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7.12.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Jeff Seiting

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Name: Jeff Seiting
Age: 55
Occupation: village president
Last Seen: Kalkaska, MI
Bee-otched For: being a fucking bigot 

Right now, I feel bad for anybody who lives in Kalkaska, MI, pop. 2000.

This small village that's 25 miles east of Traverse City is considered a gateway for northern Michiganders to Detroit and vice versa. It does have three supermarkets, many gas stations, a downtown and several fast food joints. But, there's no movie theatre (though there was one decades ago that's now a TV repair shop) and not much for residents to do except screw their cousins.

Now, there's a reason for people to hate Kalkaska: their mayor is a racist asshole.

Jeff Seiting's family has been a part of the town for decades. His family owns the Hotel Seiting, a downtown landmark built in 1912. Sadly, he's using his institution to post pro-Trump, pro-hate banners from it and it's an eyesore for many. A few weeks ago, Seiting started posting hate-filled vitriol on his Facebook page bashing everybody from Muslims to the LGBT crowd.

One of his posts claim that we should kill "every last Muslim" and calls being transgender having a mental illness. His posts came as a response to "A Day Without Immigrants" last month.

Since the posts were made public, the village has seemed to be divided. A few weeks ago, Seiting had a rally at his hotel while another rally against the mayor was held across the street at the famed trout statue. The protestors clashed, with the pro-Seiting crowd screaming and using vulgarity against the anti-Sieting crowd. Yesterday, Seiting told the Traverse City Record-Eagle newspaper that he stands by his remarks and will not back down.

Seiting has been Kalkaska's mayor since 2010.

The sad thing is that a few weeks ago, a security guard at Flint's Bishop Airport was stabbed by a Muslim man from Canada. The story made huge news. Since then, he's been released from the hospital. A few days after his release, a mosque in Flint honored him. It was a blurb on the news here, but not national news.

The thing is, Christians have terrorists who bomb abortion clinics and shoot up Planned Parenthood offices. True, there's Muslims who are true blue terrorists, I think for every terrorist, there many more positive Muslims out there. Sadly, there's many people like Jeff Seiting who live up north simply because they don't like people of color. The sad truth is, there's towns in northern Michigan that are just as bad - or worse - than parts of Detroit. Hell, there was a town in northern Michigan that has a population of 400 that was a TOTAL food desert before the town grocery reopened earlier this year after a few years' absence.

I think that people in northern Michigan need to wake up and start judging those for what they do instead of their skin color or what they wear. If Kalkaska votes out Jeff Seiting as mayor, then they did the right thing. But in the meantime, I'll never spend a dime in that town until he's out.

What do you expect from the town that gave us WKLT?

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