Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4.30.13 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republican Party

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Name: the Republican Party
Age: 159
Occupation: right-wingers
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: putting money in front of safety

One of my all-time favorite shows on TV was indeed King of the Hill.
In one of the episodes, the father, Hank took his son, Bobby to Dallas Cowboys training camp in Wichita Falls, TX. Bobby took a liking to Wichita Falls, since they did things a whole lot differently than their fictional hometown of Arlen.
Upon returning to Arlen, Bobby notices how bad the town smells. Hank responded, "that's the sausage plant, Bobby. That's jobs".
One person's stink is another person's mortgage payment. For many in the small town of West, TX, it was the town's fertilizer plant that brought home the bacon. However, two weeks ago, fire errupted at the plant, and it then exploded, rocking the town of just over 2,800 to shreds. In all, the explosion killed 15 and injured 160. The cause of the catastrophe is still unknown.
However, there's one thing for certain: the plant wasn't well-run. Even worse, its last inspection by OSHA was all the way back in 1985, when it discovered five major violations. Amongst the charges included improper storage, improper usage of hazardous ammonia and improper respritory protection for its workers.
OSHA only charged the plant $30.
For years, Texas was a Democratic hotbed. When the inspection happened, the state's governor, Mark White was a Democrat. However, since the last time OSHA peeked at the West Fertilizer plant, the state has had only one Democrat governor since: the late Ann Richards. Over the years, the state has been run by Republican after Republican, making sure that work standards are lower to create more jobs in their opinion.
To the Republicans, a job's a job. It doesn't matter if it's safe or not. If a plant blows up, eh, no biggie. Shit happens.
Oh, and let's not forget who Texas had for its governor before current governor Rick Perry took over: DUBYA. Yep! Two governors with just one brain.
Point is, this is why I don't for Republican. They claim that they're creating jobs, but they don't pay and they force people into doing things they physically shouldn't do. In their feeble minds, they wonder why anybody would ever want to work in a place that makes fertilizer. While it's a good question, it's the simple fact that everybody needs to work, whether it's a ditch digger or a cushy CEO job. Maybe the fertilizer folks in West work there because they like it there. But as long as the pay's enough to keep a roof over their heads, so let it be.
Thing is, people need to be safe. That's why I think people in Texas need to realize that it's time to end Dubya's run in that state and vote Democrat next time. People deserve to be safe and not have to worry if they're going to be able to come home later that day.
Just like the fertilizer plant, the Republicans are simply filled with shit.

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