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6.20.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump


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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 72
Occupation: dick
Last Seen: The White House
Bee-otched For: being too late


For the past few days, the top news story has been the horrific treatment of children being caged and locked up in so called "tender age shelters" at the US-Mexican border.

So many have put Drumpf on notice for creating the programs that are tearing apart Mexican refugees and their children. It even caused Rachael Maddow to burst into tears. So what does he do to reverse the damage? He signed an executive order to put an end to the kiddie jails. Of course, with the midterms coming up, it's logical for the de facto president to do so, especially since even his fellow Repukes are comparing his antics to the Holocaust and the Japanese determent camps of the 1940s.

Meanwhile up in Canada, the Senate there approved the full legalization of cannabis. THAT'S RIGHT! You can smoke weed, see a free doctor and drink beer while getting a full-nude lap dance up in good 'ol Canada while here in America, we're quickly turning into Nazi Germany.

You know, it's sad that our politics are fucked up comparing to Canada's, and it's all because of the fact that Drumpf's voters are all racists and those easily manipulated. Already, this country's on the track to going back to 2008 again.

Right now, I'm watching the Democratic gubernatorial debate on WOOD-TV here in Grand Rapids. Personally, all three people running would be a better governor for Michigan than Drumpf is president for this country. Even Shri Thanedar, who is probably the most-fake of the three would be a better president, even though he ran laboratories that tested on animals. (Personally, I like Abdul El-Sayed the best so far.)

In the end, the young children who were separated from their parents will be scarred for life. I know, there's some Drumpfers that will cry, "OH! IT WAS THEIR PARENTS FAULT FOR COMING HERE ILLEGALLY!" I cry bullshit. Unless you're a Native American, you are a product of immigrants. My ancestry is Dutch, English, Welsh and Canadian, just to name a few. My ancestors all came here for a better life and the same should be for everybody else. I know, there's immigrants here who are all assholes. But one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch.

The Orange Shitgibbon cries that the Mexicans bring all the rapists. Well, he's raped a bunch of kids of their childhood.


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