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2.26.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Mother Nature

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Name: Mother Nature
Age: ageless
Occupation: the controller of our weather
Last Seen: outside
Bee-otched For: fooling with us


Damn am I happy this winter is over.

....Or is it?

Normally, this time of year is when winter is calling it quits, but here in Grand Rapids, it's already in the 40s and the snow is melting. Most of the snow left it seems are the pileups caused by the snow plows. As a matter of fact, the temps have gone up so much in the past few weeks that it's causing it to build up floods everywhere. The local meteorologists were fearing that the flood levels would be as high as they were in 2013. But thankfully, they were wrong and now, the floods are receding again.

Throughout the Midwest, there's flooding, tornadoes and even a few towns getting a lot of snow. One of worst casualties, sadly, occurred on Sunday when a legendary landmark in Kalkaska, MI tumbled to the ground due to high winds.

That landmark was the Big Boy sign, greeting travelers as they traveled north on US 131 (or trying to get the hell outta town, driving south).

The Big Boy statue had been a part of Kalkaska's culture since the 1970s when the restaurant - under the aegis of the Elias Brothers - opened its doors. Close-up shots of the checker-panted icon show that his head had spit in half. It looks like he'll be paying a trip to the local dump once all is cleared up.

Then again, it sucks to be them. I was there a number of years ago and the service SUCKED. The old waitress was rude and the breakfast bar didn't seem fresh at all. Plus, my table was sticky. It might explain why there's just two Big Boys left in Grand Rapids, plus the fact that I can spot more former Big Boys than ones still operating. Let's not forget that the town mayor is an asshole, plus the fact that it's the birthplace of good 'ol WKLT, the geezer rock station that I was FORCED to listen to growing up.

Ya know, it's sad that our government is filled to the core with those who all believe that climate change is not real, but it is. I even cringed when Drumpf wrote in a tweet that we oughta give the Midwest some global warming. The truth is, global warming can cause both extremely cold and hot weather. Here in GR, it'll be 57 tomorrow when it should be in the upper 30s/lower 40s. If it freezes again, it could hurt plantation and crops, causing food prices to soar.

Yes, we can fool Mother Nature. We need to use wind turbines, solar power other means of renewable energy. We need to use our cars less. So on and so on. Drumpf bringing back coal jobs will only make things worse. We need leaders who will get our country back in order again and make us leaders in our dependence away from coal and other pollutant powers.

Maybe if we worked at it earlier, Big Boy would still be the pride of Kalkaska.



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