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4.22.13 Bee-otches of the Day: Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

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Names: Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Ages: 19, was 26
Occupations: suspected bombers
Last Seen: Boston, hell
Bee-otched For: failing to ruin Boston's spirit

Saturday was a day of celebration in Boston.

A day after the city was on lockdown after the suspects involved in the marathon bombing on Monday, a crowd of 35,000 were singing "Sweet Caroline" with an added bonus: the song's original performer and writer, Neil Diamond came out to perform the song live. It was the first game at Fenway Park since the bombings that occurred only a few blocks from the iconic stadium. For many, it was the sign that Boston was back in business just one week after the horrific atrocity that happened that past Monday.

For the past week, America had been with Boston like it had been with New York City after 9/11. A city that many thought would never be the epicenter of such a horrific event got a lot of support even from folks who've never visited the city before. Even more, people were gracious to donate their footage of the bombings to the FBI to aid in finding the evildoers who would ever do such a thing.

And thankfully, they've captured the perps.

Brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were seen carrying bags similar to what the bombs could have been carried in. On Friday, the duo engaged with police in a gunfight with police that included guns, bombs and the pressure cooker bombs that were used in the Boston explosions. Tamerlan was shot and killed while Dzhokhar is now at a hospital in serious condition after his fight with the cops.

Both brothers were born in Kyrgyzstan and were Chechens. They have two sisters. Their father, although Muslim notably shuns any religious extremism. They moved to the US in 2002 and settled in Massachusetts after being granted asylum. Dzhokhar was a failing college student who had a fascination with Islam. Even after the bombings, he was writing on his Twitter account about how he wanted freedom for the Chechens. Tamerlan was an aspiring boxer who wanted to compete in the Olympics, but got injured badly. In 2009, he and his girlfriend converted to Islam, but shortly thereafter, he was arrested for beating her up.

Tamerlan visited Russia in 2012 and came back more radical than ever. He joined several underground groups that were pro-Chechen extremists. Tamerlan even had a YouTube page and posted several videos of terrorists.

Well, now you have it. The Tsarnaevs are your losers for the Boston Marathon bombings. One's dead, and the other's still in the hospital. I hope they're happy that their brand of religious extremism will get nobody anywhere. Just like the Christians who bomb abortion clinics, it's just proof that people who love their religion just a little too much only makes things worse for all. True, not all Islamics and Christians are bad people, it's just that we need to weed out those who make our world a little worse than what we want it to be.

I hope the two get what they deserve. They tried to destroy Boston but the city's stronger because we stood with them. Even though the city was closed shut tight Friday, people were back outside, singing the praises of "Sweet Caroline".

The only problem was that Neil Diamond should have used a karaoke track of the song instead of using his own recording.


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