Thursday, September 22, 2011

9.22.11 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republicans

Name: The Republican Party
Age: 157
Occupation: the right wingLast Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: screwing over the young

Are you in your 20s and broke? I feel your pain.

As a matter of fact, you can go ahead and blame your parents.

In a recent study, roughly 37% of all young American families in their 20s and early 30s are now living in poverty. That is opposed to senior couples, where only 5% are living broke.

It's official: our parents have failed us.

While you were bouncing in your crib, your parents and grandparents were making the huge mistake of voting for Reagan and his tax-cutting plans for the rich. By 1993, poverty had climbed to an all-time high, but it was Clinton's new plans to tax the wealthy that created a surplus when he left the White House. Then, Bush happened, followed by 9/11 and funding the massive wars for oil.

In the end, you betcha, the 20 and 30-somethings are trying to rub two pennies together, or at least two credit cards.

Our nation is now made up of young folks trying to make ends meet. Many laugh at the fact that it appears that most 20-somethings are still living with mommy and/or daddy or living in less-than-perfect conditions. But, they don't have much of a choice.

Look at me. I've worked for the same company since I was 21 and now I'm 30. I've only had one raise and it sucks. My bills have skyrocketed, but my pay hasn't. I even dumped my cable last week. Why? Methinks that I got sucked into a new system where thanks to high-octane Repukes and decreased competition, my boss has been given the right to treat his employees a slight step up from slavery. Instead of a raise, we get "be thankful you have a job."

Sadly, he's right. I have family that's having problems right now. I have a cousin who moved to Colorado because her husband couldn't get work here. I have an aunt who moved to Alabama because her husband found work there, too. Another cousin has two college degrees and he's still with mommy and daddy, and another aunt might be losing their house because her husband can't get work.

In the end, even a college degree won't help. I have three years' trade school experience and I'm struggling where I'm at. Hell, I have a $709 car insurance bill due in the middle of next month and I don't have the money, especially since my boss cut my hours and even eliminated our bonuses. It sucks. My Sirius subscription's up as well, and I might not renew. Besides, Howard Stern has money, but I don't. I have a cell phone, and I might as well use Slacker or Jango.

You see, when you vote Republican, this is what you get: BROKE. Many youngin's suffer from arrested development because we're in a society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. One can work 60 hours and they're still behind. As much as I stand up with Obama to tax the rich, I know that his policies won't get passed thanks to the nutjobs in the House who were bought in by the Koch Brothers to wreck his policies and reduce him into a modern Stepin Fetchit from the FDR-like speeches that got him elected.

Folks, it's time for the Republicans to get their fucking heads out of their asses and to stop it with this working poor crap. I want the middle class back. I want to live in a nice house, a family, kids of my own, and yes, cable. I want to have money in my bank account and a raise every year. Instead, I don't have cable, I don't have much in savings, I don't have a family and I live in a shithole. Hell, I was walking out of my complex to get to work at 2:45 yesterday, and there was a young black man standing there with a Bud Light in his hand and his pants falling down his ass.

Why me, Lord...

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