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5.9.18 Bee-otches of the Day: the Republican Party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 164
Occupation: right-winged pussies
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: getting some of their loons get the boot


Yesterday, people in several states went to the polls to vote in primaries, or in one Michigan town's case, whether or not their racist, homophobic mayor still had a job.

In Kalkaska, a village near Traverse City of 2,000 souls, the town has voted out its controversial mayor Jeff Seiting. The new mayor is Harley Wales, a 45-year-old fitness coach. Seiting, 56, was targeted for making racist and homophobic posts on Facebook and made headlines when he posted disgusting signs on the building he owns in downtown Kalkaska that once housed a hotel in the early 20th century. His signs have caused near-riots and split apart this small town. Now with Wales on board, he could put this town back into shape (no pun intended).

Another race I was watching was that of Don Blankenship, who was running for senate in West Virginia. He spent a year in prison because his mine exploded, killing 29 people in 2010. Up until Election Day, he was airing in weird-ass commercials where he was calling senate majority leader Yertle the Tur - er, Mitch McConnell "Cocaine Mitch" and using racial slurs like "Chinapeople" and "swamp people". Well, that strategy sure as hell didn't work. He lost the primary to attorney general Patrick Morrisey, who will go up against Joe Manchin this Fall.

You know, it's sad when a jerk who fucks over people run for public office. It's like Meg Whitman after she ran down HP or Rich Iott when he screwed over Food Town in Toledo or in our state's case, the Stuffed Turd known as pRick Snyder. Why those types of assholes want that much power is beyond me. Oh, I know! It's all about the money!

Look at the world of retail: Sears and Kmart are rapidly closing stores, Toys 'R Us is bankrupt and closing down, The Bon-Ton is closing, which includes Carson's, Younker's, The Boston Stores and others and so on. Here in Grand Rapids, we have a mall, Woodland that's going under a $100 million renovation even though they just lost Sears and just recently, GAP. With their new wing opening a year from this Fall, I wonder how many more stores the mall will lose beforehand. Between my last visit last Sunday and earlier this year, the mall has lost a few stores here and there, albeit mostly due to those stores' financial woes. The funny thing is that I know a few tax pros who all have told me that Drumpf's tax plan will royally fuck over the middle class. When Woodland's Von Maur wing opens, I wonder if people will *actually* have money to spend at the store?

The point is, I hate the Dems for what they did to Bernie, but I still hate the Repukes even more. I wonder what 2020 will look like. If the assholes who voted for Drumpf realize that we're on a collision course into the pit of doom like in 2008, well, God help us all. Drumpf got the racists who all think that Mexicans are the enemy and not the rich fuckers who are all against giving people a living wage. Wait and see.

But at least some of the worst of the worst will be soon disappearing.



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