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10.30.13 Bee-otch of the Day: the people of Roseville, MI

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Name: Roseville, MI
Age: 87
Occupation: Detroit suburb
Last Seen: Macomb County, MI
Bee-otched For: not getting a joke


Today is the day before Halloween, where traditionally, people would torch peoples' houses, TP trees and egg various properties.

True, Devil's Night is a pipe dream of the past for the city of Detroit, there's something else the area is not totally happy about: white trash.

Yes, Detroit has a lot of white trash. I remember going down 8 Mile a few years ago to visit a seafood place that my now-late great aunt suggested, and the whole area was white trash. The restaurant - which was run down and painted purple to match the neighboring strip clubs - even had the local country music station, 99.5 WYCD on their boom box.

While people associate The Motor City with blacks and poverty, they're forgetting that whites still live there, too, and they're playing a role in the city's demise. In the case of nearby Roseville - a former hometown of Kid Rock - being white trash is a way of life.

Residents in the city are angry at a mother and her elementary school-aged daughter for wearing white sacks marked with the words "white trash" during a school Halloween party. Many feel that the costumes were offensive towards those who are white trash, i.e. live in trailers, live on government assistance and so on. One defending the mother and daughter said that we can't have guns, we can't have gore or blood, but we can have this.

You know, my suggestion is this: if you're offended by being called "white trash", DON'T BE WHITE TRASH! BETTER YOURSELVES! You see, I grew up in northern Michigan, and since my father was a bus driver, he had all sorts of kids on his big yellow cheesewagon. There was a family whose parents barely worked and lived in a nice, big house in the country because their grandparents paid for everything. However, the other kids weren't as lucky. We had some who lived in trailers and others who lived in junkyards filled with old, broken-down automobiles. I swear, the kids who lived in those houses smelled like piss everyday. My ex-stepbrother and sister even lived in a trailer with their mother, who didn't work because of her constant boozing and *groan* sadly, I dated a piece of white trash who lived in a trailer and had another trailer in her backyard.

I know, not everybody can have a good job and good pay, so in the trailer they live. I know some people shake their heads at the fact that I live in an apartment. So? I'd rather live in the city and pay rent than to live in a trailer where the water smells funky and everything is small, like the bathrooms. But, if you get teased by living in a nasty old trailer, yet, you're fat and have four teeth, well, there you go.

White trash: you not born that way, it's a decision you make.

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