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1.29.18 Bee-otch of the Day: The Recording Academy

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Name: The Recording Academy
Age: 61
Occupation: the people who give you the Grammys
Last Seen: Santa Monica, CA
Bee-otched For: another crappy Grammys


For some years, people were crying "Oscars so white" because of the lack of African American nominees. Of course, with "Get Out" being nominated for Best Picture (and rightfully so, I might add), the issue is moot for this year.

Now, the issue here is "Grammys so wussy".

The band Avenged Sevenfold, who were nominated for Best Rock Song for "The Stage" decided not to attend the ceremony, held on Sunday at Madison Square Garden. The reason? It would have cost the band $150,000 for flight and hotel to an event that wasn't even televised. All the rock award ceremonies were held prior to the show, though it was streamed online.

Good thing A7X saved that $150K; they lost the award to Foo Fighters' "Run".

The big winner of the night was Bruno Mars, who won eight trophies. Critics have hailed the pop star - who was busted in 2010 for cocaine possession - for his "24K Magic" album for being highly influenced by 1990s R&B music.

Of course, the Grammys were loaded with pop, country, hip-hop and even Spanish thanks to that awful "Despicito" song that features the Canadian Devil, Justin Bieber. But sadly, the question was definitely, "where's the fucking rock?"

Sadly, rock music is turning into a bastardized style of music thanks to record labels and the assholes who own radio stations. Look at WGRD here in Grand Rapids. That station's ratings started to tumble thanks to the knuckleheads at Townsquare who think that Kansas and Boston mix in well with Metallica, Foo Fighters and KoRn (they seemed to have rebounded, though). Up in northern Michigan, rock is doing well on Rock 105 and 95-5, whose ratings went up almost a full point in the recent Nielsen ratings.

I know. Some of it's our fault. Personally, I haven't bought a record or CD in years and I haven't been to a concert in ages. Plus, I listen to Pandora when I'm driving. I prefer just one minute of commercials over commercials that last my whole 10 minute drive to and from work.

True, I commend the ceremony for their Drumpf-bashing, but there were better things to watch on TV last night. I watched the Pistons unfortunately get slaughtered by the Cavs and part of the Royal Rumble. Yes, I watched fake wrestling over shitty pop music. But hey, The Hurricane came back!

And I guess the people agreed. This year's ratings for the Grammys were the lowest ever and some are even bashing them for the lack of female winners this year. Sucks to be them.

But hey, the Super Bowl's next weekend! Go Patriots! (I'm rooting for them so Matt Patricia can come to the Lions as a Super Bowl winner!)



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