Thursday, June 2, 2011

6.2.11 Bee-otch of the Day: WWE

Name: WWE
Age: 58
Occupation: sports entertainment company
Last Seen: Stamford, CT
Bee-otched For: getting some Instant Kharma


Well, that was quick.

Just weeks after she made her in-ring debut with the WWE, Kharma, formerly Awesome Kong in TNA, is hanging up her boots for at least a while. She announced onMonday Night Raw that she's pregnant and cannot wrestle for the sake of her unborn child.

Bear in mind that she's only been active for a few weeks, spending the first few of them coming out to the ring and unexpectedly throwing down whatever Diva is in the ring. However, on last week's Raw, Kharma was in the middle of the ring with six lovely Divas circled around her like vultures. She collapsed, and had a near-nervous breakdown. The next week, she explained herself, mentioning the pregnancy, only before the Bella Twins came out and made fun of her for being morbidly obese. 

After their little skit, Jerry Lawler told the viewers at home "I'll never think of the Bellas the same way again". Weird, since he - and just about everybody in the WWE - still make fun of Vickie Guererro's girth despite her weight loss.

Kharma - real name Kia Stevens - had battled obesity since childhood. However, she wanted to be a wrestler, even appearing on a reality show on Discovery Health Network to help lose weight. Even Jim Ross himself told her that she was too fat to be a wrestler. But, she built herself up in the indies before being signed to the WWE last December.

Apparently, the WWE is trying to be on the good side of life, especially after the days of severe steroid abuse and Chris Benoit. Now that the WWE aims towards a younger audience than that of the Attitude era, they're trying to tell folks that fat women can be Divas, too. After all, I don't think there was ever a fat woman in the WWE, not in recent history. Thing is, people want young and slim, not big, fat, middle-aged and black.

And I'm one of them, and no, I'm not racist.

However, I'm not much of a fan of morbidly obese women, either. I've had too many bad experiences with them. Hell, I even dated one in high school only because I wasn't popular enough to date a nicer woman. The minute I see a double chin, I run for zee hills.

But being a fat ho isn't just Kharma's problem. While they were both working for TNA, she left threatening phone messages for Bubba the Love Sponge and even having altercations with him backstage during a taping of Impact!

I found it strange that the WWE would even want to sign her since, well, image is everything. Now that she's pregnant (and don't ask me who's the boyfriend/husband; hell, it could have been artificial for all I know), she'll come back to the WWE even fatter and with stretch marks on her cunt.

And the Divas will - in the words of John Lennon - shine on, like the moon, and the stars and the sun.


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