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7.31.12 Bee-otch of the Day: the Republican party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 158
Occupation: right-winged jerkoffs
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: not really being pro-life


Sometimes, I kinda wished I lived in the past.

30 years ago, my father had a decent job, was married to my mother, owned a house and most importantly, was a proud father of yours truly. 30 years later, I'm only a fraction of the man he was when he was my age.

Now, I'm the 30-something and I live in a crappy apartment, crappy job and no woman would ever talk to me. And yes, I have no children. Is it my fault that I am who I am? Well, I got a newsflash: not 100%.

So, who should I blame? Now, I shouldn't blame mom and dad 100%. They did all they could do to make sure that I did well after high school. Bear in mind that my mother did graduate high school, but not my father, and neither of them went to college. I did go to a tech school after high school, so I do have more education than they have.

I remember a few years ago, Michael Moore made an appearance on Larry King Live where he took a call from a teenager who admired him. He told him that people of his generation need to apologize to the modern-day youth for making their challenges even worse, and he's right.

If you're between the ages of 18-34, you should have the best years of your lives. You should be going to school, graduating, getting a good job, meeting the significant other of your dreams, marrying that person, having children, living in a nice house, and so on. But, that's no longer the case. Now, it's going to school, getting buried in college loans, getting a job that doesn't pay all of your bills, paying credit cards with credit cards and getting stuck living in the ghetto because the only job you can get has an asshole boss who doesn't believe in raises or making his employees happy. He thinks that you're only worth $8/hr. despite all the hard work and dedication you give him.

End result: empty hospital nurseries.

The birth rate has hit a 25-year low; sources cite the still sluggish economy as the biggest factor, especially since its biggest victims are young adults. Instead of being 25, married and living in a nice, small starter home, they're still living with mommy and living in her basement working two jobs. They have no real choice but to.

I look at my own cousins, which provide the proof that the economy can do better. Out of eight cousins over the age of 18, only three are on their own, and two have kids. Five of them are still living with mommy, and it's because they don't have a good enough jobs to afford even a small apartment.

You see, the reason why our parents and grandparents owe us a huge apology is because they made a humongous mistake that was well beyond us youngin's control: in 1980, they voted in Ronald Reagan as president. In his eight years in the Oval Office, he lowered taxes for the wealthy, busted the unions and allowed Republicans more control of the media by eliminating the Fairness Doctrine. Now, this once great nation is run by Republican-run hellholes like Walmart and Koch Industries and our young adults are too fucking stupid to fix it. Now, the wealthy are paying less taxes than what they were paying prior to the Great Depression, and as long as the teabaggers are running the House, we'll head further into yet another 1929.

If you're young and reading this, wondering why you're still in mother's basement, now you know. Eight years of Reagan plus 12 long years of Bushes do take its toll. Republicans hate America, plain and simple. True, you can blame our problems on Obama, but remember, Dubya lowered taxes for the wealthy and led us into three wars over oil. Sometimes, I wish we didn't have term limits on the presidency because it might take more than eight years for President Obama to wipe Dubya's ass. Thankfully, we might be finally out of Afghanistan by the time he leaves office, but at least it shows how Obama is hell-bent on ending the wars responsibly.

I love it how many conservative Repukes are all about being pro-life. OK, do you want couples to have kids? How about raising taxes on the wealthy and giving those who make less than $100,000 a huge tax break so they can build wealth, get married, buy a nice house and so they can have children! DUH!!!!

But until then, politics are like a shifter: R means reverse and D will drive you forward.

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