Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7.26.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Glenn Beck


Name: Glenn Beck
Age: 47
Occupation: long-lost descendent of Lonesome Rhodes
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: comparing victims of the Norway shooting to Hitler

Once again, if you *actually* agree with what Beck says, chances are that your IQ is well below room temperature.

On his show Monday, Lonesome Rhodes Beck - and yes, I watch Keith Olbermann daily - made an idiotic statement on his show, which he does daily. But this time, he's taken the cake.

In a statement, Beck compared the 68 dead Norwegian teens to the Hitler youth of the 1930's. During the Holocaust, the Nazis ran youth camps for children, which taught them their way of life. The Norwegian teens all attended a camp run by the Labour Party, and yes, in Beck's mind, liberals and Nazis are all the same.

Yeah, well, guess who gunned down those teens? A right-winged fundamentalist Christian. Guess who's also a right-winged fundamentalist Christian? Glenn Beck! (yeah, I know that he's Mormon.) Guess who else? HITLER!

Let's bear in mind that the man responsible for the rampage, Anders Breivik was a huge fan of far-right literature. It wouldn't surprise me if Beck was a personal favorite of his. Brievik was also anti-semetic, just like Adolf.

The tragedy is that Beck showed no support for anybody who was affected by this rampage. I know that they had different political leanings than that of his, but they were still human, young and willing to appreciate how politics worked. But, no. Liberal to Beck = evil, even though The John Birch Society had camps back in the day. Lonesome seemed to side more with the killer than the teens.

One of my followers said it right: the FCC needs to cancel the licenses of stations that air his show. It's hate speech, plain and simple. Thankfully, many markets have canned his show, including New York, Philadelphia, Madison and the whole state of Connecticut, but there's a few hundred left to go.  

But, hey, at least he's off Fox News Channel.

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