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4.10.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Westboro Baptist Church

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Name: Westboro Baptist Church
Age: 57
Occupation: "church"
Last Seen: Topeka, KA
Bee-otched For: not stepping down

I have a sad feeling that these jerks will never get the message.

It seems that the Phelps clan and the Westboro Baptist Church is against everything. They've attacked military funerals, funerals for small children and so on. On Monday, they were present at the funeral for legendary film critic Roger Ebert.

Yes, even Ebert wasn't exempt from the infamous "God Hates Fags" people.

What's even worse is that even though WBC is considered as a hate group, plus the fact that most real Baptist churches won't defend their mantra, the Bush-appointed Supreme Court ruled that yes, the WBC has the right to protest funerals at their wish since it's protected by the First Amendment. My question is, how do they get the money to go around the country and promote their filth? After all, almost 100% of the WBC are made up of Phelpses.

Oh, and I love it that there's now a huge rumor that the family patriarch, Fred Phelps might be gay. Makes sense since he's so obsessed with homosexuality.

Point is, Chaz Ebert said it best during her husband's funeral Monday, that Roger - although a critic - never judged people on anything, whether it was race, creed, religion or anything. He was one of the nicest people ever, period. It's sad that these losers had to picket his funeral just because he probably gave the thumbs up to several LGBT-related films.

Here's an idea: if the WBC hates America so much, how about moving to a country that's anti-gay, like, oh, North Korea? Great place for 'em.

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