Thursday, July 7, 2011

Radio ratings for Detroit (via

Despite new competition, 89X still rules

(current ranking/December 2010 ranking/station name/Alexa ranking)

1-1CIMX 88.7 "89X" Alternative181,330
2-2WRIF 101.1 Rock230,011
3-3WKQI "Channel 9-5-5" CHR288,035
4-7WHTD "Hot 102.7" Urban502,946
5-12WJLB 97.9 Urban657,116
6-5WJR 760 News/Talk705,693
7-10CKLW 800 Canadian News/Talk748,008
8-4WDFN 1130 "The Fan" Sports882,127
9-14WDMK "Kiss 105.9" Urban AC886,175
10-8WDVD 96.3 Hot AC891,694
11-11WCSX 94.7 Classic Rock917,018
12-16WMUZ 103.5 Christian Contemporary1,263,280
13-20CHYR "Mix 96.7" Hot AC1,320,037
14-13WMXD "Mix 92.3" Urban AC1,638,889
15-18CKWW 580 Oldies1,778,902
16-6WNIC 100.3 "Fresh 100" Hot AC2,182,174
17-9WMGC "Magic 105.1" AC2,296,597
18-24WGPR 107.5 Urban AC2,770,018
19-30CKUE 95.1 "The Rock"3,050,277
20-21WDTW-FM 106.7 "The Beat of Detroit" Rhythmic AC3,179,606
21-26WDRQ 93.1 "Doug FM" Variety Hits3,226,321
22-15WDTK 1400 Conservative Talk3,711,830
23-27WLQV 1500 Christian Talk5,006,121
24-19CIDR "93.9 The River" AAA5,021,797
25-31WDTW 1310 Liberal Talk5,933,303
26-17WOMC 104.3 Classic Hits6,688,644
27-UWGPR-HD3 107.5 "94.3 The Bone" Modern Rock7,474,434
28-22WRDT 560 "The Word" Christian Talk7,841,649
29-29WYCD 99.5 Country11,334,614
30-23WXYT-FM/AM 97.1/1270 "The Ticket" Sports11,373,742
31-UWGPR-HD2 107.5 "104.7 The Oasis" Smooth Jazz12,066,322
32-28WDZH "Amp 98.7" CHR16,240,758

red - decrease in rank (3 mos.)
green - increase in rank (3 mos.)

WCHB 1200 Urban Talk
WPON 1460 Brokered (station is currently dark)

*Despite a new arrival in 94.3 The Bone, 89X is still the top internet radio site in Detroit. Riff and Channel 9-5-5 maintained, although there's some wild and wacky moves in the ratings.

*The Bone and The Oasis were the newcomers this time around, and both stations didn't do *too* bad considering their weak signals. Heck, both station have bigger Alexa rankings than most of the stations in northern Michigan. However, I do wonder what impact having new (and all female) jocks will have on The Bone. Only Christmas will tell...

*All talk stations lost ground, but the gap between ultra-conservative WDTK and ultra-liberal WDTW is narrowing.

*I guess no country fans in Detroit have computers, and neither does Amp's listeners.

*Looks like WNIC flipping to Hot AC wasn't a good idea, and neither is having a logo that looks like a woman's toilet during her period. 

Our next ratings will be out this Christmas.

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