Thursday, February 3, 2011

2.3.11 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republicans

Name: The Republican Party
Age: 157
Occupation: America's right wing
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: getting their asses kicked by the Democrats  
Once again, the Republican-led House will accomplish nothing in the next few years. 

When Congress was put back into session last month, their top priority became repealing the so-called Obamacare bill, which will force health insurance companies to pay your bills if you get those diseases that are expensive to treat like cancer. It will allow those under 25 to still get their parents' health benefits and it will keep Medicare seniors out of the Donut Hole. 

But leave it to the Repukes to try to dick things up by making health care in this country beyond affordable and force the working class to choose between feeding their family or affording a checkup. 

A few weeks ago, the Republican-led House passed a resolution that would limit certain parts of the bill, and earlier this week, a Florida judge declared the bill unconstitutional since it would force Americans to buy health insurance, which is pretty much a deal between Obama and the insurance companies to remain profitable. Now, it's up to the Supreme Court to decide if certain parts of the bill - or even the whole thing - is unconstitutional. 

But, there's good news for those who want the bill to make it to 2014 intact. Yesterday, the still-led-by-the Democrat senate voted 47-51 to repeal the bill. So, at least for now, the Republicans have lost their chance to keep health care what it still is today. 

Folks, even when the Obama bill passes, our health care in America won't be on par with other countries, where it's still free to have a baby or have your cancer treated. I think the real reason why the Repukes want Obamacare to die is because they don't want their doctor's office to be filled with poor black people. Already as-is, they get to sit on their ass all day watching Jerry Springer and using their food stamps to overeat and make more welfare babies even though they're a grandmother at 31. True, I cringe at the welfare system too and feel that schools need to work even harder to maintain their students so they DON'T collect welfare, I feel that we need to work harder to blur the line between rich and poor, white and black and so on. 

But, as long as we keep voting in Republicans, the line remains solid.  


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