Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9.27.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Chick-fil-A

Name: Chick-fil-A
Age: 65
Occupation: restaurant chain
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: expanding the hate


Lady Gaga lost one of her youngest monsters a week ago Sunday.

14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide at his home in suburban Buffalo, NY after facing months of bullying over his sexual identity. Just a few short months ago, Rodemeyer submitted a video to the "It Gets Better" project, explaining that it was the music of Gaga's that helped him get through tough times. Sadly, he was buried in one of his favorite shirts: one that reads "Born This Way".

Sadly, gay bullying has gotten so serious that Gaga herself personally told President Obama at a function three words that's being attributed to a popular anti-gay bullying song that's hot on the charts right now: "Make It Stop". Like Jamey, the Rise Against song played a huge role in the IGB project.

Many wonder why teens would want to hurt others, based on their sexuality. But then again, I think a huge role is due to the pure bigotry passed on by the religious right and their ilk. For years, I've told you to boycott those who promote hate, and one of the biggest businesses that's promoting this idiocy is none other than Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A is the Atlanta-based fast food chain that notorious for promoting their overly-Christian values. For one thing, their best-known policy is the fact that they're the only fast food chain that orders all of their locations - O&O or franchised - to remain closed on Sundays. The chain was founded and owned by 90-year-old S. Truett Cathy, who is a devout Southern Baptist and even a Sunday School teacher.

Right now, the current toy for their kids meals are Veggietale CDs. Oh, brother.

Chick-fil-A currently has no locations in Michigan, but they're getting there. Right now, they're just south of the border in the South Bend area, but that's all for now. But, they're expanding in southern California. Many have protested the openings because the chain created the Winshape Foundation, an organization that supports other religious groups such as Focus on the Family and the American Family Association, two groups known for their anti-gay stances.

You know, folks, who are we to judge? I love people who wear shirts that say "there's only one God, you're not him" and they turn the other cheek and blast people they find ungodly. That's one reason to boycott Chick-fil-A. Yes, I'm happy that they're still family owned in this corporate life of ours, but sadly, they support these groups who support the type of people who are almost nonexistent these days: rich white Christian families.

I'll betcha that some of the people who attacked Jamey and other LGBT teens were Jesus freaks who were raised to learn that God hates Fags and that those polesmokers are gonna rot in hell. Please, read your Bible. There's no explicit verse that says that God hates gays. What goes on between anybody and the man in the sky is nobody's business but theirs.

Eat Mor Chikin? Damn straight I will... AT KFC! At least the Jebus freaks hate them these days... 

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