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10.9.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat Robertson

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Name: Pat Robertson
Age: 83
Occupation: crook
Last Seen: Virginia Beach, VA
Bee-otched For: crying "gimme money!"  


If there's anybody out there who just can't get their heads on straight, it's those who give their money to good 'ol Pat Robertson and The 700 Club.

For years, Robertson has begged and pleaded his viewers to give him money as part of tithing to the lord. But sometimes (if not all the time), he begs and begs and begs, just because Jesus said so.

Last week, the televangelist was doing the segment "Bring it On" with co-host Terry Meeuswen where he answers letters from viewers. One of the letters came from a woman who gave money all of her life to religious causes, but wanted to start slowing down because her husband's sick and needs to pay off bills. Pat's response was simply read the book of Malachi and understand that when you tithe, you're killing demons. Tithers don't have financial and medical problems. Give more and the demons will go away and will be rebuked.

When I saw this last week on YouTube and - a project of the People for the American Way, an organization devoted to expose the truth about idiots like Robertson - I slapped my head against the keyboard. Pat Robertson's always been an idiot for taking poor peoples' monies and building his fortune with it . Robertson's a billionaire and yet he exploits the poor and weak for his own good.
The majority of those who give to Pat and other religious groups like TBN are all doing so for financial gain. When somebody is weak, finding Jesus is a last resort for them. But when they start tithing to them while they're broke, the last resort ends up being the final nail in their financial coffin.

Folks, I've known people who have given to people like Robertson, and guess what? THEY'RE ALL WHITE TRASH! One family lived in a trailer near Mancelona in northern Michigan with another trailer in the backyard with its roof caved in and another also lives in a trailer. He lost his job two years ago, was unemployed for a little over a year and finally found a job working part-time at Meijer.

Thing is, Pat's doing it mostly for the money. The sickening thing is that his viewers are poor and some have medical problems, but yet, he gave millions to Hillary Clinton in the 1990's to stop talking about improving healthcare in the 1990's. Yet, he's had several heart surgeries and might live to 100. Point is, he doesn't care about his viewers. He's paying local TV stations and cable networks to air his drivel on a daily basis and the real losers are those who give to him.

I agree that people need to give once in a while, if not more. But giving to billionaires and one percenters like Robertson aren't the way to go. Do you have a friend who's in debt because of major bills? HELP THEM! How about if they're hungry? BUY THEM A MEAL! DON'T GIVE TO A BILLIONAIRE! Pat Robertson owns several diamond mines in Africa and is pals with several dictators. The man is pure evil, plain and simple.

Pay it forward... to the right people.

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