Monday, September 26, 2011

9.26.11 Bee-otch of the Day: the state of Georgia

Name: the state of Georgia
Age: 223
Occupation: fourth-oldest state in the country
Last Seen: southeastern U.S.
Bee-otched For: killing an innocent man

The great state of Georgia has given us many great things: peaches, Coca-Cola, CNN, R.E.M. and now, the death penalty even if there's a lack of true evidence that you killed somebody.

Last week, the state ended the life of Troy Davis, who had spent 20 of his 42 years on this earth on death row for the death of a police officer. Mark McPhail was working security at a Savannah Burger King when he was called to an altercation at a nearby parking lot. While there, he was shot, and several witnesses claimed that it was Davis who shot and killed McPhail, who was 27 and married with an two-year-old daughter and infant son. However, seven out of the nine witnesses recanted the story and Davis maintained his innocence to the day he was executed. DNA evidence even failed to link Davis to the shooting. 

Many have fought for Davis' freedom, including former president Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al Sharpton, the NAACP and even Pope Benedict. Davis even offered to take a lie detector test, but the courts wouldn't allow it. Despite insufficient evidence, Davis was put to death via lethal injection last Thursday.

Since Davis' execution, there has been major outcry regarding his death. Many are protesting and boycotting the state of Georgia, including Michael Moore, who asked his publisher to pull all copies of his latest book, Here Comes Trouble off Georgian bookshelves. Due to contractual reasons, they cannot, so Moore will donate proceeds of the book to a fund for Davis' family.

Ya know, I do support the death penalty only if there's enough evidence to convict. Georgia just wanted to take this man out of his misery, probably because he was black and a lowlife. He was a poor student, dropped out of high school his junior year and had poor attendance at his job making railroad signs. He was even charged for carrying a concealed weapon just a year before the Burger King incident.

But remember, kids, this is the south we're talking about. Remember the West Memphis 3? One of the guys was given the death penalty even though he clearly didn't kill one of the young boys. The DNA proved that it was one of the boys' stepfathers who murdered and castrated them. Down south, people judge you because you're not one of them. They don't want those coloreds and rock 'n rollers around to mess things up.

Sadly, they won't have Troy Davis to push around anymore.
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