone.

The sad thing is that I've heard various songs with that sweeper that are old. Is it me, or do the idiots who run things at GRD don't even care?

Time for me to play Armchair PD. If a song has just entered the charts and is new to the station, then air the new music sweeper. If the tune is, say a month old, retire that sweeper for that song. SIMPLE! If somebody from outside Grand Rapids is listening to WGRD and hear that sweeper before "Dark Necessities" or other tunes, it will make GRD and Grand Rapids look very picayune.

At least they're not using that sweeper before "Carry On Wayward Son".



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