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10.14.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Christopher Columbus

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Name: Christopher Columbus
Age: would be 562 today
Occupation: traitor
Last Seen: died in Spain
Bee-otched For: the fact that because of him, some people get to have the day off


Today, you won't be getting the mail.

Plus, many government offices are closed as well, shutdown or not.

Yep, it's Columbus Day, where We the People get to honor the man who "founded" America in 1492, Christopher Columbus. With his three ships, he sailed the oceans and made other peoples' countries his. It's because of Columbus, many feel that this nation was founded on a lie. The real Americans are the natives who lived in tribes, but ended up losing their lands because of Columbus and his crooks. They slaughtered and killed off these otherwise peaceful people just because he wanted control.

Sadly, many have looked at Columbus as a founding father and even decided to give him his own holiday in 1937. True, it must be nice to be a postal worker or a banker, but for the rest of us, we get to work. Thankfully, we've reversed a lot of what Columbus did, by allowing Native Americans to be exempt from government rules through reparations on their own land. That's why Michigan has many casinos. Even though the damage is done, people should never forget why this nation is a melting pot. Many whites wonder why there's Mexicans here, but yet, the Native Americans think the same thing also.

I will, however admit that I am against the NFL wanting the Washington Redskins to change their name. I agree that names like the Braves, Indians, Redskins and Chiefs all came at a time when it was OK for a white man to bash those of color (although I kinda wonder why there's no teams called the Wetbacks or the Darkies, but oh, well...). I think it has to do with tradition. They don't mean to bash people of race, but that's the case when it was a time when it was OK to do so. Censoring the past won't make things better, nor will taking a gas can and matches to burn it all down and rebuild. Besides, I think the Redskins' logo is quite classy. The Cleveland Indians, however...

In the end, if I had it my way, I think schools should teach kids that Columbus was a traitor and a slaughterer. He didn't find America at all. I think Columbus Day is a joke and should be abolished. It's time to know the truth.

At least the modern Indians know how to get their money back, and it's the fact that most of the time, you won't get straight sevens.

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