Monday, June 27, 2011

6.27.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel

Name: Clear Channel
Age: 39
Occupation: radio behemoth from Hell
Last Seen: San Antonio
Bee-otched For: once again making bad programming decisions in Grand Rapids

Once again, Clear Channel Grand Rapids doesn't know the hole from its ass.
But even better, at least they've demoted Glenn Beck to two signals here in the Furniture Capitol.
I went up to northern Michigan last weekend... Without my Sirius. Even worse, my smartphone's signal coverage only covered the southern portion of the state, so I got stuck listening to crappy ass northern Michigan radio. Nothing like several repeated channels of 1970's butt rock, country and oldies with a splash of crappy-ass pop music.
At least I'll give WCCW some credit for FINALLY giving their 1996-era "OldiesRadio" jingles the boot.
But coming home, I was still flipping the channels like a madman, and almost puked having to listen to .5 milliseconds of Rush Limbaugh on WOOD-FM 106.9. Yep, nothing like Cheap Channel shoving right-winged moronicism down our throats cuz hey, they're paying that fat bastard $400 million to blab endlessly.
What's funny, though is that CC owns two different talk stations here in Grand Rapids: WOOD 1300/106.9 and WTKG 1230. WTKG has always been a bottom feeder in the ratings, and a lot of it's due to CC making them a throwaway stick.
And it's still going to be that way as long as CC owns it.
A few weeks ago, they FINALLY got rid of Glenn Beck on 1230. He had been on both 1230 and 1300/106.9 since WOOD fired their mid-morning team of Scott Winters and Michelle McKormick (the latter just recently joined Citadel's 1340 WJRW). But now, even he's gotten the boot from WTKG.
The bad news is that his replacement's none other than... Fox and Friends commentator Brian Kilmeade.
Yep! They canned Beck on 1230 for the man who gave us the great quote "all terrorists are Muslims". Really, WTKG.
True, Kilmeade has no chance in Hell that he'll beat Beck in the ratings, but that's CC protecting their asset. Meanwhile, the person who should be from 9a-noon, Stephanie Miller is only heard locally on the weekends on tape delay.
Folks, that's Clear Channel for ya. Instead of throwing liberals a bone, they let it rot with mold and then throw it. Do they expect something out of Kilmeade? Not really. As long as WTKG gets a .5 in the ratings, they could care less.
Maybe they make more from WTKG as a tax write-off instead of it being a functional station. Who knows...


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