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6.19.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Phil Boyce

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Name: Phil Boyce
Age: ??
Occupation: chief programmer of talk radio, Salem Radio Network
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: reaching the wrong audience


On Saturday, I was listening to my favorite weekly podcast, Southpaws, which is also syndicated through Pacifica. Most of the time, hosts Darren Gibson and Jack Prince were talking about how Pothole Johnny himself, ex-Michigan governor John Engler was fucking up Michigan State University.

During the broadcast, Gibson touched on an article on The Daily Beast where Phil Boyce, the head of talk programming at Salem Radio Network talked about why he thinks that talk radio hosts need to stand up for Drumpf. Boyce was speaking at a Talkers Magazine conference in Manhattan last week.

"This guy does have the support of our audience, despite the daily attacks of the mainstream media. Our listeners despise the mainstream media," Boyce said on stage in front of 100 people. He called Drumpf's win in 2016 a game-changer for the talk format and thought that if Hillary Clinton won instead, that it would be all over for him.

Sadly, during his diatribe, Boyce proclaimed "The problem is we’re reaching for a 25-to-54 demo that’s not going to come. A twenty-something isn’t going to listen to us. A 26-year-old who’s living on his parents’ couch in the basement, who’s more worried about his video games or watching porn, is not gonna listen to us. So why do we change, and go after him, and risk running off the ones that will come and listen to us." On Southpaws, Gibson told the truth and I agree 100%: THE REASON WHY THERE'S 26-YEAR-OLDS LIVING WITH THEIR PARENTS IS BECAUSE OF HOW FUCKED UP THE RIGHT BECAME IN THE 1980S UNDER REAGAN!

Look, I was born JUST BEFORE the millennial generation. When I graduated from a small tech school just before 9/11, there were no jobs for me. I had to return to washing dishes at the Mexican restaurant in northern Michigan where I worked at as a teen. When they severely trimmed my hours because they decided to hire somebody older than I was and needed the money more than I did, I ended up working at a convenience store. However, the asshole Iraqi owner sold the store to a father and son who knew NOTHING about running a c-store and they ALSO cut my hours. During all this, my asshole polack stepdad wanted me to go out on my own, even though it was just after 9/11 and there were no jobs ANYWHERE. I finally ended up moving to Grand Rapids in 2002 where I worked for ANOTHER asshole who didn't give me a raise for a decade. Oh, and guess what? He was a "Christian".Yep, a so-called "Christian" who owned homes here in Grand Rapids, Alaska and Florida. The only good thing about all this is that he has since retired and I've gotten a few raises from my company's new boss.

The funny thing is that Salem calls themselves a "Christian" company. Oddly enough, they syndicate programs that either talk about the Bible or some reich-winged loudmouth who thinks that Obama was born in Kenya and was the Antichrist and that Drumpf is really Jesus. But, guess what? NONE OF THEIR FUCKING HOSTS OR STATIONS HAVE RATINGS!

Look, talk radio is dying thanks to aging hosts and an aging demo. Most young people hate Drumpf and so do most older folks, too. True, there *are* some towns where Rush and Co. still have ratings (and sadly, one's Grand Rapids), but the truth is that people like Phil Boyce are delusional. If people like Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher and Michael Medved are going to take me to Heaven, thanks, but I prefer to take another route.

And with the way conservative media is, it's all going that same direction.



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