Monday, January 29, 2018



WTCM Still king, WCCW drops

In the latest Fall 2018 ratings, WTCM-FM once again dominated with a combined 13.2 between them and simulcaster 93.5 out of Boyne City. In all my years looking at ratings, WTCM has remained on top.

Other highlights:

*Stations owned by Northern Broadcast (geezer rock 97.5/98.9 WKLT, 80s/90s 94.3/92.5 The Fox and ESPN 106.7/105.5) and he-who-won't-be-mentioned here were not listed since they don't subscribe to Nielsen.

*However, Rock 105/95-5 did go up nearly a full point to a 4.8. Just imagine if Smitty was still fired from the station. As a matter of fact, he led his demo in the afternoons. Of course, the man who helped get Smitty in the first place, Tom Devitt at WKLT is not the King of Afternoon Radio like his profile on the station's website says.

*While Rock 105 gained almost a point, WCCW-FM 107.5 almost lost a full point, probably due to an aging audience, plus the fact that there's a flux of stations focused on the 70s.

*CHR Z93 did improve to a 3.2, though KHQ is still the top CHR of the north.

*104.5 Bob FM might be ripe for a format change. Then again, their signal sucks.

The next book will be out next August or so.

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  1. I added up the shares of the listed stations and it comes to about 52. I would guess a large portion (around half) of the remaining 48 shares goes to SiriusXM, with the remainder of that mostly going to Northern and the non-coms (the Synergy (94.1 WWKR, 94.9 WKZC, 96.3 WKLA, 97.7 WMLQ, 98.7 WLDN) and Up North (107.1 WCKC, 107.9 WCDY) stations might take a couple of shares since Manistee/Wexford/Missaukee are now in the rated market)