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5.2.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Urban One


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Name: Urban One
Age: 38
Occupation: black media giant
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: still airing Cosby


It's a shame when black people own a radio and or TV station and in the end, they don't do the right thing.

Urban One - formerly Radio One since they own the TV One cable network - recently announced that they are selling WPZR/Praise 102.7 to Educational Media Foundation. EMF will flip the signal-impaired station to their Christian contemporary K-Love format once the ink is dry. Of course, us metal fans remember 102.7 when it was WDZR/102.7 Z-Rock in the 1990s. What a killer station that was. Sadly, being forced to live up in northern Michigan where our main rock station OD'd on geezer rock, I was unable to listen to Z-Rock often.

Radio One bought 102.7 many years ago when it was classic rocker The Bear (remember that station? Ted Nugent had a morning show) and flipped it to urban AC Kiss FM. They moved Kiss to 105.9 and 102.7 became Praise 102.7.

Oddly enough, this is NOT the reason why Urban One is BOTD.

Like I mentioned, Urban One owns TV One, a cable network aimed toward older black women. Well, guess what they still air a week after the fact? Why, it's The Cosby Show! Nothing like embracing African-American culture by airing a TV show starring a convicted felon!

I know, some are crying that Cosby's co-stars - i.e. Phylicia Rashad, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Raven Symone etc. - didn't do a thing. But do these assholes at Urban One know a thing or two about Jimmy Savile, the British TV and radio personality whom it was discovered that he molested over 500 people before he died a few years ago? His victims were all male and female, young and old. Because of this horrific discovery, his old shows like his episodes of Top of the Pops have been banished from British TV.

Sadly, I think this country has a higher tolerance towards sexual offenders unlike England. Gary Glitter's in jail for accosting minors and yet there's gotta be a radio station somewhere in America that's playing "Rock and Roll Part 2". Cosby is a sick fuck for drugging and raping all those women and he should be getting the same treatment the Brits gave Savile and Glitter. I'll betcha Cosby is getting special treatment from Urban One because of the fact that he's black.

But if that's the reason why The Cosby Show is still on TV One, then the African American crowd needs to find his replacement.



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