Monday, July 16, 2012

7.16.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Mitt Romney

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Name: Willard Romney
Age: 65
Occupation: rich dude
Last Seen: somewhere
Bee-otched For: hiding his tail between his legs


Poor Mittens. He just got served by President Obama.

As we all know, Willie once ran a little company called Bain Capital, which ran a ton of companies like AMC Theatres, Domino's Pizza and even Clear Channel. His poll numbers are hurting, so he's making himself look nice in front of the middle class the last Republican president, George W. Bush screwed over. He's saying stuff like, oh, that he'll put his $250 million in assets in a trust if elected president and that he'll kill Obamacare in front of a bunch of poor black people. It's kinda like that Simpsons episode where Krusty the Clown had his Krusty Komedy Klassic at the Apollo Theatre... Right in front of three letters in the backdrop that had to be the special's initials.

Now, Mittens is trying to salvage his campaign by stating that he hasn't been a part of Bain since 1999, especially since the company's been famous for outsourcing lots and lots of jobs left and right. The Obama administration's been attacking Mitt and Bain for being another wealthy CEO who is a major job killer, but now, Mitt's calling for the president to apologize.

Question is, FOR WHAT?!?!

Look, politicians have been slinging mud forever and ever. Mittens is a wealthy white dude whose father ran a car company into the ground while Obama isn't as wealthy and never truly knew his father. Yet, his mother was an intelligent anthropologist, which made up for Barack Obama, Sr.'s shortcomings.

All I ever see in Mitt is basically George W. Bush's third term in office. Bush has made this country screwed up that it's no wonder why our unemployment numbers are still high and as-is, you now need a four-year college degree to work at McDonald's just because the job market is so corroded. Truth be told, If Mitt's denying his role in Bain Capital in recent years, it could kill his chances of running for president, and the GOP would be stuck trying to pick somebody to take his spot. Who knows? All I know is that Romney is just another usual Republican who's out there to take your job away.

That is, if you even have a job.
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